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  1. I think it is a bit ambitious but what the hell... I say go for it. The one thing (other than the $$$) is the elevation. Whenever I go camping/fishing at Mammoth Lakes in the high Sierra I always give myself a day to adjust to the elevation. Over 7K feet the rare air will kick your ass. After a couple of days I can function but you still feel it. I remember one of my first trips up there putting in my waders made me winded and I needed a break... I’d plan to arrive a few days early to get your gear sorted and adjust to the elevation.
  2. My son recently turned 21 and he has made comments about chugging and shotgunning beer. I tell him if he’s trying to get drunk then drink something harder. Otherwise just enjoy the beer and not freaking blast it all over yourself trying to shotgun it. I never really understood the need to get a pint of beer in your gullet in 3 seconds...
  3. What does a high end fork from Fox or RS go for though? I think less but as they dial in the production I’m sure the fork will come down some. I like that there are options for suspension forks like the Lauff and this one.
  4. In the fall I go there for the persimmons. They are $1 -$1.25 each at the LGS but range between $.30 - $.50 a LB at the Asian market! If it was closer to me I’d shop there regularly. It’s just far enough away to be a PITA.
  5. Many people shy away from the Asian markets but I go there often for fresh seafood a fraction of what I’d pay at other markets. When my mom was still in good shape I’d take her there with my son and we’d try to find the gnarliest food items while my mom shopped. Pig faces, chicken feet and all sorts of creepy crawly things from the water. We’d pick live crabs out of the bin and he’d try to have them pinch me. I’d put crayfish on him, ah good fun.. Of course the bonus was the Vietnamese bakery next door that was out of this world. My mom would always get him a treat for being good. Little did she know how much fun we were having!
  6. I packed left over tri tip & chicken with an apple. Still early for lunch out west tho.
  7. So yeah I got this yesterday... I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree... Little shits!
  8. I saw some reviews on it, the testers seem to like it. That’s the one designed by Dave Weagle right?
  9. Sheesh looks just like Vegas!
  10. ChrisL

    In too deep?

    I have been through a couple of training seminars that teach how to spot a liar vs someone who is truthful. Interesting stuff. I think all HR people should go through it...
  11. The best thrill ride I was on was as a door gunner flying nap of the earth while harnessed to a tether to the helo. In a hard bank I was literally parallel to the ground and just freaking raking on the 60. Roller coasters got nothin on that.
  12. ChrisL

    Shoes and such

    When I first got into Management in the early 90’s and had to wear suits daily I swore I’d never wear wing tips nor paisley. To this day I haven’t worn either. I learned early on to forego fashion for comfort & performance.
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