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  1. bikeman564™


    That would be funny
  2. bikeman564™


    Oh haha. Not sure of the significance
  3. bikeman564™


    LBS jersey. So comfy. Ordered it in November, picked up today.
  4. looks like @Parr8hed fell over 🤣
  5. Very cool, how did it go? I enjoyed my fit, found it very interesting.
  6. Coffee now. May ride trainer for bit. Then off to a LBS for my new jersey pickup Its a shop jersey, from where I bought my CAADX.
  7. I'll pitch in when I get back to work next week. Hold tight Jsharr
  8. start talking l like it 20s slang
  9. No idea, I assumed all these court cases are fake. But what do I know?
  10. Thanks. Walking was a good way to keep active, that's for sure. Just rode 15 miles on the trainer and feel great. Legs slightly tired near mile 13. But its a start.
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