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  1. Happy Birthday Sarah R!

  2. Thanks everyone. Yes, I did get into mountain biking. I never thought I would but I did. At the same time I also got into gravel riding and fat biking. I am now the owner of 4 bikes, which I never thought I would say either. I will try to stop in more often but my time is limited.
  3. Hi! I know I haven't been here in forever. I haven't even ridden my road bike in a couple years. Health issues with my mom have changed my riding. It sure is great to know that I am missed!
  4. My newest bike. Many people helped Rich with the surprise.
  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes! It is true I haven't been on any cycling site for most of this year. Things have been crazy with schedules. It is true, I did get a Pug for my birthday. I will try to remember how to post a picture of it.
  6. I was wondering how he was. I spent 5 hours with a leaf blower a couple weeks ago clearing trails.
  7. Scramble only the egg whites and add green food coloring. Green eggs.
  8. Discipline comes and goes. It took me about 4 years to get rid of 90 pounds. My most recent goal is to do the 100k Bear in the spring. Motivation is hard to find in the winter, but I will have to find it somewhere.
  9. I have one load in the washer that I forgot about, thanks Petite. I will have to re-wash it.
  10. Sarah R

    Coyote story

    Used to think he/she was kinda cool to have around. No longer afraid of Abby, he/she went after her today. Coyote will be no more.
  11. Sarah R


    At my house Earl would be swimming in the septic. Sorry Cheese.
  12. Windex and paper towels. I wash the inside and outside different directions so that when the sun shines in I know which side has the streak.
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