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  1. coffee now, biking in a bit, then mom's for a bbq
  2. @Kzoo My friend Will rides around Detroit a lot, and takes pics of art. There is so much that is great. Anywho, I seen this pic & added the kz for you
  3. IIRC, I only seen him in Honeymoon in Vegas w/ Sarah Jessica Parker.
  4. back in the early 80s when i was a tot, my Dad's band played this tune
  5. I snapped this screen shot from Radar Scope a few nights ago. This was a couple hours north of me. The green/red area is rotation, on a trailing edge of a storm. This is using velocity scope, where green is headed toward the radar, and red is headed away. The red box is the tornado warning area. Technically a tornado is when the funnel touches the ground, but the potential is there.
  6. Cooler weather in the SE mitten.Ride a bit, BBQ tomorrow evening.
  7. in all my years of internet searching have I ever seen this
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