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  1. when BCC & I did ODRAM, we rode from the hotel to the start...and counted them miles 4 + 144
  2. vote as many times as you like or till you run oot of booze
  3. I'll drop mine off probably next week. I need to read up on the local voting items.
  4. 16 easy miles afterwork, then stopped at the local bakery for a donut cool window decoration
  5. bikeman564™


    Me? Thanks. It's a followup to my surgery last November. I see my surgeon next month.
  6. bikeman564™


    I'm getting a CT scan tomorrow
  7. After last night's rain, the sky was so orangey
  8. They only appreciate your service when you're walking oot the door
  9. I have no masks in my vehicle, I don't have to wear one at work
  10. happy anniversary Did you schralp oot of the church Happy Anniversary
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