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  1. Now sunny and raining.
  2. sitting at bikeman cafe, a storm came thru yesterday evening, and one just now. Today's dropped the temp 10°.
  3. 26 miles
  4. 70° mostly sunny thus far, supposed to cloud up and potentially rain, but later. Still sipping on coffee then plan to ride a bit.
  5. sent
  6. yay another cannondale nice bike
  7. gotta love that
  8. 12 easy miles around the hood
  9. that's my norm.
  10. gin & tonic w/ Jack Pine Gin from Northern Latitude's Distillery in Traverse City, MI. First time I had this gin and it is very good
  11. nice warm sunny day here for a change, logged 40 miles
  12. LMAO I have three high vis yellow shirts, but they're from bike rides I did.
  13. no