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  1. ChrisL

    Late Season Rain

    This TV is across the room from my desk and when I looked up and saw the term being used i didn’t have much time to grab the shot. I actually did try to retake it not cutting off her head but they cut away for traffic. It seems the type of storm that hit us is type of storms that hit during the winter thus the term they used.
  2. ChrisL

    Restaurant food

    Friday family dinner. Take out Mexican food.
  3. Except for the arctic part, yeah me too. Most nights my wife is in a night gown & bundled while I’m shirtless in boxers with the blankets kicked off.
  4. Yeah, the pharmacy and Dr have to be coordinated. If you change either you have to advise the other. I recently changed Drs and then had to change insurance & pharmacies. It’s not that big of a deal but if both aren’t in sync getting RX’s refilled can get delayed or stopped completely. I use mail order so no need to pick anything up.
  5. ChrisL

    April Photos

    My kid & her pup. Smokey loves his mommy!
  6. I come home and wife is filling out her UI application. Next to her on the floor is her shoes and jeans?!? I said, been reading SW forums? Huh? Been talking to Jsharr? What the hell are you talking about!?!! No need for pants? Yeah figured no need to wear pants if I’m not working.... Nice!
  7. Well.... I don’t see hypodermic needles on the beach, parks nor community areas. This is more prevalent in homeless/drug use areas. I’m also seeing cleaning supplies like gloves, masks and wipes in grocery store parking lots, beaches, sidewalks etc. it’s a problem here too but not so much the needles.
  8. ChrisL

    COVID-19 Updates

    I wonder how DC’s metro & NY subway has contributed to the spread? LA has similar density in the downtown areas but a public transportation system that is for shit. It’s a car community out here.
  9. My daughter got their puppy a couple of weeks before all this hit. They had him on a nice routine before she got furloughed and SIL is working from home. At some point he’s gonna have to adjust to being alone.
  10. ChrisL

    Late Season Rain

    Yep. I always find it funny when I travel to other cities and watch the local news. LA news casters generally cut their teeth in smaller markets. The ones we have on the air here are good looking and accomplished. Then I go to Montana and the frumpy stammering girl is doing weather!
  11. As I was leaving Jack was lounging on the couch looking at me. I looked at him and said, dude, your gonna be missing that couch soon! That lazy little knucklehead will be super fit in the coming weeks!
  12. It’s been a minute but didn’t he land on what is now The Dominican Republic? Not sure about the other trips. The yellow mustard that is abundant in SoCal is a remnant of the Spanish Missionaries who brought it with them to feed their horses. The horses probably crapped out seeds and a couple of hundred years later it’s all over the place from Baja to NorCal.
  13. ChrisL

    Late Season Rain

    See, I ain’t makin this shit up...
  14. Yeah thanks. I think they kept her assistant as she’s a single mom and they know i do OK and carry the bennies plus the assistant earns less. This was probably just the first round. I think by the time this is done they’ll cut it down to the 4 OG’s. We’re really not stressing, at least not yet. As I mentioned I got a fat bonus just before all of this hit and after buying some bike parts literally couldn’t buy the other stuff I wanted due to store closures so we just banked it. Besides any state & federal assistance and our savings which can carry us for over a year what’s remaining of my bonus is 4 of her pay periods of wages. That alone will probably get us through this.
  15. Yeah and yeah. They hired a VP of sales who probably makes more and he was let go. The other one was a newer person who I’m sure made less. No bennies, I carry those.
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