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  1. There are so many beautiful women of cinema, that I couldn’t name just one. But a couple that U find incredibly striking: Older generation, Dorothy Dandridge: My generation, Rebecca De Mornay:
  2. @shootingstar, I am so saddened to hear of this. 😢. You have my deepest condolences and prayers as you traverse the days ahead. I pray you find comfort and solace in the memories of the life and love you two shared. I’ve perused your blog a bit and I see the joy in the writing. i learned today of @Longjohn‘s wife passing in March. Again, much sadness and condolences. Losing a life partner is so hard. 😔
  3. Zealot


    @Square Wheels, just close out my account. Would have just pm’d you, but can’t figure out how to turn my messenger on. It’s been a ride.
  4. Oh, I believe like you said, she was just trying to bust on you. And in her mind you should have just accepted it.
  5. In your defense, @ChrisL, had you done the reciprocal to a female rider, ridden up and commented about her clothing, riding, etc.. you’d have most likely been labeled a prick. But you’re expected to accept any commentary from a woman. It’s a double standard.
  6. I didn’t take it as a sermon, RR. And as I mentioned, my response wasn’t intended to berate you or your opinion. Just expressing that I really hadn’t changed my own view over x amount of elapsed time and some of my own injuries and physical limitations. But trust me, I’m slowing down!! 😉
  7. Not sure how to interpret this differently - “I've learned that safety outweighs everything else”. Do I agree that life stages involve different consequences for similar actions? Sure. But I still try not to let fear be the driver. None of my commentary is meant to be derogatory toward RR. He and I have had this conversation before, which is why I responded. After time has passed and I’ve ruminated further, I still feel as I do, which is what I was attempting to relay.
  8. I’m in agreement with the cold places being happiest. 😊
  9. This is the version I have hanging here in my office: Risk mitigation is different for everyone. And I certainly have my limits. But I think what I can’t buy is the ‘safety at all costs’ mentality. Life is about living, not avoiding death. Death is absolutely 100% certain for all of us. But I wonder how many people truly live; how many are so preoccupied with the fear of death that they never attempt accomplishing something that leaves them breathless and exhilarated. Trust me, I wrestle with issues too. And when I was a kid, I was terrified of everything. Was
  10. I smoke a pipe. Several times a week, usually. I smoke cigars occasionally with my son.
  11. Still can’t buy this. At least not for myself. I don’t look for injury, but living is about risk.
  12. Honestly, I doubt anyone here wants to hear points of view beyond the line they’re already towing.
  13. Whatever position it is, those on the Isle of Man use armor and spurs...
  14. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” The idea is that what we entertain in our hearts and minds is what we will eventually allow, given the opportunity, in our life. And will often work to create the opportunity. Seeing someone on TV and thinking that they are attractive isn’t wrong. Seeing someone in our real lives and finding them attractive isn’t wrong either. But entertaining thoughts of a sexual relationship with them is what we will/can allow ourselves to become. And then we start justifying. It’s how temptation works.
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