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  1. bikeman564™

    I would like to get in touch with BCC

  2. bikeman564™

    Another Reason Not To Outsource Jobs!

    had a mechanical
  3. bikeman564™

    New computer experience

    never heard of it
  4. bikeman564™

    How Often Do You Bake?

    not too often, but more so in the winter. Mainly I like to make pizza, bread, pepperoni rolls.
  5. bikeman564™

    credit card limits

  6. bikeman564™

    What a Difference a Day Makes!

    I've experienced that Actually the oddest weather phenomena I've experienced was 3 seasons in aboot 8 hours. Upnorth MI (Mio). It was spring and the day began coolish but warmed up a lot, then strong storms came through in the evening that caused damage. Had tornado warnings & such. Later that night there was a dusting of snow on the ground. Crazy. Felt like spring, summer, winter.
  7. bikeman564™


    Does Texas have a statue?
  8. bikeman564™


  9. bikeman564™

    in the mood for a naked vacay?

  10. bikeman564™

    MTB training camp

    Bacon too I'm assuming? I really hope my invitation doesn't get lost in the mail this time
  11. bikeman564™

    So I got my new bed

    take it back
  12. bikeman564™

    credit card limits

    I'm not looking at it from a credit impact, I was just wondering if anyone else seen their limit mysteriously increase
  13. bikeman564™

    credit card limits

    Every so often my limit gets raised by $2k. I've had the same CC since 1996, and some years ago I called the bank and backed down my limit. Now it creeps up again. Anyone else notice this? I typically use it a few times per month and pay it off which shows good usage.
  14. bikeman564™

    Tax time was very kind to us

    my refund from the feds showed up in my account this morning
  15. bikeman564™

    Home exercise equipment