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Community Answers

  1. Snot, nog is the equivalent of snot. Your aversion to raw fish is on par to my aversion to egg nog. You have to be completely out your mind to drink it!
  2. TBH this has been a thing for decades… Delivery trucks in areas with lots of jewelry stores or fashion districts have been getting hit for decades. My little story was in my operator days back in the early 00’s…. Many of our CCW (concealed weapons permits) are to jewelry store people who transport product. It’s more prevalent now but not new by any means.
  3. Yes we see here it here too. Unfortunately our next rescue will have to wait for our current rescue to go to doggy heaven as we are a one dog family.
  4. I have a couple of forum members cell numbers and reached out. Otherwise I would have been in the dark too. @maddmaxx maybe just reach out to a couple of regulars off line & exchange numbers.
  5. I read it somewhere that the NFL schedule makers did my Rams a huge favor & scheduled them to play 3 teams after their bye week. We are 0-2 so far, likely will be 0-3. Maybe next year we will have a home game in London & play a team after a bye…
  6. ChrisL

    Hey Canucks…

    And fill up before state line and fuel as little as possible in CA as you will be paying out the nose for fuel.
  7. ChrisL

    Covid poll

    Reminds me, I’m due for a booster…
  8. Many high value carriers including UPS are putting security on their trucks. I provided that service at my last job. I also worked with a firm that deployed unmarked transports with armed officers. But yeah the Amazon trucks are sitting ducks. When I was doing the armed transport work I was in an unmarked passenger car tailing the main transport. We were in a not so great part of town and a car cut me off & tagged my front right quarter panel in the process. So my transport is in front but stopped, car that cut me off & me all stopped. Three gang banger looking Mexican dudes get out of the car with the WTF look, throwing gang signs & such so I get on the radio, hey guys I think I’m about to get in a shoot out here… My guys pile out of that transport guns out & those dudes jumped back in their car & hauled ass! 😂
  9. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday. I know the media is making a big deal of their 3 game win streak, well they play the Ravens next week so let’s see how that goes. I’m still optimistic for the future though. Outside of a handful of players, the Rams are playing mostly 1st & 2nd year guys who are starting to figure it out.
  10. ChrisL

    Hey Canucks…

    Not even to see me? We need to get some pho! I like it even with all of the freaking people.
  11. ChrisL

    Hey Canucks…

    Yeah the data was same year analysis but it was 2022. I think our population dipped a bit too. I was really more surprised than being cocky. With numerous larger cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary & Montreal I figured you’d have more people than my state. Well you likely do now. Yeah CA’s GDP is top 5 globally.
  12. ChrisL

    Hey Canucks…

    To put it in perspective, about 60% of the state of CA is either uninhabited or sparsely inhabited. The bulk of that 39 million live along the coast from San Diego to Los Angeles and then San Francisco. The northern 20% of the state is mostly wilderness, the eastern 2/3 of the state is desert. The people are all bunched together in a narrow strip along the coast.
  13. Did you know we have more people in CA than you have in all of Canada? I heard that on a show today and had to check. 39.24 million vs 38.25 million. 3 million in my county alone, 111,000 in my city… That’s a lot of freaking people…
  14. ChrisL

    Health woes

    Prayers & good vibes comin your way!
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