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  1. ChrisL

    Young parent(s) then & now

    My wife was 23 as well. We were definately the younger parents in school groups, pta boosters & such with her. She was 28 with our son and most parents were of similar age during his pta, boosters & such. People are waiting longer now a days to have kids.
  2. I throw so much stuff in my stir fry that there isn’t much, jelly beans maybe? Here are some ideas: tofu, bean sprouts, water chestnut, bamboo shoots, bock choy, miso powder.
  3. ChrisL

    I think I would lose any fight I got in now

    I got into numerous scraps but most were on duty. The odds were heavily stacked in my favor as I had a stick, gun and hand cuffs. One off duty fight was with a big Mic from Boston and fortunately others broke it up before it really got out of hand. I gave as good as I got but probably would have lost that one.
  4. ChrisL

    Do you have a storage unit?

    Not a storage unit but a huge storage space built into the rafters in my garage. It’s chocked full o crap.
  5. ChrisL

    My Old Dr Sucked

    She said I may have had it for a while and not to worry. she was just surprised nobody said anything earlier. I wasn’t...
  6. ChrisL

    My Old Dr Sucked

    Yeah I get it but I have had better experiences with women Drs than men Drs. She also asked if I ever saw an endocrinologist for diabetes. She’s making a referral in that too but first the cardiologist & time for a rotor rooter.
  7. ChrisL

    I Wonder If He Misses Prescott?

    I thought he sold the shop and is a bee farmer in Slovakia or such?
  8. ChrisL

    My Old Dr Sucked

    So I met with my new Dr today. Discussed my medical history, poked & prodded and says do you know you have a heart murmur? Say what? She puts the scope to my chest and listens some more. Yep l hear a murmur. Your old Dr has never told you that before? Nope... I got to thinking, I don’t remember that guy ever listening to my heart or actually looking or touching me. The medical assistant checks weight & BP, Dr checks my labs & charts and says ok keep on keeping on or change this med... Making an appt with the cardiologist today, glad I switched.
  9. ChrisL

    Home exercise equipment

    I can’t imagine my son doing long toss indoors! He’d need a domed stadium!
  10. ChrisL

    credit card limits

    When I had a Capital One Card they frequently raised the credit limit. We kept calling them and lowering it. We now have a Navy Federal CC and they don’t mess with the limits.
  11. ChrisL

    Home exercise equipment

    I do my push ups & core work in my bedroom but really don’t have any home equipment. My trainer and a set of rollers are packed away. Between the gym and general good weather really no need for home equipment.
  12. WOChrisL and I are leaving after work today for Phoenix. Going to check in on my Scottsdale office Friday and am catching some Angels spring training action.
  13. ChrisL

    Caramel corn

    I used to run the snack bar when my son played football. I would hook up the kettle corn guy with drinks and he would give me a bag of kettle corn right out of the kettle. Yeah soo freaking good when it’s freshly made. Funny aside.... So after one game I was cleaning up the snack bar and one of the softball dads I know really well is walking by maybe 20 yards away. I ate too much kettle corn so tied off the bag and had a grapefruit sized ball of kettle corn in the bag. So I figure I’ll scare this dad and chuck the bag at him except as I release, I see the bag is perfectly arced and has radar lock on him. The bag comes down and drills him on the side of his face!!!!! Dad is stunned as there is nobody around him and he’s like WTF where did that come from. He then sees me in the snack bar dancing around!!! I still see him frequently at the LGS and he still compliments me on that shot 7 years later.
  14. ChrisL

    How Often Do You Break?

    Timely post... We recently retired our mugs that we had 10 years or maybe more. Not a single broken mug, she just wanted something different. So she found these nice mugs at Pier 1 and we have broken 2 already? It appears they have changed their products as she can’t find anymore...
  15. ChrisL

    humans are despicable animals

    Pocahontas for sure!