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  1. ChrisL

    Boss rant

    You need a boss like mine. He came in today and was printing documents. As he’s walking back & forth past my door from his office to the printer I grabbed a nerf pistol I brought in to shoot the facilities guys with and drilled him right in the ear as he walked by my office. Except I didn’t realize he was on a call/had phone to other ear so he flipped me off and kept walking. A few minutes later he stopped at my door and said amazing shot & threw the dart back at me.
  2. Yeah forgot about that. Break room concierges to get coffee/water no employees in break rooms. Bathrooms limit 1 at a time with bathroom monitors outside to keep count.
  3. ChrisL

    Bear with me

    Right!?!? I figured there were some at AP Hill but never came across any. Lots of other critters tho.
  4. ChrisL

    Bear with me

    Never saw a bear in VA but I knew you had them.
  5. ChrisL

    Who is louder?

    My wife is pretty quiet and she doesn’t complain about me. Our son.. OMG sounds like a heard of elephants when he’s going up or down the stairs. Late night snack, oh everyone will know about it... But he’s been loud from birth...
  6. When I was a young up & coming manager I bought about the same time 3 other managers bought. One day we were comparing interest rates & such and they asked me how much my PMI was? PM what?? They said surely you have to pay PMI? Nope, don’t even know what it is... How in the hell did you get away with not paying it?!!! Right about them our boss, a retired Marine Full Bird Colonel bellows from his office, he’s exempt having served our country & using his VA benefit. If you want to cry about PMI then you should have served your country first!!! That shut them up!
  7. Never had to pay it with a VA loan. When I refi’d we didn’t need it. We are under 10 years on our Mortgage and not sure if it makes sense now to refi as we are pretty close to the current rate having done so the last time interest rates where really low and being close to pay off.
  8. 🤦🏽‍♂️
  9. No waking up early to catch the live feed, no coming to work late for a month straight, no watching the evening recap show.... If not for Covid I’d be all into the tour...
  10. Hey @BuffJim I PM’d you with some follow up. We do offer a referral program and there are some good discounts depending on the program you qualify for. There is nothing in it for me, only for you so no obligation whatsoever. If you find a better deal elsewhere I'm not out anything. If anyone else is interested just PM me your name & email and I’ll send you the contact info for our lending officer who manages the program.
  11. My Rams are feeling the financial pinch after locking up Goff, Gurley (released but there is a huge cap hit this year) & Donald to huge contracts. The difficulty for the Chiefs will be retaining talent once other key role players become free agents. Their window is due to close in 2-3 years and they will have to rebuild around Mahomes just like my Rams are doing now.
  12. I can’t really share the document but things we are doing. We have a list of essential workers who are approved by executive committee. If not on the list you can’t come in. We are still essential employees only. We are conducting temperature checks and each person has to fill out a questionnaire daily via an app we created. They certify they aren’t symptomatic & etc. once completed they get a green screen stating they are cleared to enter & the date. on their phone. Essential persons must wear a mask at al times in our buildings, work stations are at least 6’ apart. We also deep clean our buildings 2X a week and if someone was exposed or is symptomatic & is sent home they clear out & deep clean that day. Phase 2 includes all of the above & an expansion of essential persons list. We are looking at close to 30% reoccupation with phase 2. If phase 2 goes well & Covid numbers continue to drop move to phase 3 which is all of the above and about 60% occupation. Phase 4 is “back to normal”. We were about to move to phase 2 when our numbers went up locally so we are holding with essential persons.
  13. Our county fair which is in my city was cancelled a few months ago. It would have been starting soon.
  14. Oh I did the same with my pellet gun. We had a long but somewhat narrow backyard and Id set them up in the plants on one end of the yard and snipe them from the other end which was around 40’. Good times!
  15. We had a PTSD Vietnam vet brother who taught us all sorts of ways to make things go boom with common household items. The best where the mortars we made with tin cans, lighter fluid & flaming tennis balls! We had tons of bottle rockets, M80’s & bricks of firecrackers at our disposal thanks to him & his buddies. BB gun wars were also common. We had a 3 pump limit but we didn’t always follow that... I’m actually amazed we didn’t suffer any major injuries or die... Yeah you would have fit in nicely!
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