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  1. bikeman564™

    Why can't we get rid of useless letters?

    At work, if a colleague goes to get lunch, he rounds up what I owe the nearest nickel. If I go, I round his down to the nearest nickel My local party store rounds down which is great e.g. if the total is $10.04, they say $10. I like this.
  2. bikeman564™

    Why can't we get rid of useless letters?

    and Feb U ary
  3. bikeman564™

    Why can't we get rid of useless letters?

    to spell phonix
  4. bikeman564™

    Why can't we get rid of useless letters?

    these should be gone IMO
  5. bikeman564™

    Today's cellphone find

    I had that phone last. It was a great phone. But after aboot 5 years it would randomly not turn on so I traded it in. Got $200 for it from Verizon. Every phone except my first NEC, has been Motorola. I havn't used an SD card in a phone yet. Only my current & previous had SD slots.
  6. bikeman564™

    Do you swallow or spit?

    spit, I don't like bugs
  7. bikeman564™

    2018-12-13 Birthdays

    well happy birthday
  8. bikeman564™

    Damn it

    Mine is usually crazy / scary high when being checked. Just the way I am. If I know it's being checked I need to force myself to relax which is difficult. Years ago a nurse checked it and was like I laughed Eventually it came down to 120/70 ish
  9. bikeman564™

    Damn it

    now it's up more
  10. bikeman564™

    Today’s WTF moment

    physics always wins
  11. bikeman564™

    I made cookies

    Those look delishus two please
  12. bikeman564™

    2018-12-12 Birthdays

    happy birthdays
  13. bikeman564™

    and there was much rejoicing

    glad to hear it worked out
  14. bikeman564™

    I think I tried to kill myself tonight

    I just went out to dinner, nothing happened
  15. bikeman564™

    meanwhile at the local restaurant

    Damn good. Having this place 1 mile from home is good and bad