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  1. Thanks. I guess I figured some of that happened in India and Burma. There is a pretty large population of Indos in Holland and in America but I wasn't aware of similarly sized populations of French Vietnamese or Brit Indian/Burmese races. Right after WWII Indonesia had a revolution and won thdir independance forcing all of the Dutch and Indo's to flee to Holland and then to America. I don't know if the Indians, Burmese and Viets with mixed heritage had to do the same, I guess there could be mixed races still in their countries. Not so in Indonesia.
  2. Those folks are called "Afrikaans" and are descendants of the Dutch colonials in South Africa. To my understanding they didnt mingle too much with the locals and are white. I dont know that the French mingled too much with the Vietnamese, the Brits and Indians didnt mingle much but the Dutch boys really took a shining to to the Indonesian girls and vice versa.
  3. "Indos" are a mix of Dutch and Indonesian races. We are a by product of Dutch colonization of Indosesia. Both of my grandfathers were Dutch guys who were sent t Indonesia in the early 1900's and then married local girls. Indos are brown skinned but speak and were raised with a Dutch culture. We are not truly Indonesian and never really truly accepted in Holland either so many immigrated to the states after WWII. My folks immigrated in 1958. Although brown skinned I have an European last name and speak Dutch. The most famous Indos are the Van Halen brothers of the group Van Halen. Dutch named brown skinned dudes, just like me.
  4. Yeah timing can be tricky sometimes. I knew the spuds would take longer so i put them on and then got the fish ready. I just put the fish on when I took the picture and you can already see char on the potatoes.
  5. While at the Asian market getting the fish I was surrounded by other Asian folks. This little old lady that looked like my mom walks up and says in Dutch, can you help me get some fish? I look at her dumbfounded and she then says in Dutch, you are an Indo right? I reply in Dutch, yes auntie, but how did you know I was Indo? She said with a big smile, oh I could tell. I help her get some fish and she takes it to the counter. She says come here motioning me over to her and pulls me down and gives me three kisses Dutch style and says thank you sweetie in Dutch. I tell her any time auntie and go on my way. Dozens & dozens of Asians and the one Indo in the joint finds the other? Wierd....
  6. Yes but I put them on earlier.
  7. Got a couple of fresh snapper from the Asian Market and grilled them up. I also got some fresh tomatillo salsa, sweet potato and a Blue Moon chilling in the fridge. Good times!
  8. Vibes sent.
  9. 20 hilly miles on the roadie with my wife. Felt pretty good considering I'm getting over a bug and have been off the bike for a couple of weeks. My wife was hammering 20 MPH into a stiff wind on the ride. She hasn't been riding but has been going to the gym regularly.and it's showing. I was having difficulty with the pace so tucked in behind her. You go girl!!
  10. Ive heard the term, some of the old salts in the Army would say it. Doing something with flair or excessive style and they would say hes cadillacing. Usually not used in a positive light.
  11. I actually think that a plus tire on a hardtail makes a lot of sense. If you are not into racing XC and don't have the budget for a full susser than a plus hardtail fits the bill nicely. Sweet ride, enjoy!
  12. When my daughter and her now fiance were still dating our Aussie was fading pretty fast. She had to have one eye removed and the other wasn't working so well back then. I'm on the other side of an L shaped couch watching my daughter feed her bits of cold cuts off her sandwich. She then gets this devilish smile and takes her boyfriends hand (he's got his nose in his phone and not paying attention) and puts it down towards her. KLOMP!!! Aiyeee shit what just happened! It was hilarious.
  13. I made that comment to my wife recently. Hi vis colors were big in the late 80's. I had this awesome running jacket back in the day that was hi vis. The style seems to be coming back.
  14. Very cool! Is that a 27.5+? The tires look kinda thick.
  15. I've heard dozens of horror stories from friends on shady contractors. Our neighbors had a contractor demand 100% payment up front and never finished the job and she can't track the guy down now... When we had our kitchen done we went through Home Depot. Yeah we paid more than going with bubba's kitchen remodel but... They were professional, did a fantastic job and even did a couple of small fixes not quoted for free and they finished on time. I can't speak highly enough of their work. Now the hack tile man that did the back splash (me), well that's a different story...