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  1. This is when I bought it: These are some iterations I’ve put it through:
  2. Still riding my old bikes. A 1991 Cannondale, a 1995 Mongoose, and I bought. 1990 Trek a couple years ago to refurbish and tour with. Lovin’ it: I work on my own bikes though. So anything I do is only the price of parts and additions; which I bargain shop for as well. I love breathing life life into previously retired things.
  3. Wear what you want to wear. Damn the torpedoes.
  4. Yep, beautiful area, rich in history and views.
  5. I have 10 chickens and 2 ducks. I eat eggs pretty much daily, and give many away.
  6. While I agree with that, it isn’t something I do. My wife is my life. If I outlive her, I’ll be a loner. I was before we met.
  7. Zealot

    Rock buggy

    That’ll be a blast when completed!
  8. I agree with you @shootingstar. I’d live alone most likely.
  9. Zealot

    Wife of LJ

    LJ, you guys don’t have a back up heat?
  10. When I had shingles, it broke out into a burning ugly rash. Hurt like crazy for a couple weeks and then began to fade away. Got itchy then. But by two months post rash,nothing was left but a little scarring.
  11. Zealot

    Let’s tour

    It’s fun. And cool with a small group of adventurers.
  12. Wow! Sorry to hear that. Have you been back to the doc? I don’t think that’s normal.
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