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  1. bikeman564™

    Your agenda this week?

    Work and biking. Speaking of condos. My place's parking lot is getting redid so parking is at a premium. I'll need to park elsewhere in the complex temporarily and walk home.
  2. bikeman564™

    i found banana

    he was probably at the street fair drinking beer...that's where I was coming home from
  3. bikeman564™

    i found banana

    he was chillin' in someone's front yard Saturday night near my place
  4. bikeman564™

    Manic Monday

    nice pics
  5. bikeman564™

    Mrs. Brady is lazy as fuck

    Marcia, Marcia
  6. bikeman564™

    6/24 miles & such

    28 on a club coffee shop ride
  7. bikeman564™

    No lunch thread?

    And an elephant ear for desert at the festival
  8. bikeman564™

    No lunch thread?

    homemade sub
  9. bikeman564™

    6/23 miles & such

    13. I went out to try and get a KOM back...I did
  10. bikeman564™

    Good morning!

    YAY Petite. Gloomy in the SE mitten waiting for rain I think. The radar is scattered w/ rain which means it'll be hit & miss all day
  11. bikeman564™

    Did you clowns forget it's Scrapr's birthday?

    yes, see my avatar?
  12. bikeman564™

    Did you clowns forget it's Scrapr's birthday?

    but I used to watch Punky
  13. bikeman564™

    Weekend plans as we have passed the Summer Solstice

    Somewhat misty out now so I'm hanging at the cafe w/ a beer. Supposed to rain most, if not all of tomorrow. My city's festival is going on so I'm hoping to fat over to that and drink some beer, watch a band, and chick watch Sunday should be better, so I'm going to ride w/ the club.
  14. bikeman564™

    Whatever happened to...

    another good question