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  1. African peanut soup

    yes, not chef I have a staff cooking me eats here at the bikeman capital building you see
  2. African peanut soup

    is it just peanuts in water?
  3. "Hello orange, I'm going to eat you"

    I do like a tasty orange
  4. I feel hung over

    Zima isn't beer
  5. Some prospects for RG

    just take door #1
  6. because she's bad ass @Dirtyhip
  7. I find this funny

    on Strava there is a segment (strava peeps know what I'm talkin' about) called jail break We passed right by a special alternative incarceration facility (whatever the hell that means) on our ride. This is one of the best segment names ever IMO This was also the section of ice & peanut butter, so no fast breaks today
  8. Jet’s Pizza 🍕

    Yes, but rarely get their pizza, no particular reason. After today's ride, a friend & I stopped at the Jets in Chelsea. It's an actual restaurant w/ a bar that has what seems like a couple dozen taps. Sweet joint IMO.
  9. 2/18 miles & such

    30 on the CX w/ two club peeps. Same route as yesterday. Except this...it was about 6 degrees warmer and the ice we walked over yesterday was half-ass melted which was good, but the conditions were peanut butter I fell once (on ice), but dayum was it messy. I'm worn out. @Parr8hed I did get dirty FYI
  10. Watching McHale’s Navy

    never seen it
  11. A treasure trove from the past

    nice, thanks for sharing
  12. Robins

    I've heard birds lately too, spring is near
  13. Living room furniture

    The usual,. My cluttered coffee table you can't see
  14. 2/17 miles & such

    30 miles on the CX w/ 4 club peeps. We did the course for our CX race next month (which is 32 miles). Today's ride was all gravel roads except about 3 miles. There was a very icy section at the half-way point where we had to walk, otherwise it was great riding, w/ 1300' of climbing. https://www.relive.cc/view/1412719997
  15. Schralp day

    I've experienced this Nice schralpin'