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  1. Zealot

    RIP Ajax

    Well damn. Rest In Peace, Ajax.
  2. I do eat cereal, so I suppose it dies. And I’ve only ever broken one axe beyond repair...
  3. It is. But I’ve developed a caffeine intolerance. drinking decaf
  4. In this modern world, women aren’t into men.
  5. Mrs Z has been spying on you guys here for years. Not. ;-) She’s just not into online communities.
  6. Shoulder is doing ok. Retirement sounds good. 😊
  7. Not really discontent here. Things are moving along. I’d like to have had a more ‘seasonal’ winter here, but am looking forward to spring. Mrs Z and I were backpacking on the AT in PA over the weekend, and early signs of spring abounded. Was quite lovely.
  8. In order of how I thought of them in my youth: Hope to tick one off next year.
  9. I am currently planning for a pretty epic journey. I have the destination in mind. But that destination is deeply, intrinsically tied to the journey. Each part of the journey is a microcosm, in and of itself each a destination, principle to the larger whole. The journey really is the destination... That said, typically I’ve always been destination minded. It hasn’t really been until the latter years of my life that I’ve stopped to relish the journey more.
  10. Macbeth shall never vanquished be until Great Birnam wood to high Dunsinane Hill Shall come against him. Act 4 Scene 1
  11. Popularity is not a true gauge of value, however....
  12. Depends. Did you get his coffee for him?
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