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  1. Yep, I use to drive through that area going to Oregon. I was also there briefly to pick up a ram in Idaho Falls and attend a meeting in Dubois last summer.
  2. Got my wife hooked up with HULU, so she is watching.
  3. Try some place like Tractor Supply, etc., that sells and ships vaccine for livestock. Pups really like their new treats and wish that I had bought more while they were on sale.
  4. We always expect some snow during spring as well as in autumn, and we are at 2,100' elevation..
  5. Thanks, but I get a bunch with my shipments of Victoza and insulin. I give my extras to businesses in town that ship vaccine to ranches.
  6. Nice you can do that on private aircraft. I've not been allowed to do it on commercial flights. Concerns for causing lack of oxygen for any pets flying in the baggage compartment. I was allowed to use ice or nothing. Think that was the same for my wife, when flying fish from Alaska to Montana.
  7. sheep_herder


  8. Just to keep stuff frozen. Use ice or ice packs to keep things cold.
  9. When I told the surgeon that I was picking up lambs after my hernia operation, he said that's OK, they don't weigh very much.
  10. Our autumns are generally more calm and gentle than springs.
  11. Springtime weather is always very variable, and not always pleasant.
  12. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a Great Day.
  13. When I reported for my hernia operation several years ago, they prepped me except for shots. I was relaxing in bed when the nurse came in and indicated they had a water pipe break due to the cold temperatures. Thus, they postponed my surgery, let me get dressed, and gave me a meal ticket for breakfast. I left to return another day.
  14. You might be thinking about the Chicken Ranch in La Grange, TX.
  15. Now time for the wheelchair ride. Some don't approve when you want to walk out on your own.
  16. We've been very fortunate to have administrators that promoted tasty foods at our hospital. Some folks go there to eat even when not confined to the hospital.
  17. Understand, I had a grumpy nurse threatening me with the same procedure.
  18. They all liked the turkey and sweet potato treats.
  19. Shadi, Nip, and Tuck approve. I'll treat them all later tonight.
  20. Think positive thoughts, and it will come. That was a challenge after my hernia operation several years ago.
  21. Our first Corgi was really mean when he was coming down after surgery. We had to keep him separated from other dogs.
  22. How goes the battle?Just thinking we would probably not hear from you until morning. Hope things went well and you'll get some pain-free rest.
  23. One of the best parts of Texas! Hope she gets to try some of the wonderful bar-b-q in Austin.
  24. Cash, checks and credit cards are the only way we go.
  25. Update? Last time that happened to me the surgeon held off and determined I had an infection in my stomach/gut and started me on some 'nasty' antibiotics. I was feeling better in a day. I say 'nasty' as the pills even made water taste bad.
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