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  1. bikeman564™

    10/18 miles & such

  2. bikeman564™

    10/17 miles & such

    very cool
  3. bikeman564™

    10/18 miles & such

    Another solo ride, 22 miles, sunny, windy cool. And, less than 1000 miles from my '18 goal.
  4. bikeman564™


    don't let this hit you on the way out
  5. bikeman564™

    Skip To The Front Of The Line?

    I just seen this on GCN. The think behind the seat post is a water reservoir
  6. bikeman564™

    Your avatars are not seasonal enough

    sweet, mine is gray from 2017. I think they change colors every year.
  7. bikeman564™

    Your avatars are not seasonal enough

    yeah...lot of slackers in here
  8. bikeman564™

    I just seen something crazy...

    whoa so all three guys lied? Did you see the profile? The hilly section is only during the last third of the ride, and secondly who rode along 75?
  9. bikeman564™

    So, what do you do when you get to a meeting first?

    Wait 5 minutes, if no one shows up, leave. I've done this.
  10. bikeman564™

    10/17 miles & such

    I have no idea what zumba is, but the owners look nice.
  11. bikeman564™

    10/17 miles & such

    had to price-is-right my mileage huh?
  12. bikeman564™

    The science of being lean

    and my scale says 153, what does that have to do w/ the price of tea in China?
  13. bikeman564™

    Well I met the Kirby-ster

    I was at Carrier
  14. bikeman564™

    Well I met the Kirby-ster

    Me also.
  15. bikeman564™

    Well I met the Kirby-ster

    I've been to Syracuse...just sayin'