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  1. I did take my future wife to the prom. We got married a month later and are still married today.
  2. I love that section after riding up from the Front Royal terminus!!!
  3. We argued a lot at the prom. The movie was “The Money Pit”. It wasn’t very good. Checking into the motel was a little dicey. We were in a place where people knew our families and I checked us in as husband and wife. But it was great once we were in! 😉
  4. Didn’t go to mine. But I did take Mrs Z to hers. We then went to a movie and afterward checked into a motel.
  5. 50s on an asphalt downhill racing one of my friends in MD. 45 on an mtb downhill in CA.
  6. Society is becoming anti-male, @Road Runner. Are you just now noticing?
  7. Beat the hell out of it!!! Whoop!
  8. I was back today after 10 days off. I was not ready to go back. But was up at 5:00 worrying about the events for the next four weeks. Long days. Very busy.
  9. I never play dumb. I may be ignorant of some things and it may show. But I don’t feign ignorance. That can be pretentious as well...
  10. No, a tea length skirt...
  11. Ok, I tried it to. But: ”Let it go...”
  12. Many years ago in my military days, I reported a possible domestic abuse of a woman and a child. Was working in base housing installing peak energy conservation switches for the ac units and hot water heaters. When I entered one unit, the lady who opened the door was badly bruised and so was her young daughter. I called the guy working with me to come over to the unit. He did. We said nothing, but when we left I inquired, “You thinking what I’m thinking?” He concurred, so we went to the SPs. He and I were escorted to separate interrogation rooms, locked in, questioned and left sitting f
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