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  1. bikeman564™

    Cycling question, sorry

    gorilla tape
  2. bikeman564™

    8/14 miles & such

    24 for me
  3. bikeman564™

    ANOTHER Top 10!

    Mexicantown has several good restaurants. That's where we eat after our Saturday morning ride.
  4. bikeman564™

    ANOTHER Top 10!

    yeah, but more than 15 minutes
  5. bikeman564™

    ANOTHER Top 10!

  6. bikeman564™

    I go to the Dr. today

    hope all is well
  7. bikeman564™

    Happy Tuesday Peeps

    going to be a hot one in the SE mitten, good thing it's national creamsicle day
  8. bikeman564™

    RG, please remember

    is that near yuppyville?
  9. bikeman564™

    8-13 miles

    23 after work miles
  10. bikeman564™

    Just bought a new house

    there goes the neighborhood
  11. bikeman564™

    We watched Airplane with the kids Friday night

    Shirley that is one of the best movies ever made
  12. bikeman564™

    When one zip tie is not enough

    yes, I have them on mine. Jagwire cables includes them in the kit.
  13. bikeman564™

    8/12 miles & such

    29 @ 19.6 sheesh
  14. bikeman564™

    Happy Sunday

    80° in the southeast mitten. Have a club ride planned at 2. Sunny now but maybe a popup shower or thundershower this afternoon.
  15. bikeman564™

    8/11 miles and such

    hopefully they bring beer