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  1. Check out the classified's some day and look at the prices being ask for some of the crossbred dogs, many of which have little if any science based data for these crosses. A lot of work and data collection went into some of the early crosses, but that is not what you are getting from a lot of the back yard breeders. I'll let you use Google to search out some of the specifics. Buying dogs can be challenging. We have had Corgis since 1963, but at least one of our recent dogs developed DM (Degenerative myelopathy is a neurologic condition, similar to ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease in people, that causes weakness and poor nerve function in the hind legs. It affects Corgis more frequently than other breeds.) He suffered greatly from this, and we did not want to see this happen to another dog we owned. There is a test to determine if a dog is prone to this or is a carrier. Duke is a carrier, thus he was spayed at a young age. Carriers will not develop the condition. Amazing, how few breeders test their dogs or are very cagy with their answers when asked about the condition. Knowing for sure what is going on will cost you a bit more, but will hopefully preclude watching your dog suffer.
  2. Grew up in Texas, and am not a fan of Tex-Mex, but I sure like the BBQ, sea food, and chicken fried steak. Montana has a nice variety of good foods. We seldom eat Mexican food when traveling, as we like our local Mexico Lindo. We will however stop and eat at El Burrito in Fort Collins, CO, and have been eating there since the early 60s.
  3. How about the ones you hear after they have already passed over?
  4. Parents are long gone, but I turned 79 in September and my wife will turn 80 in mid-December. Not sure about the ages of my folks when they passed, but my dad passed in the mid-80s when we were in Oregon and my mom passed in the early 2000s after we moved to Montana.
  5. My wife likes Death Valley Days and Wells Fargo, along with many movies, especially those with John Wayne.
  6. None, we are eating with friends at their house.
  7. My wife is reliving her younger days!
  8. My wife watches shows on this channel and likes it a lot.
  9. I don't do a very good job of remembering dates of family member's deaths, thus I definitely don't remember dates for others.
  10. I don't watch, but currently, they are the only group my wife likes.
  11. Sitting in a motel somewhere on 9/11; watched the moon walk at our home in Brookings, South Dakota, and in Fort Collins, Colorado for Kennedy's assassination.
  12. Easy, they are in separate kennels when they are not out running about.
  13. If today was tomorrow, it would be our 59th.
  14. A few more with Shadie and Duke
  15. How was the concert? They have a nice sound!
  16. Not saying you are wrong, but you made two very important points: (1) You reference only your local area. and (2) You allude to the impact of the internet. I was studying in the forestry library at Colorado State University when the event occurred.
  17. That is Tag our herding dog. She is a Kelpie and very easy going. Even Shadie, the older Border Collie, plays with Nip and Tuck, but is happy to escape to her crate. Duke the Corgi loves everyone and everything.
  18. sheep_herder


    33F after a low of 27F didn't feel too bad this morning when we were out with the pups.
  19. Not at all, she would rather keep running and playing. They (all 5) were coming in for their morning nap.
  20. I may not survive posting my wife's photo.They are returning from the dry lot. Nip. being carried is our 'wild' child.
  21. direct English translation of vaquero, the Spanish term for an individual who managed cattle while mounted on horseback
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