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  1. You all should go back in time and not get married

    Jeeze dude, sorry you have such a dim view of marriage. Any relationship has its up and downs, some make it and some don't. Some people fake happiness in their marriage and some dont. I think you have a pretty fair representation of this in these here forums. But to suggest we all fucked up by getting married and if we could have a do over we should not have done so is just plain stupid talk.
  2. This Is A Thing?!?!?

    I read the whole thing and got: Ice cream Ask her next time.
  3. Annoying Neighbor, Hopefully The Last Rant

    I'd so rock that on my last day!
  4. You all should go back in time and not get married

    Yeah your life becomes about the kids. It can be frustrating at times but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm glad we had our kids young so I had the energy to be an active participant in their lives, especially play time and still have the ability to do what I want now that they are grown.
  5. Very cool! I always scan garage sales for similar type deals.
  6. Annoying Neighbor, Hopefully The Last Rant

    Oh snap that's right!
  7. Annoying Neighbor, Hopefully The Last Rant

    Where is the puking emoji!?!?!?
  8. Back story, one of my responsibilities is to conduct safety meetings. The next one is scheduled for June. So she comes into my cube, are you still holding a safety meeting?!?! Before Wednesday? Yeah no we won't be having any safety meetings before I leave. Well who's going to hold the safety meeting!?!?!? I don't know, maybe you are? Me, me no YOU are safety not me. Me fully enjoying seeing her go off the rails... The owner is going to make you safety manager. (Hes not). Me, me, I have too much on my plate to take on safety, that's why you are here. Yeah but I wont be here after Wed. Well either you have a meeting or... Or what, im not having one..... Well they need to find someone fast, I'm not doing safety. Yeah well remember the owner thinks you are. What, what, no!!!!! And she storms off and is calling the owner giving him an earful as I type this My work is done here!
  9. This Is A Thing?!?!?

    I'm sure I completely threw her off by asking for a "large coffee".
  10. My wife calls you the bike forum people. I don't discuss you to others.
  11. This Is A Thing?!?!?

    Right, everyone in Cali lives the Kardashian life... I forgot.
  12. This Is A Thing?!?!?

    Yeah it's a freaking large. I don't speak Starbucks.... The experiment was don't burn your lips while talking to the guy...
  13. This Is A Thing?!?!?

    Met someone at a Starbucks this morning, ordered a LG coffee with a little ice in it to cool it off. Barista: Ice on the bottom or the top? Me: Can you keep it in the middle so it melts faster? Barista: Now you are being a smart ass.... She was serious?!?!? It matters where you put 3 blocks of ice to cool coffee?!?!
  14. Pedro Keeps "Liking" My Runs On Strava!

    Maybe he wants you to vote for him?!?!