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  1. My windows & sliders are less than a year old but I really don’t know how they are made.
  2. Just before Covid hit we rented an AB&B in Palm Springs for my wife’s 50th. We catered dinner (through my restaurant owner sister) & had a big surprise dinner party for her with all our family. The previous company I worked for also rented a big ass house AB&B and we had our company meetings there. The men stayed in a hotel but the wimmins all stayed in the house. So both of my experiences with AB&B went well.
  3. Obsessed, no but I take good care of my teeth. My hygienist said I was scrubbing too vigorously & wearing down my gums. My daughter (a dental hygienist) said the same so she got me an electric tooth brush and showed me how to use it. I floss nightly and haven’t had any issues with me teeth in decades.
  4. To each their own but I like the smoked Chipotle Cholula better than regular Cholula.
  5. Well somethings like eggs are enhanced with a shake or three of hot sauce. That’s really no insult to the chef. I like hot sauce on certain things but I don’t put it on everything. Same with Siracha, it enhances certain things but I don’t slather it on everything. It’s well documented that my MIL just bugs the shit out of me but that woman puts salt on everything. Before she even tastes a dish she’s vigorously working that salt shaker on her food. We had fruit salad and she put a crap ton of salt on it!?!! At least taste the freaking food first to see if it needs more salt.
  6. Drinking my coffee, made some eggs with diced onion, cheese & salsa verde for me & the missus. Low tide is now, gonna head to Newport Harbor & fish the incoming tide in a couple of hours.
  7. Best soundtrack ever. Saw the Plimsouls in 82/83 and they were featured in the movie. One of my all time favorite songs.
  8. 18 miles after work ride. Been off the bike a couple of weeks but everything felt good. Could have gone longer but my friend has been having some health issues so we cut it short.
  9. Yeah that’s pretty standard and I bet she did more you weren’t aware of. In HS my son had 5 am weight room all through the off season with 2-3 hours of practice after school. He also had private pitching lessons and additional strength & conditioning above what he did with his team. That’s also not including his off season games which were 2-3 games a week. In season was a bit different with more emphasis on practice & less strength training and of course games that mattered 2X a week. Once he was playing college ball his whole schedule worked around baseball. Weight room,
  10. What do you think of Jensens website? It sure is awkward on my phone. They are somewhat local and I have been in their LBS but have never purchased anything through them online.
  11. Yeah yeah bust on my Rams why don’t ya. First you bounce us out of the play offs, now you pick on our QB choice. I’d expect this behavior from @JerrySTL, he has a legitimate & righteous hate for the Rams but not you. 😁
  12. Right… I lifted like a mutha for 5 years and built muscle mass but it went away once I no longer lifted. I remember a dad/coach who coached my son and was a great influence on him. He said I can invest in coaches, weight training and such but my son is never going to throw 90MPH. Some kids just have the genetic make up like Ryan (my son). His son was a great ball player too but had a noodle arm so played 1st base in college.
  13. Anymore I go to my friends shop and she orders me what I need if she doesn’t have it. I got my Garmin through Nashbar because they had a bundle package on sale my friend couldn’t touch the price on. She did look it up & told me so but I did go to her first.
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