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    John, sorry to be late catching up. And more sorry to hear that your wife has passed. She was obviously a wonderful woman to have inspired the love and dedication you've been showing her. Your stories lately have been an inspiration. Know that you and your family will be in our prayers.
  2. Yup, I'm a little pissed at me. CDC says people with shots can visit with one household of not shots, full contact. I am unvaccinated, my wife has one shot. Everyone else that was there (not a large crowd) was vaxxed, except the teenage girls. That was our failure. Everything was outdoors, we set up different dining areas for each family, masked when we got close, masks required to enter the house. Did all we thought we could. Which, if our test are negative, means we were successful in following guidelines. The girls were infected elsewhere.
  3. I don't even have to think about this - Colonel Mustard, for sure.
  4. Some people here are just so inconsiderate. Giving us partial information! Which shoe do you like, the one in the foreground or the one in that background? I might lose sleep over this!
  5. We have to wait a couple more days, then get a test. Wife wanted to do the rapid test today, but that wouldn't really change anything, we still have to quarantine. CDC says 7 days if you get a negative test on day 5.
  6. I thought this was going to be about those killer bees. I didn't think they made guns that small
  7. My niece is quite upset, thinking she's done us wrong. Just heard both girls tested positive now, dad is fine. I'm eligible to be vaccinated today. I guess I'll have to wait another week now. I do think we kept it pretty safe, but I have to consider that we might not have done well enough.
  8. Exposed. We had an Easter dinner. Outdoors, masked, distant. Yes, of course paths probably crossed a few times unmasked. Everyone was vaccinated except me, my BiL, his two teenage daughters. My wife is one shot in. One of the teenagers tested positive this morning. We should have stuck to the original plan to not have them here, but we figured we could keep it safe. I guess I'll know in a few days if we succeeded.
  9. We're going 55 and up on Monday. I might camp out at the CVS
  10. I don't normally partake. But I do know I would not choose April Fool's day as the day I let someone knock me out and shove stuff up my butt.
  11. wow. I never thought about that. This means there's a good chance that my family name was changed from 02string at Ellis Island
  12. Instapot, no question. Air fryers are space-wasters. A wire basket in the convection oven is a better option. Our Instapot gets used quite a bit, does a better job than the crock pot especially on meats, and in way less time.
  13. Suckered? Maybe you should have paid attention in Math class instead of drawing airplanes crashing in flames in your notebook It says right there "dimensions: 6 1/2" x 3" x 2 3/8".
  14. 10 on the bike, hour on the weights. I may add a mile walk to go get the car later
  15. Hexy. But he already stole a defenseman he drafted from the Flyers Who apparently also was not well liked.
  16. This thread is dumb. Or is it the next thread that's dumb?
  17. I doubt that's it. And it would be true, if they ever had an identity. Word is, he's uncoachable. Teams don't trust guys who won't try to get better. A player with his offensive skills shouldn't sit on waivers for more than about 10 minutes, yet, there he is.
  18. cap space. Looks like a deal in the works that brings in salary. Ekholm? Better not be futures for an old vet. This team should be selling. waivers would be to send him to the AHL, at least temporarily. But any team can claim him. Probably will. There's clearly a locker room issue with this team, rumor is he's not a team player.
  19. It's destroying a lot of critical vegetation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spotted_lanternfly
  20. 1/2 mile in the pool, got there really late. Did an hour in the weightroom, not sure you could call what I accomplished a "workout". Mad up for it yesterday cutting up and hauling a tree.
  21. Pro tip: They are great jumpers and bad fliers. But they can't jump twice quickly. So when you stomp the first time and miss, you'll get them with the second shot every time.
  22. If it's a Spotted Lantern Fly, squash it. Hard. I got one with the chainsaw yesterday. That was satisfying
  23. Quite obviously, misuse of the English language is a thing.
  24. So, Africa, Greenland, all those place in white - Do they have perpetual weeks or perpetual weekends? This is what we should REALLY be cutrious about!
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