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  1. ChrisL

    8/25 miles

    Took the Anthem on 26 miles of mixed road/dirt. One of the problems of having one car, I have to ride to the trail head so I don’t strand my wife without a car. How come my wife turns in HER car yet I’m the one making all the freaking sacrifices...
  2. Great to hear. How do you season the pot roast & what’s your gravy recipe???
  3. ChrisL

    Next recession

    Low rates are causing a boom in refi’s so people are upgrading & building too.
  4. ChrisL

    Next recession

    I work for a direct lender and we are seeing unprecedented growth right now. The industry is cyclicals I know but at the moment things are looking bright for us. If it does turn I’m in a fairly safe position as all of my staff are contractors anyway. I’m the only employee doing a critical function for the organization. We are pretty conservative with our investments, have about 6 months of income in savings and carry almost no dept. I’m really not worried about it.
  5. The ones they handed out like candy at the Army dispensary weren’t lubricated. We kept a few to wrap or rifle barrels with but I never used them for their intended purpose. I bought the lubricated ones...
  6. ChrisL


    My mom had mint growing like weeds on the side of her house. I would often have to cut it back with the weed whacked and the smell was amazing. She never did anything with it tho...
  7. ChrisL


    Mint? Hmm sounds interesting. Our families secret pea soup ingredient is nutmeg. Oh well it’s no longer a secret...
  8. ChrisL

    Worth going?

    The atmosphere at college football games is electric. If you have never gone it may be worth it.
  9. I live about 1.5 miles from the Orange County Fairgrounds and it’s hell for us too during the fair. With all of the fair goers, shuttle busses and fair workers converging on my neighborhood it just ads to an already busy area. Our fair ended two weekends ago so we are back to normal now.
  10. ChrisL

    Stupid People

    So it’s 6:45 AM, I’m stopped at a light and am getting a strong smell of pot. I look around and the dude across from me is got a joint hanging out the window taking hits... Fuck dude how about chasing that down with a Bloody Mary while your at it... Yeah pot is legal in CA now but you still can’t drive under the influence. Dumb ass...
  11. 15 years of old cycling magazines... I have a problem.
  12. Drs appt in the am, busy day at work planned. Family dinner out Friday, getting my daughter’s old room ready for MIL and house cleaning... Ride & usual chores...
  13. Winter in SoCal is awesome. As long as it’s not a rare rainy day the weather should be in the high 60’s to low 70’s and sunny.
  14. I’m about an hour south of LAX in OC. WOChrisL is planning a holiday trip to FL to visit her dad but let me know when the date nears if you have time for a link up.
  15. You may have noticed fewer MIL rants as she’s getting a dose of tough love from her kids. Divorce is final & shes renting a room from an older woman who has a large property. Her kids said if you are able to live on your own you WILL live on your own. Shes actually coming to visit next week. She tried to weasel a “girls trip” to Portland while she’s here and my wife said I have an extra bike, start riding if you want to go to Portland. Boom!
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