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  1. Weight Loss Challenge

    My brother said to do the same. Or take a bunch of laxatives.... I dunno, well see how it goes. Technically against the rules but they'll never know.
  2. Weight Loss Challenge

    I limit bread, potato rice & pasta anyway but I actually cut it all out of diet and it is working. The primary source of carbs is in fruits and veggies. I know It's not sustainable forever, gotta have a burrito or pizza at some point but it does work. My A1C was 9.7 so Dr put me on Januvia (was only metformin before) which made an immediate impact but as the weight is dropping I'm noticing my fasting glucose dropping even more.
  3. Weight Loss Challenge

    Not sure if I posted here but I entered a Weight Loss Challenge at work. $100 to enter, $1,500 for the winner, $1,000 for 2nd and $500 for 3rd. If we loose more than 10 lbs we get our $100 back as well. So we are 5 weeks into the 6 week challenge and I'm down 16 lbs! I've lost the most weight so far but I'm in freaking 2nd place as it's measured as a % of weight lost, not total lbs lost. I'm about 1% behind the 1st place person.... By my estimation I need to drop another 5 lbs to win. The person in 3rd could catch me too as she is only .5% behind me but not likely as shes a little thing to start with and i dont see her dropping much more. Part of my joining was for the money but I really needed to drop some weight for diabetes management and it was a good motivator. I'm really not doing any fad type diets either, just eating right, in proper proportions and excersizing regularly. Proper proportions is the key for me. I generally eat good food, just too much... If I can maintain where I am now I'd be happy. One week to go, hopefully I get that last 5 lbs!
  4. Home plan

    Cool digs DH!!! I'd write you a poem or Haiku on how awesome it is but I suck that way...
  5. Today's catching attire

    Umpire gear? They have a slow pitch pitchers helmet I was looking at but not an issue now. Always kept my glove up after the pitch for laser shots at my dome which there were many. I'd sacrifice my body to protect my head and did take a couple of shots off the legs.
  6. Fastball VS toe

    I ran a lot through my 20's & early 30's completing a couple of marathons and was fortunate never to have experienced that. I had a good running mentor who advised we size up at least a half size if not a full size on our running shoes to prevent black toe. But some guys I ran with did and still got it....
  7. Fastball VS toe

    Damn! I get it, I totally do. I had my curveball incident that tore my chin up. At some point (maybe sooner than you think) you may need to find someone to catch her.... Luckily for us we had 2 catchers live nearby who were always willing to catch his bull pen sessions for food.
  8. How big of a deal is it if you have to SAG?

    This thread reminded me of a ride I did years ago with a club I was a part of. We did the Tecate Ensenada ride down in Mexico and the club arranged a van and bike transport. A guy named Ray who was in his 70's at the time but was a pretty strong rider still. We had a prearranged meet up place after the ride and well after the ride had ended Ray was missing? We contacted the organizers and they sent several course Marshalls out but no Ray!?!?!? So we are 1/2 worried for Ray and half pissed as it's a 4 hour drive back and its freaking late... Well its about 8 PM and as we are talking to the ride organizers and local officials Ray rides up to the finish!?!?!? We ask him what the he'll happened and he said he stopped to have a couple of cervesa's, took a nap under a tree (probably why they couldn't find him) and slept way too long.... Woke up, all the course markers were gone so got lost.... Luckily one of the locals took pity and gave him a ride into Ensenada and viola! Knowing Ray he probably found a bordello but we took him for his word but damn we were hot having to wait so long for him.
  9. So what do you think of my new hat?

    Cool lid! Kids like to wear them flat brimmed these days. Looks goofy as hell but what do I know, im just an old dude.... my kid wears his baseball cap flat brimmed slightly askew. I tell him he's too white to be Dominican.....
  10. How was your Sunday?

    Got a really cool compliment yesterday that made my day. My former slow pitch team played in a coed tournament . My wife and I went to watch one of the games & a pitcher from another team in our league was also playing and asked why I wasn't playing. I told him I retired my ankles cant handle it anymore. He said, damn dude, you ball out and got wheels. I had no clue you had any physical issues... He shook my hand and i walked away with a big smile!
  11. Dogs are funny

    It's been unseasonably cool in SoCal and with the windows open it's been down right chilly in our bedroom. Our dog normally wakes us up by 5 am to eat & pee. This morning my wife got up at 5:45 and Jack was curled up under his blankets in his bed. After breakfast & a pee he crawled in bed with me and snuggled up under the blanket which he never does. Pretty smart pup that Jack.
  12. How big of a deal is it if you have to SAG?

    My wife was forced to get in a SAG after complaining of being light headed at a rest stop on an organized century. One of the medical folks took her bike, put it in the van and said you are done get in. Extra precaution which I'm good with but she was fine and just needed a minute to recover. She had ridden 80 miles prior to the century and was only about 45 miles in when they forced her to stop. Afterwards she was really upset and resentful that she was forced to stop. I would've been too as she prepared well enough to have made it.
  13. 9/17 miles & suchy

    Rode 30 miles with WOChrisL today. She hadn't been on the bike in a couple of weeks so we discussed doing about 20 miles. As such I hammered every little climb and one long one thinking it would be good intervals since it would be a short ride. Except she said you know, I'm feeling pretty good let's do 30 and turned left extending the ride 10 miles when i thought we were almost done.... Man oh man I'm freaking fried but it was a good ride.
  14. Did someone say cheese?

    I got a bottle of white wine, a turkey breast and cranberry at the market today for dinner later this week. We must have the same craving!
  15. Happy Anniversary

    Very cool, wow 4 years! I was one of the last hold outs at the other place to move over so it hasn't been that long for me. I'd like to see most of the LF hold outs over, here.