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  1. Oh I’ve had a few swinging bunts. Embarrassing as hell too!
  2. Yeah she can burn em in there but can she lob them in? One of the funniest things is watching a fast pitch or baseball player adapt to slow pitch. It’s hard for them to wait on the ball as they are used to swinging nearly upon release. My son jacked the ball foul for 1/2 a season before he got the timing down.
  3. Yeah one guy dropped off the 1st week and that only left one additional guy besides me. That’s why they put me on the roster. Surprisingly we have enough girls this season which is usually the issue.
  4. Reluctantly but I told my daughter I was available if needed. She told me yesterday there is a double header this weekend and the alternate pitcher can’t make it.... I threw a little yesterday, pitched about 50 pitches and fielded some grounders. My arm feels good and no soreness today. Heel spur not aggravated either. I havent swung a bat in over a year tho. That will be interesting...
  5. ChrisL

    Hey Chris L

    Simple and tasty right!?!?
  6. My Fuji MTB had really loud brakes that new pads resolved. The Sram Level TL’s on my Anthem are silent as are the TRP mechanical discs on my new crosser.
  7. Well an hour is an exaggeration, probably 20 minutes waiting in line, 30 if I went on a weekend and Costco isn’t convenient so maybe add 20 minutes for the drive there & back. I fill up weekly and Costco is usually $.30 less a gallon than Arco so it does add up over a month. When gas gets over $4 a gallon I start going to Costco and save a few bucks but add to the hassle.
  8. CA has always had some of the highest gas prices in the nation. We also have a gas tax most states don’t. For the past 25 years I never paid for my gas, car or car allowance & fuel card were part of my package. This is the first job without it...
  9. It’s gone up around $1 a gallon the last month or so. I paid $3.99 a couple of days ago but that was at an Arco. Chevron was $4.10. Time to start going back to Costco and waiting an hour to save a few bucks.
  10. I haven’t seen any video but I read it was quite a finish.
  11. Watched it this morning. Really enjoyed the movie. Thanks for the tip!
  12. PP is right in that you can’t use copyrighted or trademarked logos/images. Well at least they reputable places won’t make them... Just ask uncle google, there are a bunch of companies that do it. We had custom jerseys and t shirts made for our softball teams, easy peasy.
  13. Hmm let me track that one down. Thanks for the tip!
  14. Since I’m a bachelor this weekend I’m chilling with Jack watching movies. Just finished The Catcher Was a Spy. About former major league catcher Moe Berg who joined the OSS during WWII. Highly recommend it.
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