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  1. oh ok, I was wondering how that worked.
  2. What if I see them, and don't buy the products?
  3. Looks melted...I'm not a fan of this.
  4. no, it means you need adblock plus. I use mozilla and see no ads
  5. wrote it up after the fact...you missed it. Thanks, RG. I feel good
  6. IIRC I've only broke one spoke. I had a spoke/nipple strip once or twice where the spoke pulled out of it. LBS took care of this for me easy & low cost.
  7. I was born in '74. I'd pick a '70 Chevelle SS 454, no replacement for displacement Also a 1974 stingray.
  8. bikeman564™

    Today is

    Looks like $392 is the max MI peeps can get.
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