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  1. ChrisL

    The end is near

    Oh and I purchased a couple of items at the first store that was closing and they indicated that all sales are final and they mark your receipt no returns. Not sure if that means no returns at any PB or just that one...
  2. ChrisL

    The end is near

    Initially only one local store was closing but it looks like another one is as well..
  3. ChrisL

    Smelling good is expensive

    Not for us.. I haven't worn cologn in decades. My wife would buy me stuff she liked but I was never a fan of wearing it. Some years ago she stopped wearing perfume too? Not sure why? Anyway we dont spend $$ on smelling good anymore.
  4. ChrisL

    Snow down south

    Add Las Vegas & SoCal... Hockey is a fringe sport out here but the Kings & Ducks do sell well out here.
  5. ChrisL

    If you were born between 1925 and 1955

    Per the quote I missed it by 10 years but that's how I grew up. My son would ask me what games I played when I was a kid. Games, like rock wars, hide & seek, ding dong ditch. Oh on Nintendo or Playstation? No freaking outside, we played outside! He'd also always say "pause" instead of "time out" to which I would say I'm not a controller and keep pummeling him or do whatever I was doing until he said time out or stop.
  6. ChrisL

    NFL Sunday

    Chores, check. Dinner cooked, check. Lets go Rams!!!!!
  7. ChrisL

    Smelling bad is offensive

    I don't know that curry comes out in your pores like kimchee does. At the gym it was an odd but familiar smell.
  8. ChrisL

    12/9 miles & such

    Went to the gym. I really couldn't get myself to ride the road bike and the trails are most likely too sloppy due to recent rain to take the Anthem out.
  9. ChrisL

    Love expands your taste buds

    Oh man that was my wife and I. She had a really limited palette of basic "American" dishes that a single mom could make in short order. She then met me with a really diverse background of Indonesian and Dutch foods which it all was really foreign to her, especially the Indo food. It took her a couple of years to warm up to it and then after a while she really started to love it. The same with Sushi. She'd get tempura or teriyaki chicken and then would gradually pick items from from my plate to now she eats everything I eat. My family never had baked goods or desserts and her family opened my eyes to to desserts. My food influences definately broadened her food horizon much more than hers to mine. I also had a mom who was an excellent cook and her mom basically fed them.
  10. ChrisL

    Help Me Decide

  11. ChrisL

    Smelling bad is offensive

    I was at the gym this morning and there was a Korean guy next to me on the dreadmill. I swear the more he sweated the more I could smell kimchee. It reminded me of the Korean barbers I went to in the Army. Great cut & cheap too but they all smelled of kimchee.
  12. ChrisL

    Help Me Decide

    My daughter asked me to pick a song for the daughter dad dance at her wedding in a couple of weeks. We really don't have a song with special meaning that would work for this dance so I'm open to ideas. I know this group is a silly lot but I'm actually asking for help here. Got any ideas???
  13. ChrisL

    Mitigating evil

    Damn tootin! Mmmmm peaches!!!!
  14. ChrisL

    Friendly reminder - Advent calendar drawing

    Having been a roadie for 30+ years I thought all mountain bikes where basically the same. When I got into it I got a hard tail (front suspension only). It was a good but budget bike that was great for learning. As my stoke grew and I had a better understanding of how & where I wanted to ride I did a ton of research. The more I read up the more I realized the different riding styles equated to different types of bikes with different wheel sizes, tire types, drivetrain types, suspension types & set up... It can get overwhelming but I loved learning all about it. The one thing that really differentiates Road from mountain is "the stoke". I'll do a 40 mile road ride and pack up and go. I'll do a 1.5 hour mountain bike ride and finish with fist bumps, high 5's and a big smile.
  15. ChrisL

    Mitigating evil

    Isn't that canabalism? Why would you eat your own kind??? I tend to agree, who eats prepackaged squid!?!? That's like eating steak in a can... Fresh squid is freaking tasty tho. My Army dogs got their fill yesterday!