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  1. My wife's request, he played a Barbara Mandrell for me.
  2. Hope you have a Good One. Think I'll be up for a while.
  3. Nice young artist from Billings, Montana, has painted some murals about town. I had a nice visit with her earlier this year at the Water Works Art Museum. https://www.elyssaleiningerart.com
  4. Sheep and goats like to eat straw brooms, thus we are careful where they are stored.
  5. Yep, in Nebraska and in Texas. Google is your friend.
  6. Cycled down this highway. Glad we don't all like the same thing, if so life would be pretty boring. https://www.ndtourism.com/regent/attractions/enchanted-highway
  7. About half is covered at 1:00am MST. My wife waked me up. Pups were moved into a larger crate tonight. They are sleeping soundly.
  8. https://www.msn.com/en-us/foodanddrink/foodnews/this-is-the-best-ramen-in-your-state-according-to-reviews/ss-AAQSquv?li=BBnb7Kz#image=24
  9. Did you play regular darts or those electronic ones?
  10. and it was 31F at 11:00am MST.
  11. No clue, I am a scientist doing my research via the forum.
  12. I wondered ifgroupw had already made the trip west.
  13. Not so much that case, but cases in general, where the hospital is sued because they did not do what the patient or their family recommended. I know some of this is driven by lawyers, and remember, I have been related to some. Wasn't so interested in this going the ivermectin route, but curious about the legal aspect. We have some that work at hospitals on the forum.
  14. Nice young man, and we visit sometimes when he brings things to the gate. Our mailbox is around the corner on another street. He often inquires about the critters and still asks about Redhead, the Corgi that was stolen. He normally delivers late morning, but when he is gone the mail is delivered much later in the day.
  15. I don't want to step into the religious or political realm, but I am curious if hospitals are often requested to administered certain drugs or treatments by patients or families. If this does happen and the hospital refuses, does it result in a lawsuit? Wondering after what has happened with Ivermectin. I am one of those who puts a fair amount of trust in my chosen doctors, and I also believe in the power of science. Discuss or not or shut it down if it is too risky. Hope everyone has a Great Day.
  16. I have been out 15 years and have never missed working at the lab. I know some of you will say I've never retired. However, what I do now, is easier than when I was trying to do both. I also hire more done now. Luckily we can afford the help.
  17. South of here, a very nice double wide sits on the SE end in a grove of Ponderosa Pine with sagebrush grassland to the north on 350 acres. We can escape when we need to.
  18. Don't plan on selling my diesel '97 Dodge 3500 any time soon, but apparently two of this same model have been stolen recently. The Dodge place locked mine up in the shop last Friday night rather than park it on the street.
  19. Exhaust brakes (Jake Brakes) are outlawed in a lot of towns out west. I still hear some on the interstates.
  20. Main reasons we've stayed with manual transmissions. When we bought our dodge 2500 a neighbor bought one with an automatic. He indicated he still had to shift it manually when hauling trailer loads of livestock to maintain his speed on hills. Needless to say, I much prefer a manual in the 3500. Mainly use the truck when hauling loads or the pu camper. We don't normally use it as a car. I think someone pissed on RG's cereal. He must have gotten too close to 'that' female rockstar.
  21. We like the forested areas, but my work did not take us to those places on a permanent basis. We have a bit of forested land south of here, but it is mainly rangeland. Doubt we'll move anytime soon.
  22. You do work in an 'interesting' place.
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