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  1. I looked up Dutch Dumplings and several PA Dutch recipes came up. I don't think it’s a common dish in Holland as I have never seen it there nor am aware of any traditional Dutch dishes with them.
  2. I’m not even aware of Dutch dumplings? It’s not something my family ever made but they only lived in Holland for about ten years. More of a PA Dutch thing?
  3. Similar with the Dutch. There are no perogies that I’m aware of in their cuisine. It didn’t go that far west maybe?
  4. I also mix & match peppers so you can get 1/2 red, 1/2 green, yellow etc.
  5. My family loves stuffed peppers. I used to make them like in the picture but some years ago my daughter recommended cutting them in half and stuffing them. Much easier to make & eat that way. I also serve with marinara so it’s easier to coat the meat & pepper.
  6. Droppers are hit & miss, mostly miss on gravel & Cross. XC MTB for sure though. That Evil is more of a monster cross so a dropper makes sense.
  7. I had asked my sisters (6 of the 9 of us are diabetic) and none have ever taken it. Metformin was rough on my stomach at first but I got used to it. Hoping it doesn’t mess you up.
  8. Had a similar recall replacement on my Level’s. I actually like the feel of them and they have been trouble free. To an earlier question, I bought replacement pads for my SLX brakes and the wrench showed me how to do it. He gave me an extra little plastic doohickey he had to slide in the caliper to push the pads in. He said it needed to be done to prevent rubbing as the pads self adjust due to wear. I actually never replaced them tho as I gave the bike away shortly after but my cousin said it was easy.
  9. Mick, I hope it works out for you. I’m not being critical as I know how tough it is but to Dennis point I think there are areas of improvement you could focus on with your diet which may hopefully limit dependence on meds. Earlier today you posted: I have extra wide egg noodles - or maybe a venison stew or soup to go with the noodles. Just skip them noodles & make a stew with the venison & lots of veggies instead. You can strip some cabbage for a noodle like feel. Only chiming in because I care, again not trying to be critical.
  10. ChrisL


    Yeah many similarities. Some of the gravel bikes are equipped for loaded bike packing. It’s an interesting subset of the industry. Some gravel bikes are designed for racing, some for loaded touring, some in between. They make them from carbon, aluminum, steel & titanium. Interesting stuff.
  11. ChrisL


    As in what sets apart a gravel bike? In a nutshell, slacker head tube, longer wheelbase & lower bb than a cross bike plus room for much wider tires & more mounts for stuff to carry. My crosser is a serviceable gravel bike but I don’t plan any big days in the dirt.
  12. He left today by mutual agreement...
  13. I think the players got off easy. They were the ones who cheated and they were the ones who reaped financial gain from their cheating. Guys like Yu Darvish and Clayton Kershaw had their careers tarnished by the cheating. The difference between home & away stats for many of the Astros players during the playoffs & WS was huge. Yeah the cheating helped.
  14. State laws differ but on duty police are exempt from the hands free law in CA. Cars are actually moving towards less gadgets and more aps that run through your phone. The auto industry is actually pushing drivers to use their phones more while driving not less. Are they worth it? To each their own but my jobs have required 24/7 connectivity and they have been a godsend to me. Yeah I have an electronic leash but the flexibility to be able to do 80% of my job from home, grocery store, Drs office & etc is worth it to me. I also haven’t paid for a cell phone or service in 15 years so yeah it’s worth it!
  15. Very cool! I once passed by Andy Hampsten on a ride and got zoomed by Evelyn Stevens & several Lululemmon riders. Then there was the entire Rabobank team sighting before the ToC. We see a lot of pro’s in SoCal between Nov & Jan.
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