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  1. We have been pretty fortunate to have a SoCal chain that has good prices and good products. We used to go to different stores for different things but as of the past few years just get everything there. And it’s the community meet up place...
  2. ChrisL

    Nats vs ????

    I figured you for a Rangers fan. Rooting for the TX team or are you an Astros fan? I can’t imagine having two teams in the same region in the same division. We have the Angels & Dodgers but they are in different divisions.
  3. ChrisL

    Nats vs ????

    I have had my money on the Astros all year. They are a solid team top to bottom. The Nats are arguably not as complete a team but man they sure are playing great ball right now. I know not too many people follow baseball but the Astros are not unknown in the baseball community and many had them favored to go all the way.
  4. Yeah I’m really sick of living out of a suitcase and eating hotel food/out. My 4 day weekend is on day 6 now with 2 more days to go. Had to have my daughter ship more meds and we made a trip to Target for more socks, underwear & t shirts. I have a flight to FL today to escort my FIL back home then we fly home Friday. Can’t freaking wait to get home. At least the hotel is nice and we are in a cool place.
  5. I’d you had a daughter would you feel the same way? Piercings on guys really isn’t that big a deal any more and 15 is about right. It’s just one and it will close if he doesn’t like/want it later. At my kids HS about 30% of the kids had ink, especially the Pacific islanders. My son wanted a tattoo and I told him when you are 18 you can do what you want to your skin. 4 years later he still doesn’t have ink.
  6. ChrisL

    Got out today!

    Yeah I get it, winter is a thing here. I have been here since Thursday and we arrived a day after a rare October snow storm of about 5” and then had 80’ temps a few days later. I could adapt to winter and I did some research and winters aren’t too extreme here. But my comment was based more on amenities, housing costs, healthcare, industry/jobs & outdoor activities. I would chose this area over any place else in the nation I have been to outside of SoCal.
  7. Or air lifted down! We have been here since Thursday night and we are just at a point now we aren’t winded going up steps.
  8. @roadsue also suggested the Cog Railway but it was the Manitou Incline. I’m not smart enough to post a link on my phone but I took a wiki screenshot:
  9. ChrisL

    Got out today!

    I told my wife I could live here in Colorado Springs. Of course with our jobs & kids we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon but I definately could live here.
  10. ChrisL

    Got out today!

    True but you can really see quiet a bit without ever leaving the car like we did!
  11. I think its a stair step climb that pretty much goes straight up.
  12. ChrisL

    Got out today!

    Well FIL was released last night and was feeling well enough for a little drive so we went to Gardens of the Gods. Really spectacular. We also drove into Manitou Springs for lunch. Cool little town. Fortunately we got to se something other than the hospital while we were here.
  13. OK we figured it out. It’s the Manitou Incline which was one of those light rails to a look out. Apparently the tracks washed away and now it’s a hiking trail to the look out.
  14. My memory may be a little suspect but that I recall, Serrotta was a struggling custom builder and one, had the skill sets necessary to build high end frames and two had the availability to build them unlike many of the other builders. It was a helluva opportunity and helped launch his business. Anyone who knew anything about bikes knew those weren’t Murray’s & Huffys, both brands made crap dept store bikes at that time.
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