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  1. Sorry if I missed it but did your bike die in the house fire?
  2. I remember a couple of people going off the rails on that gag.
  3. Still too high! BTW this is one of my favorite LF gags. IIRC Bruce the LF snow & ice riding apartment living librarian washed his bikes in the shower as well. If a outside deck or porch isn’t an option that makes the most sense. Sweet bike even if the saddle is too high! 😁
  4. ChrisL


    I haven’t looked closely where in Malibu his attempt was but that area is really odd in that if you are on the western edge of the Mtn range it’s often overcast & chilly. Head over to the east side and it’s blazing hot. Some of the hottest areas of SoCal are just on the backside of the Santa Monica mtns. Im guessing the road is on the back side which would explain why it was much hotter than the reported temp. I bet had he searched Thousand Oaks or Woodland Hills instead of Malibu he would have gotten a more accurate temp.
  5. ChrisL


    I watched that last night. Phil says it was pushing 90 on the road. Not ideal for an Everest attempt. It was unseasonably warm the past few weeks in SoCal. The temps didn’t keep us from riding tho.
  6. Man that’s a tough one. Nut shots are an immediate pain that dissipates fairly quickly. A good nose shot doesn’t hurt as much at first but stays with you for days/weeks depending if your nose gets broken. I had the misfortune of getting both at various times of my life so If I had to choose between the two I guess a nut shot & get it over with.
  7. ChrisL


    My sisters used to drink the Boones Farm Strawberry Hill. As they were under aged and my parents were pretty strict I would see them hide the empties and toss them in the neighbors trash. This would have been in the mid 1970’s...
  8. I would think security countermeasures have improved over the years. When I worked in the classified world I had to have a special authorization to have a cell phone. It still wasn’t allowed in a SKIF but then neither was I. Smart phones were just becoming a thing when I was there and I’m not sure how they addressed cameras but at the time they were not allowed. It was odd to me to see so many pagers in use but that was the easiest way to get in touch with someone as they were allowed. I’d think they would find away around the peleton of Biden really wanted it. I also worked a
  9. I took Monday off so back to work today. We have an electrician coming by tonight to give us a quote on work we want done to the house. Recessed lights, replace switches, plugs & a chandelier.
  10. When my kids were teens I kept up on newer music because of them but now that they are older I really have lost track. Sometimes my YouTube will put newer music up and I like some of it. The music I choose to listen to is from the 1960’s - 90’s.
  11. ChrisL

    Sore but OK.

    Might be a mild concussion, I got one when I was rear ended when my head slammed against the headrest. It might be a good idea to limit screen time and mental stimulation. Take it real slow & easy.
  12. I drink it daily and yet don’t pay a single penny for it! I like the Verona blond roast & then I put a shot of caramel espresso in it. But then we have Starbucks & Nespresso machines at work.
  13. I think a lot of it is just how the person is wired. My daughter will always pay us back without us having to ask for but my son won’t. I have dead beat siblings too but I always pay off my debts. When I was in college I had an odd semester where my Army College money was delayed and I needed to pay tuition. I asked my mom if she could spot me tuition and I’d pay her back when my Army money came. When I went to pay her back she started crying, you’re the only one who offered to pay me back. She then pulled out a book with unpaid debts she kept on each kid who borrowed money off her.
  14. ChrisL

    Chris Horner

    One of my cousins is a big Chris Horner fan and met him a couple of times at the ToC. Said he was really cool & took a picture with him. He also bumped into him at a local Cyclocross race and Horner stopped to chat for a bit.
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