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  1. One cause is gynecomastia. My step brother had it. https://www.gynecoma.com/gynecomastia-diagnosis-treatment/
  2. Zealot

    I gave up

    Don’t know what you’ve been through this year, @Square Wheels, but as mentioned cut yourself some slack. And instead of saying “I gave up”, maybe say, “I’ve readjusted...” Life happens to all of us. Take the punches when you have to, lick your wounds as necessary and get back up. Nothing in our ‘plans’ is written in stone. Quite a few years back you and I had discussed meeting at Mt W for the hill climb. I backed out that year due to the issues I was having with my shoulder (and some others). I’ve finally ‘fixed’ the shoulder, so who knows, maybe after the recovery period and some serious training, we could still make that happen in the future. I’ve still wanted to make that climb again. Peace
  3. No rides for me this weekend. Not for many weekends to come, sadly. But concentrating on recovery.
  4. I think that happens to all of us. Kind of a rite of passage. Wear it well, @Further. No shame.
  5. Old trick that still works for me - if there is still plenty of pad left, clean the rim well, sand the pad surface with a fine grit cloth and switch them around on the rim. That will probably also require a little brake adjustment. But it works.
  6. Old boob tube today: Mercy. Still probably the best ‘appearance’ to grace the screen. IMHO.
  7. Zealot

    Here goes

    Bout the same, but I’m also not allowed to use it much. If I were to try an lift something up it would be excruciating. And I’m on a an opioid.
  8. Zealot

    Here goes

    Thanks. That’s kinda what I’m hearing from others who’ve had shoulder surgeries. So, I’m keeping my expectations low.
  9. Zealot

    Here goes

    Thanks. Already had Physical Therapist in. She’ll be back again tomorrow.
  10. We do. It’s all about expectations.
  11. Zealot

    Here goes

    They told it it would be a 3.5” incision. I think they missed that a bit. 21 staples.
  12. Nostalgia. There are things of mine that I want to leave for my children. They may never use them, but they’ll remember that those things were part of who dad was. Its a legacy thing.
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