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  1. ChrisL

    Cycling question, sorry

    I suppose you could as it's only protecting the tube from the spokes but I prefer to use rim tape designed for the job. It's the proper demension, strong but not too thick and reletively inexpensive. My fear would be the spokes could wear through the tape & cause punctures.
  2. Yeah but he moved on to Nicole Eggert on Charles In Charge who filed charges 25 years later...
  3. ChrisL

    This List Is For Mick!

    Johns Hopkins will always be #1 in our list. When my wife was a teen, Johns Hopkins developed a new means of mapping the brain, pinpointing the location seizures originated from and zapped it with lasers curing her of epilepsy which she suffered through since early childhood. I guess it's a fairly routine procedure now but my wife was one of the early recipients of this procedure.
  4. ChrisL

    8-13 miles

    6 hilly miles in the Anthem. Saw my first bobcat that wasn't roadkill. Came around a bend in the trail and spooked it. He was about 10' away when he took off.
  5. ChrisL

    A question for the pilots

    Isn't flying a twin engine plane fairly complex though? Taking off & Doing the maneuvers & such seems like it would take some additional knowledge but I really don't know. Hoping @Wilbur chimes in with his $.02 worth.
  6. ChrisL

    A question for the pilots

    I guess if you are not worried about coming down safely the going up is easy?!?!! Seems really fishy to me.
  7. ChrisL

    Vacation is over

    My new employer has a sweet time off policy and I already have a week accrued which includes a floating holiday. I'm taking the floating holiday to extend Labor Day into a 4 day weekend and saving the rest for my daughters wedding later this year. I should have more than I need by then though...
  8. ChrisL

    A question for the pilots

    How is it that someone not trained to fly an airplane could take off and do those maneuvers? Is the technology so user friendly any reasonably smart person can figure it out or should we not buy the story he had no training other than video games?
  9. ChrisL

    Gratuitous pet picture discussion

    A close up of Jack AKA flea bag. I found a flea on him so the poor guy has gotten like 3 baths a fresh dose of flea ointment and my wife went to town on the house to prevent an outbreak.
  10. ChrisL

    Did you ever pay your dealer for..

    The fobs died on my 2000 Jeep Cherokee about 12 years into it but it also had door locks you could manually lock & unlock the car with. When they died we didn't bother replacing it. i do plan to keep my Subaru as long as I can and wonder how long the fobs will last as there are no manual door locks.
  11. ChrisL

    School started this morning for one of the boys

    I was going to say the same. Back to school means a heavier morning commute but my commute is much more reasonable now so a few extra minutes is no biggie.
  12. I also think the media sensationalizes the negative aspects of our system. It's not perfect but I think if her family were living in the US & had similar employment with an American firm they'd be fine from a cost stand point. Wishing your nephew has a speedy recovery!
  13. ChrisL

    School started this morning for one of the boys

    Yeah School starts early in some areas. LA Unified starts tomorrow. My son is at a Local JC now but his district was on more traditional schedule and started the 2nd week of Sept but went through mid June.
  14. ChrisL

    Tonight's dinner, the grill thread motivated me

    My wife wasn't too cool in the brat idea so I got a tri tip and some chicken breasts that I brined. I smoked them on my grill with roasted red potato, asparagus and honeydew Mellon. Turned out awesome. Ive got some chicken packed for lunch today.
  15. ChrisL


    I dig that rolling pin! Nice wood work on it. Oh and the pies look good too...