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  1. What a beautiful bride!!! Congratulations, LJ. May you have many more together. Peace.
  2. My apologies for speaking out of turn.
  3. This is a ride portion of theC&O on theMD side. I’m assuming he rode over. But yes, you can park close by and hike/walk. There is a boardwalk that takes you out over the falls.
  4. Love the pics!!! I especially like the fog lifting photo!
  5. I was thinking a few less..
  6. ‘Photo ops’ are all around us. But they are also ‘living ops’. Sometimes it’s better to live/be in the moment instead of taking pics of it to post in social media sites....
  7. @Further some before and after pics here:
  8. You can strip bamboo, but you cannot refinish it. If you strip it, you get the natural bamboo finish. Anyway, @Further, we put down bamboo 5-6 years ago. Absolutely love it. It’s beautiful and durable.
  9. OK, so play the video tonight... I love Loreena. This song is celebratory for Samhain.
  10. Zealot

    Airin in the news

    That was a great read and it’s nice to see Airin still in the mix! I always wonder when we lose touch with people if they continue on in the sport. I do have a question about the article for the ladies here. The interviewer said, “Society as a whole seems to feel quite comfortable making assumptions about why women exercise...” What does that mean? Seriously. Don’t women exercise for the same reasons men exercise? Doesn’t ‘society as a whole’ make assumptions about why anyone exercises? And aren’t those assumptions along the lines of - getting in shape, health, weight loss, stress relief, etc.? Totally confused by that comment.
  11. The great kilt is awesome, btw! Been thinking about getting one for awhile.
  12. And then there’s my clan:
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