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  1. ChrisL

    Hey Squids

    It’s an interesting dynamic. Service rivalry is a thing and in peacetime often breaks out in fights. On the battlefield it’s totally different.
  2. Sister #2 got pregnant at 16 back in the mid 60’s. If course she had to marry the guy (huge mistake) and of course it didn’t work out so well. She got her GED, not sure if she had to drop out or chose to. She struggled for a decade or so but married well and ended up living a very comfortable life. I grew up with my nephew as we were only 10 months apart in age. He had two sets of wonderful grandparents who took care of him while my sister worked. I probably could have been in the same boat with my HS girlfriend. We weren’t smart at first and she didn’t want to discuss birth control with her mom.
  3. What @Prophet Zacharia said plus you more than make up for it in other ways.
  4. ChrisL

    Hey Squids

    GO ARMY BEAT NAVY!!!!!!!!
  5. So cute, she looks like a bear, or maybe Oso?
  6. I had one of those moments today. Jack woke me up at 5:30 for breakfast and after feeding & a pee I went back to bed. Good thing I set an alarm as I was OUT when it went off an hour later. Bike is packed, finishing coffee before I meet me bro for a ride. But damn it was hard getting up...
  7. Yeah and stay out so we have the penis fish all to ourselves! 😁 I have actually never seen or heard of those down south. But stay out anyway!
  8. As the LF was winding down I recall SW telling him he was welcome, his negativity wasn’t. At one point threatened to join us (it was kind of a weird post that I recall) and tried to bait me into one of his downward spiraling diatribes but I don’t recall seeing him here.
  9. I think he is the resident expert. I really don’t follow fantasy either but my son & SIL do. They do quiet well too and have won some coin in their leagues.
  10. Mmmm I was actually hankering Mexican for dinner.
  11. If I swing by there I’ll post it but there was a ginger bread house contest within one of our department. Most were really well done. One however cracked me up as it had 2 walls up and numerous sheets of square gingerbread stacked up to the side of it. Next to that were some small Tonka construction vehicles and a sign “Construction Zone”.
  12. C. My daughter wasn’t bitten by a dog. Although Jack does like to nibble on her fingers
  13. Are these fashion rules still followed? I once worked for a very old school firm with deep southern routes. There were dress codes for corporate meetings and color was part of the code. Can’t wear light colored suites or slacks on non suit days after Labor Day. There were a few others which I don’t recall now. They also served coffee with lunch between Labor Day & Memorial Day, sweat tea between Memorial Day & Labor Day. Those were the rules...
  14. Just lined up a MTB ride with my bro for Sat morning. Check out his new Giant Trance 29’r.
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