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  1. it's not the couch shirt, but it is funny
  2. Ever have the KFC famous bowl? It's chicken over mashed taters, corn & gravy w/ cheese sprinkled on top. Well I made a homemade famous bowl, less cheese. Delicious.
  3. We laugh aboot a few cents, but the books need to balance. I know my company goes thru a bank audits annually which lasts days.
  4. The mortgage servicing company I pay is Shellpoint. But the check is a Wells Fargo bank check.
  5. I just got back from my LGS, seemed aboot normal for a Saturday afternoon. But generally there's never a ton of people in there, which is why I like it.
  6. I'm still shopping for a few days Great weather, so I rode the fatso to pick up food for what will be two days of dinner for me.
  7. That too. I'm curious as to why the refund I don't have an escrow, so I didn't over pay anything
  8. yeah no kidding, and doing simple fun activities
  9. I got a check in the mail for a 150 cents, titled surplus disbursement.
  10. 24, kinda gloomy and cool. But my bike club along w/ our sponsoring LBS, has a solo ride event every Saturday in April. Whoever rides it and uploads to Strava gets in a weekly drawings for LBS gift cards cool idea. There is a path near me that I ride on pretty much daily. There has been a lot of sidewalk art lately from the local kids I reckon.
  11. coffee, some mild bike wrenching, and soon to ride. Some rains coming in soon
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