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  1. Oh wow I don’t track it that closely. I’m gonna guess somewhere around 10K on my Bianchi, maybe 5K on the now retired Fuji crosser, a couple of hundred miles on the Ritchey that replaces it and maybe 1K on the Anthem. For the past 10 years or so I have alternated between a road bike, cross bike & MTB so the miles get spread around.
  2. ChrisL

    Silly boys

    I have been making them dinner nightly & we bring it by. Since CJ doesn’t know any better yet I spend my time there spoiling Smokey with love. Whenever someone else is holding the baby my daughter also gives him lots of love. But Smokey really is handling the change well.
  3. ChrisL

    Silly boys

    Smokey & CJ lounging in bed this morning.
  4. Mine looks very similar. Leftover taco meat & beans and the fresh salsa I made with chipotle peppers, cilantro & onion slathered on top.
  5. Go to my brothers work, flick him in the ear & watch him freak out!
  6. I rarely ride with a cap under my helmet but one time not too long ago I decided to put a cap on. Good thing I did as it saved me from a sting on the noggin!
  7. It seems so, maybe @petitepedal has first hand info but I haven’t seen anything. I dunno about all of that, I’m just reporting what came through on my feeds.
  8. I think the key is “State Park”. CA’s Redwoods are spectacular but I wouldn’t compare them to Yosemite nor Sequoia but those are National Parks. So yeah I’d agree with the list for CA.
  9. 15 mile road/gravel ride on the Ritchey during lunch.
  10. ChrisL

    Yea dad

    As my dad passed when I was 14 I always wondered what it would be like to have a father figure nag on me or give me advice. I wonder how I would have turned out had he not passed so young.
  11. My intel feeds aren’t showing anything but peaceful gatherings. At least for now... Yesterday there was some intel of potential proud boy activity should the verdict be guilty but nothing current is coming through on that.
  12. I don’t know if I could pick just one but I had a huge crush on Demi Moore back in the day. This guy is pretty attractive too and has aged well.
  13. No good flat tales to tell... Funny bee sting story though. Some years ago WOChrisL & I were riding in a busy MUP when she shouts out in pain. I look back & don’t see her so slow & make a U turn. Now keep in mind there are maybe 20 or so people riding, walking & such in the general vicinity. As I make my u turn & head back WOChrisL has her riding shorts pulled down to her thighs inspecting her hip area looking for the bee stinger as the litter fecker got her through the Lycra. Yeah and she’s flashing bush & ass to the people on the trail! Uh honey, mi
  14. I was bombing down a descent with two friends on our gravel bikes. I was second in line and was leaving about 2 bike lengths so I had a clear view of the trail. I see a rattler sunning on the trail taking up about 1/3 of the left side of the trail. Rider # 1 is heading right for it so I shout Rattler left side!!! And she bunny hops it! I veer right and rider # 3 panics “oh shit oh shit oh shit!!!!!! And follows me around. We had a good laugh on that one!
  15. ChrisL


    A lunch ride. Maybe a cliff bar so I don’t bonk as I wasn’t hungry for bfast.
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