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  1. So Chris’s Happy yet sad thread

    Not really. I was a decent Jr and Amateur bike racer in the early 80's and had dreams of going pro but hit a dose of reality named Greg Oravets. (Look him up) I realized then and there what a future pro looked like and he was miles ahead of me so decided to move on with my life.
  2. Happy & Yet a Little Sad...

    Exactly, you articulated my own thoughts better than I did...
  3. Happy & Yet a Little Sad...

    I never had major league dreams other than I hoped he would take it as far as he could go. He had a roster spot and probably would have made significant strides next season and has the stuff to compete at the collegiate level but walked away. The whole "left a lot in the tank" thing but its his tank so I get it.
  4. Happy & Yet a Little Sad...

    Took my FIL to our kids softball game Friday night and our kids played well. My son was playing left field and ranged deep into the hole between left and center field and caught the ball for the out. There was a runner on 3rd who didnt think hed range that far so had to come back and tag up. My kid unleashed a monster throw from deep in the outfield that arrived without a hop and beat the runner by a step for the out. I had never seen anyone make a similar throw playing the past 4 years. Both teams were amazed by the throw, the runner actually bowed to my kid after the tag. People watching in the stands were stunned but I was actually a little sad. The kid could go so much farther in baseball if he wanted to... But he seems happy with the decision to step away from it so I'm happy for him. But damn...
  5. Some of us are working this week

    Mon, Tues & Wed for me. I also took last Friday off so back to back long weekends. Although I have a big project due Tues next week so will probably have to get some work in from home over the long weekend.
  6. Improved A1C!

    The switch in meds and losing weight caused my 90 day A1C to drop from 9.5 to 5.9. This is the lowest it's been in a few years! I've been tweaking a few things with my diet and numbers were even lower the past few days so I'm trying to see if I can get off Januvia. The bad news is ive also had 2 crashes in blood glucose the past week so need to be smart about it too...
  7. We have 1,500 Sq Ft 3 bedroom 2.5 bath townhouse with an attached 2 car garage and indoor laundry. When the kids were young it was tight but it works well now with my daughter mostly out as we can use her room as a guest room. When both are gone it will be too big.
  8. I'ma guessing gout

    When I was driving a lot for work I would get minor flares. My wife thought being in the car so long was causing it and I told her driving/sitting had no correlation and dismissed it although there was a definite connection. It then clicked, I was pounding diet soda and coffee on my drives.... Since cutting back on diet soda I haven't had a minor flare since. I haven't had a major flare since going on meds.
  9. I'ma guessing gout

    Hydration and minor injuries can cause a flare. I once turned my ankle stepping off a rock. No biggie so I thought and walked the rest of the afternoon on it. But it triggered a flare later that night that was terrible. My Dr put me on Allapurinol for the same reasons. He said your numbers are off the charts, if you tried to restrict your diet to control it you would be miserable. Better to take something for it. I also have a standing script for a med that knocks down flares. They are expensive as hell and so I get 5 pills at a time for like $100 but it will knock the shit out of a flare.
  10. goodfellas is on

    Great movie... When my son was around 10 or 11 he really got into that movie so my MIL bought him the DVD while visiting one year. So I come home from work, boy is watching the movie which I'm assuming is edited and then start hearing all the swearing. I look at him and say what are you watching!?!? Goodfellas but its different. I said change the channel and he said it's a DVD gramma bought it for me... I called gramma down, did you buy him this DVD, yeah he wanted it. Did you check the rating??? By this time there were already 1/2 a dozen f bombs and other swear words... Uh..... well...... Hmm good one gramma...
  11. I'ma guessing gout

    Yikes! Is it painful? I have gout and the flares were brutal. I nearly tool myself to ER once it was so bad. If you think you are having a flair drinking a lot of water can help.
  12. TIB (N+1)

    Ohhhhhhhhhhb very niiiiiiiiiiiice!
  13. Attention Razor's Edge Cycling Cafe: 24.4

    We did. I came in 2nd place losing 20 lbs but the most total body weight lost. The winner beat me by less than a % and lost about 15 lbs. We all paid in $100 and the winner got $1,500, I won $1,000. The contest ended about 6 weeks ago and I've kept it up. I am down 25 lbs losing another 5 since the challenge ended. Tipped the scales at 210 this morning! BG is better but I also changed my meds around the time we started the challenge. I actually just got back from a blood draw. Good job on the weight loss Jim, keep it up!
  14. Ya ever have a pet turtle ?

    Snapping turtles are bad ass, id never keep one as a pet nor put any part of my body near one. One of the army bases I worked on back in the day had a swamp in the back perimeter and there was all sorts of wildlife back there. One year we came across a huge snapping turtle that got hung up in the fence line. His head was bigger than my fist. He was hissing and had his mouth open so I grabbed a branch about 4' long, about 3" round and poked it. The snapper lunged at the branch and snapped it in half like it was a toothpick! I said F this and left him alone...
  15. I'd like your take on this.

    We have a local Cross series and they held a race at a park near my house one year. And wwre not allowed back.... Yeah we tore up the grass pretty good and it took a good year for it to fully recover. I know as i frequent the park often. Most of our courses that have stood the test of time are on dirt which there is plenty in arid SoCal. I totally get it and I think organizers need to be better stewards of the sport and thoroughly explain the damage and how they will remedy the damage. Scattering seed alone won't fix it...