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  1. Fun Family Day

    My son couldn't make it but we had a fun family day yesterday. Headed up to Venice Beach and watched the freak show. Picture below is in front of the famous muscle beach. We then cruised up the coast to Malibu, went through Malibu Canyon to Thousand Oaks and had lunch at my sisters restaurant. Checked out guitars at a shop in LA and I went to my favorite LA bike shop and drooled over bikes. A little bit more driving than I like but a fun day. Picture is daughter flanked by me & wife of chrisl and future SIL.
  2. African peanut soup

    Yeah do tell...
  3. Crap

    Saw something similar once but quiet that bad... When I was an MP working the gates we stopped to log in the Porta John clean out truck guy who's truck looked similar.. As usual protocol we stopped, ID'd, checked him on the register, logged in and did a bomb search of his vehicle. Dude wasn't having it tho and was being a dick to me. I went about my business and when done handed him back his license. I then got a fuck you and the dude took off really fast and some liquid shit (literally) sloshed out of the truck into the road in front of my gate. I called a patrol to pull him over and escort his ass back to the gate. I had him clean it while I went through the code book and cited him for unlawfully disposing of hazardous waste. Oh which is also a misdemeanor so I hooked his ass, ran a wants and warrants while in custody and he had an outstanding warrant so local authorities took his ass to jail on the warrant and he had a new misemeanor charge.. All the shit man had to be is civil and let me do my job but shit man had to be a dick so he got to go to jail. Shit man was a dumb ass!
  4. Jet’s Pizza 🍕

    No Jets out our way. When I'm hankering pizza we go to our local joint, only one and if it closes well be bummed big time. Costco does a pretty respectable pizza too.
  5. Why do you eat Chia seeds?

    Hell this CA boy has never eaten chia and Ive tried quinoa but don't really make it.
  6. Climatic differences- where lived, bodily adjustments

    Maybe you guys just make fun of me for being a Californian but I get ribbed often for being cold when it's 60 degrees. But when it's so often pushing triple digits you feel a 40 degree drop in temps.
  7. Voila, mutherfukkers!

    I was probably in my early 40's before I realised "viola" was wa-la. I couldn't figure out why people wrote it. Then after 40 years the freaking light bulb lit...
  8. 2/18 miles & such

    12 on the Mtn bike. I rode up the really long steep ridge trail I had to stop 3 times last time up. There is a really steep rocky section that I chose to hike a bike but otherwise didn't stop! Funny that I only see riders going down, I have yet to see another rider go up it. The best part was when I looped out of the nature preserve and had to ride on the road for a few miles to the park entrance. I was going up this moderate but long grade and wanted to really give it a push so was doing about 12 MPH up it. I end up catching and passing two guys ahead of me on road bikes and the look on their face was classic. First the rear guy looks back I'm assuming wondering what the weird noise is (knobbies on pavement) then does a double take as a dude in baggies on a Mtn bike passes them. I politely nodded and said hello as I went past. I figured they would have passed me on the downhill leading back to the park but they didnt...
  9. Just a few observations from my morning...

    Yesterday WOChrisL, Daughter and future SIL went on an adventure to Venice Beach, Malibu and a stop at my sister's Mexican restaurant for a free meal. I was quiet proud of myself for laying off the chips & salsa and had tacos in lettuce cups. Chips are soo good and soo deadly.
  10. Hot or crazy

    Wait what!?!?!? J/K . Yeah I liked his character too.
  11. "Hello orange, I'm going to eat you"

    I need to visit my uncle. He has a tangelo tree that is enormous and they cant give them all away it produces so much fruit.
  12. "Hello orange, I'm going to eat you"

    Bummer... I love fruit, all fruit and really embrace the seasons. Pears, apples, mangos and especially citrus is in abundance at our markets. I also love the summer fruits as well. I really cut back on carbs like bread, rice and pasta and have been eating my normal amount of of fruit which is 4 or 5 pieces a day (2-3 Oranges, an apple with lunch and sometimes a mango) and my numbers have been keeping in check. I don't think i would be a happy camper if I had to eliminate any fruit...
  13. "Hello orange, I'm going to eat you"

    Oranges are going off around my neighborhood. I still buy them but also raid two large trees loaded with fruit on my evening walk with Jack. I'm putting down 2 or 3 a day right now but 1/2 are tree picked. OMG so f'ing good.
  14. Sliced or spears?

    I'm a salty snacker and since becoming diabetic have grown fond of pickles and other pickled veggies like cherry peppers and beets. But back to pickles, yes. Sometimes spears, sometimes whole, sometimes gherkins (dude WTF is wrong with you!?!?), sometimes spicy, sometimes not but I do stay away from the sweet pickles.
  15. Hot or crazy

    I love that show and she does crazy quiet well.