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  1. Thanks, and yes. This is my fourth one. The procedure is typically 20 minutes, but I'll be knocked oot for a bit.
  2. I had a carcinoid tumor removed from my upper right bronchial tube, and my upper right lung lobe removed in October of 2019. This is for annual surveillance. A specific light will be used that will show if anything is present, that will not show up on a CT image.
  3. absolutely need company this works
  4. this sounds like a great plan
  5. This is what I was thinking. This is on my bucket list. Not everesting, just one & done
  6. I wonder too. I agree about preferring less laps. Not sure the steepest/longest grade I could sustain.
  7. this everesting is some crazy chit
  8. shhhh RG might be listening
  9. I think aboot this too. I took a 39% hit on the one in 2008/9, then mildly last year. I'm 46, so yes. Timing is everything.
  10. Same, my return was 22 or 3% percent last year. I'm rich...on paper.
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