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  1. Fit or Fat Revisited

    I remember the wise words from Drill Sergeant Herron: It's simple people, we will PT (Physical Training) the hell outta you and give you all the good Army food you need. You disgusting fat bodies will get in shape! However we had one kid from a poor farming community in TX who gained weight. He said he never had 3 meals ever his whole life!
  2. Can Dogs Tell Time?

    Most days Jack wakes me up to pee but when I'm gone on travel he doesn't wake my wife and waits for her to get up at 5 am.
  3. Can Dogs Tell Time?

    Not in the literal sense but we set routines to time for Jack and it seems he just knows now. Case in point, he often times wakes up around 4 AM and we take him out to pee but we don't feed him until 5 am when my wife gets up. Today he woke me up at 4:10, I took him out and he looked at me but I said "too early go to bed" so he did. Moments before my wife's alarm went off he was nosing me, dude 5 AM feed me..... I looked at my clock, sunna beotch it's 5 am... He also gets honery at 5 PM, dinner time and 7 PM, walk time. He just knows what time it is based on routines and you can pretty much set your clock to him. I get it most dogs know routines but I've never had a dog so wired to time.
  4. At the grocery store

    Large basket and we fill that sucker up. I still have a teenaged boy at home and we cook meals 6 of 7 days and I eat lunch with leftovers. We spend a little over $200 a week on groceries.
  5. Ba ba bap ba ba baaaaa....Ba ba bap ba baaa.....

    My dad loved that show, totally dig that intro. My parents went to Hawaii and they stayed in the Ilikai, the hotel Jack Lord is at on the intro.
  6. My Teeth Hurt....

    My mom lived with it with very few complications for over 40 years. She was on insulin for at least 20 of them. I have 2 siblings currently on insulin and my brother who passed of cancer was also on insulin. We seem to cope with the disease relatively well as nobody has had serious complications with it. Thanks for the vibes, we'll see what happens on Friday when I go in. I've been on metformin only for close to 10 years now. I was diagnosed prediabetic in my 30's, I'm 51 now. Last year about this time my A1C went up to 9 so my Dr. gave me 90 days to turn it around with diet. I was able to get my numbers back down but about 2 weeks before my labs I saw my numbers creeping back up even though I was still really strict on my diet and have been up ever since. My A1C went down to 7.5 so my Dr didn't ad any meds but he told me glymiperide (sp?) was the next step for me. I check once daily, fasting AM but I do check it mid day or in the evening when things seem wonky. I pretty much know my body though and can see what certain foods will do to me or lack of activity. I can always tell when an illness is coming on as my BG will jump 100 points overnight even before I feel sick. When that happens I know it's coming and it generally hits me later that day. My BG will stay up for several days and then start to come down dramatically even before I feel better so I know I'm turning the corner based on my numbers. Except everything is up about 100 points right now, morning fasting was always around 140 and drops to around 100 mid day. Now it's 240 dropping to 200 mid day. When I would get sick it would go in the low 200's, now it's the low 300's... I still have about 2 months left on my RX's but I know this isn't right or good for me so scheduled my labs and a follow up earlier than normal.
  7. My Teeth Hurt....

    I thought the change in jobs would make a difference but it didn't really. I'm sleeping well, no angina and I actually enjoy the travel. I am under far less stress than before. My MIL does piss me off, no denying that and as she's in my face a month each year and tries to piss me off so I do my best with her. Venting here helps. The donut lady was more of an oddity that I shared in the moment and really didnt add any stress to my life. She can kill herself on sweets for all I care... I saw it shortly before my last labs in that my BG just jumped 70 to 80 points and hovered in the low 200 range fasting regardless what I ate or how active I was. It didn't show on my A1C though... I still have 2 months of metformin left but scheduled my labs early as I know it's not good to continue like this.
  8. Need a little help

    All the places you mentioned will. Just save the docs to a flash drive and bring it in.
  9. My Teeth Hurt....

    Diabetes management.... not worried about the others. I know It's getting worse too. My diet hasn't changed, weight stable and excersize the same but my bodies ability to process carbs has changed. I'm having a really hard time managing my BG to the point I'd need to live a nearly carb free diet and work out like crazy to stay within goal. I know a change in meds is needed. I've been on Metformin alone for about 8 years now.
  10. My Teeth Hurt....

    My belly would hurt from those! I didn't touch them and brought my home brew in my douchy Yeti mug so never even approached the coffee & donut table.
  11. My Teeth Hurt....

    Sitting in my cube and I realize my teeth are hurting. I then realize I'm clenching them like a muthah... I probably have been clenching them since I woke up this morning knowing i had a blood draw scheduled. It's long over, I survived... I think I'll relax now...
  12. People are unrealistic and mean on Trip advisor

    My best friend back in the day dated a girl like that. She had some baggage but was otherwise a sweet girl. Except she never accepted her food the first time. She would send her food back for stupid reasons. I always told her you know that plate is coming back withba lugie in it... She inspected it closely each time it came back and sometimes sent it back twice....
  13. People are unrealistic and mean on Trip advisor

    Call me crazy but I love that smell. The ocean mud smell on a low tide smells like home.... That and the cool ocean breeze. I see it all the time on other sports related forums, news and on FB. Fire the manager is the answer for damn near every miscue a team makes. I especially like to go on the Texas Rangers MLB forums, it's very entertaining. These guys not only rant about the team but they are vicious towards each other and anyone who tries to interject into their hate fest. I think JSharr hit the nail on the head as to why tho...
  14. Yikes Lay Off the Donuts!

    No they were normal looking donuts. Not a giant one but the usual glazed and chocolate covered ones.
  15. Yikes Lay Off the Donuts!

    You know, the health thing I get and won't argue. It's the lack of self respect that gets me. Sure she let herself balloon to 300 lbs but c'mon you don't have to shove the damn things in your gullet getting crumbs and sheot all over yourself. The other lady put down about 4 in short order but she ate them with some manners at least.