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Community Answers

  1. Italian sausage, cabbage, peppers & onions.
  2. I’m still digging the interest & the posts!
  3. ChrisL

    My brother

    @Further brother… Oh damn in the pond again. F’it, I’ll dry off & grab a beer and let the boys fish it out again! I think your brother knows exactly what he’s doing! 😂
  4. Not for me but it does stand out. I believe they partner with a skateboarding company on the design. Look @Square Wheels posting TDF images! 😁
  5. As others have mentioned, no knock or pings. It was just one tank of gas but the fuel economy showed about 24.8 mpg avg vs 26.4 avg per tank. It might be part of what @groupw notes and my pushing harder on the accelerator compensating for perceived sluggishness. My main issue is the crowded gas stations more so than the cost of premium fuel. I can pay an extra $8 per tank and go to a less busy station.
  6. With your car maybe not. Maybe it was my imagination but it seemed more sluggish to me with regular fuel.
  7. I have watched a few episodes. They are entertaining but they all follow a similar script. Did you ever see the one place in AZ with the crazy restaurant owner & his nut job wife chef? By far the best episode I have seen.
  8. I agree with your sentiment. We don’t require them at work and are having exposures daily. But… we aren’t mandated to mask so people don’t. It seems it’s being looked at more like the flu as it’s impacting people more similarly to the flu now. Yes cases are up, hospitalizations are up and even deaths are up but still well below previous spikes. It seems our county & state leaders are OK with it and not mandating masks.
  9. ChrisL

    Levi 501

    Clearly not a 501 guy… You unbutton the top button, grab both sides of the pants and pull. You can pop the buttons with a quick yank much faster than pulling down the zipper. Buttoning them back up does take longer. I haven’t bought a pair of 501’s since the 90’s. I also have some Costco jeans that were like $18 and super comfy.
  10. Yes I have and… My car goes from 250 to 227 HP by using regular gas. Your car may not have as much as a drop off.
  11. Probably so. The PAC 12 is a shell of its former self and even if USC stayed and Lincoln Riley went undefeated it would be a crap shoot if they made the playoff. Well I guess this year will be interesting test of my theory as they leave next season.
  12. With our gas pushing $6.50 (premium for my turbo engine) I go to Arco which is cheaper than Chevron & the like. Except getting into the pumps is like getting Costco gas except cars are coming at the pumps from 3 different driveways. It’s a freaking nightmare. I generally don’t go below 1/4 tank as it may take me 2-3 attempts to even get gas at a “reasonable” price.
  13. I’ll break it down for you. A SoCal team may be playing college football against the Wisconsin Badgers in the near future.
  14. In the states that doesn’t always apply. For some industries yes, their are statutes that require drug testing. For example a bus driver would need to drug test per DOT requirements but the dispatcher in the office generally is held to the same standards. I don’t know what the legal climate is in Canada but here, attorneys are always looking for a case so employment practices are written in a way to protect employees and avoid lawsuits.
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