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  1. maybe P&R needs a forum rescue
  2. I've seen a few episodes but can't stomach such nonsense. One episode I watched was a bar aboot 12 miles from me, not one I've ever been in, but since it was local I watched. Typical as every other BR show then the bar closed permanently several months after the rescue. Which I think is common. I find it comical that the BR dude gets so worked up for an establishment that's not his he's funny.
  3. wow, very nice pics thanks for sharing
  4. I like roller coasters, but not anything like that.
  5. So it's coffee at the cafe, help yourself.
  6. There's a couple chicks on FB that did not list their maiden names. It took me a bit to figure oot who they were I know they were from school because our common friends are school mates. One chick I looked thru her pics and found a HS pic and was like EUREKA!
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