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  1. ChrisL

    What do you love about your kitchen?

    We redid our kitchen a few years ago. My wife did a good job tying in wall color with backsplash with countertops. We also installed recessed LED lights which made a huge difference. Lighting is probably my favorite part of the kitchen. My kitchen is deep but narrow, like 20' deep by 10' across. it is functional with lots of usable counter space & storage. My wife complains that it's too small (narrow) but it works for me. Putting in a fridge with double doors helped too.
  2. ChrisL

    Kitchen gadgets that actually work.

    This. I have a couple of good knives I use daily, a good peeler, wooden spoons of different shape & size, various spatulas and tongs. I actually have 3 different size tongs that get regular use. No gadgets tho.
  3. ChrisL

    Is there such a thing as a cheater vegetarian?

    I make a lot of meals with various beans, squash & veggies as well as tofu. With your travel it can get tough but there are a lot of meal options out there. I like meat and will continue to eat it, I just eat less of it.
  4. ChrisL

    Almost got doored

    Wise your pastor is. I have nothing against the church, any church really. Over the years I have seen numerous examples of church guy (usually guys) act like complete asses. Not going to get into it tho as it's not a political rant. If he's placing yard signs he needed to do so in a safe manner and act in a manner that reflects positively on in the organization.
  5. ChrisL

    Is there such a thing as a cheater vegetarian?

    This is pretty much me. We don't label it and don't make a big deal about it but we have a vegetarian meal at least 2X a week. I had some left over tofu and actually made tacos for dinner. Taco seasoning, Cholula, fresh guacamole, tomato & cheese on lettuce wraps. Bust on tofu all you want but they were pretty freaking tasty.
  6. ChrisL

    Almost got doored

    Mariners church.
  7. ChrisL

    Almost got doored

    I rode the Mtn bike today but had to ride about 2 miles on the road to loop back to my car. I'm riding down a long hill and there is a Prius stopped on a red curb in the bike lane. It's also pretty busy on this road so as I approach I can't swing out too wide as there is a good chance I'll get nailed. Just as I get up on the car the door swings open and I barely miss the dude who jumped out to quickly place yard signs. I stop and yell YOU GOTTA LOOK!!!! Dude yells at me Fuck You!!!! I ride back up to him admittedly ready and willing to kick his ass. Dude says you gotta slow down, you were riding way too fast. I set my bike down and say you are illigally parked, open your door without looking and this is somehow my fault for riding too fast? Guy mumbles something, gets in his car and drives off. I thought the most appropriate part was he was placing signs for a local church. Yeah park illegal open door without looking fuck you guy is also church guy.
  8. ChrisL

    Macaroni salad

    I don't make it but love the Hawaiian mac salad. But I refrain these days but I used to put it down.
  9. ChrisL

    6/23 miles & such

    9 miles on the Anthem. I rode hill repeats Thurs & did legs yesterday and my legs were fried today but I climbed OK up a long technical climb.
  10. ChrisL

    So what was your funniest police experience?

    Was working a prostitution sting. Undercover female cops working as hookers and would take them to a motel room where we were next door for booking and processing. So we nail this kid who is barely 18, looks like a regular clean cut kid. Kid is nervous as hell, shaking nearly in tears clean record. As we are processing him the female arresting officer looks at us and says hold up. She motions for the kid to get up, we unhook him and she says kid tonight is your lucky night. Kid lights up and says I'm gonna get laid!?!?!? Arresting officer has a look of shock and is dumbfounded... She says get this kid outta my face before I change my mind!!!! We take the kid outside who still is unsure if he's actually gonna get lucky or not and tell him to haul ass before the arresting officer nabs him for being stupid. Kid runs off as we bust up laughing. Still makes me laugh...
  11. ChrisL

    Tell me about your best Police experience!

    You ever cut pretty girls slack on a traffic stop? I always figured they got over enough based on their looks and charm and so I wasn't going to. I never once let a pretty girl off on a traffic stop. My general philosophy was if you did something dumb enough for me to pull you over I'm gonna cite you. My city was pretty active so we had enough going on we didn't need to find things to do like ticky tack traffic stops.
  12. ChrisL

    Tell me about your best Police experience!

    I've come across numerous really cool cops for various reasons. Here's another story from back in the day I may have shared before. 1987 I'm an MP and we all carried pagers. If it went off report to station asap. I'm on a date and pager goes off. I have to get my GF (now wife) home and then get to base. So I drop her off and am hauling ass on a country road and bam blue light in my rear view mirror. State trooper asks for my license & ID and MPs don't carry badges off duty but my registration has my address "561st MIlitary Police Co Ft Myer VA... He looks over my documents and says: "They teach you to drive like an asshole in MP school????" No sir, look I know I was speeding I have to get back to base so please cite me quickly so I don't get in more trouble. Trooper flicks my ID and registration at me and says get the fuck outta here. Literally did a burnout as I pulled away!
  13. Back in the day I had a buddy who was restoring a 69 Camaro but it was in rough shape. His wife worked in an affluent neighborhood with hardly any crime. He just got the car running son asked if I wanted to go for a test ride while he picked up his wife. We were driving the speed limit, car is properly registered and all lights work and we got pulled over. Cop says "what are you doing here?" Picking up my wife from work. Bull shit, what are you doing here?" Officer, my wife works at ..... and I'm picking her up. Hand in weapon but still holstered, Both of you out of the car!!!! My buddy looks at me and tell him just to go with it. He has us on the sidewalk, asks for ID and I badge him. He says why didn't you say anything? Because you didn't give me a fucking chance and dude that was a bullshit traffic stop and you know it. He says well you know how it is her in this city. Whatever dude and he lets us go.
  14. ChrisL

    Weekend plans as we have passed the Summer Solstice

    Ramping up for a mtn bike gran fondo so putting in the miles on the Anthem Saturday, road ride with my wife Sunday. Otherwise the usual chores.
  15. ChrisL

    Have you ever driven while grossly intoxicated?

    Never.... In my younger & wilder days I was in Law Enforcement and wouldn't risk it. I also saw 1st hand the effects of drunken driving and it made a life long impact on me. To this day I won't drink if there is a chance I'll need to drive.