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  1. ChrisL

    Oscar Winner!

    Maybe he should be renamed Marcus (Luttrell) another survivor from Texas.
  2. ChrisL

    Oscar Winner!

    Oh those eyes! Do you know the breed/mix?
  3. Severed quad muscle from what I read. I saw the video of her going over the rail but none of the injury. Gruesome... Hope she makes a full recovery.
  4. How fixed is the schedule? They would have to add games to the back end of the schedule. Not sure if there is a publicly announced contingency but you would think they had to have planned for make up games.
  5. ChrisL

    Should I Go?

    She likes my daughter and does treat her well. She spoils the nieces and shuns the nephews. Been that way forever. My wife is just too nice to tell her to fuck off but is only going because our daughter is. She isn’t looking forward to it.
  6. The ads that pop up given certain titles cracks me up!
  7. I thought all the Karen’s were in Flower Mound?
  8. ChrisL

    Should I Go?

    Sister’s # 1-3 all retired & moved to Palm Desert about 5 years ago. Sisters # 1 & 2 have finally had enough and stay clear even though they all live a few blocks from one another. It was hard for them to exclude her as they were all close but they are just tired of her drama.
  9. ChrisL

    Should I Go?

    I like this idea but she really is such a miserable person to be around I’ll pass. But guys night has potential!
  10. I think they can carry more players than an NFL team though. The NFL did expand the practice squads but I think college teams can have up to 80 players and then suit up closer to 50 for game day.
  11. ChrisL


    I looked it up, not a Bombardier beetle but a penacate beatle. Looks like they are common in desert regions. They do wander along the trails and are hard to avoid sometimes. https://www.desertusa.com/insects/stinkbug.html
  12. Baseball was able to play through several outbreaks so I think the NFL can too. But baseball was able to isolate the outbreaks. We’ll see how this goes but I think the NFL will sort it out. Maxx is correct in that male athletes in their 20’s dont seem to be impacted like the general population. Coaches however...
  13. ChrisL

    Should I Go?

    You know it just dawned on me she didn’t invite our son... Girls only, oh well I guess my brother can come too. If she really wanted to see “us” she would have invited us. Yeah I’m out...
  14. ChrisL

    Should I Go?

    Sister #3 who I call bitch sister is in town this week and wants to have a “girls” lunch with my wife & daughter. Daughter is working so can’t do lunch so they are getting together for sushi tomorrow after my daughter gets off work. Backstory is this sister basically told the entire family to fuck off and backed out of a family picture we took in August as she has a beef with several of the other sisters. She often disinvites the brothers to family events as she doesn’t want men there. I haven’t seen her in about 2 years and really don’t miss her... She makes every family gatherin
  15. I know Mick was high on Marcus Peters but Rams fans had a love hate relationship with him. He likes to play off receivers and will often times go for the interception instead of tight coverage. The result is he gets burned probably more than he gets the pick. Really frustrating to watch. The Ravens are a good team and will make a run but the Chiefs are In the NFL elite right now.
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