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  1. I eat a fair amount of Halos. I’ve never had one with seeds in it.
  2. That’s pretty awesome, Chris! Very cool!
  3. I enjoyed it a lot. Like you, had the budget allowed, it have been better. But I loved the premise. And the kurgan was a lot of fun.
  4. Indeed! I loved the movie.
  5. 😂. I’ve been ‘labeled’ many things over the years.... No need to defend Randomguy. He and I simply have conflicting core issues that have a very long history. I think we mutually avoid each other, mostly. Peace
  6. @Randomguy, mostly I simply ignore you. But I am making an exception today. ‘Virtue Signaling”? I had to look that one up. Interesting interpretation, and I’m not surprised you inferred such, but not correct. And whether or not someone is a public figure, or somehow in the news, does that provide license to treat them any differently than we should treat anyone else? I don’t believe so. Negative or hurtful comments, especially those that are subjective, about another’s appearance are never really justified. Sure, people make them all the time. And I have done so as well. Far more ti
  7. You are correct. But like you, I offered mine.
  8. Agreed. And my personal opinion for @Goat Geddah, Helen Hunt didn’t ask your opinion or for your approval. She made the choice for whatever reason(s) she had and that’s really none of our business. We all make choices regarding ourselves and our appearances. What we think of those choices for ourselves is all that really counts.
  9. Zealot

    Would You?

    Most definitely. I’ve ridden every roller coaster at every amusement/theme park I’ve been to. Love them!
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