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  1. Zealot

    People are mean

    DH, the only thing that can truly hurt you, is what you give that power to. What we think of ourselves and the standard to which we hold ourselves are what truly matters.
  2. Friends, frineds. Tomatoes
  3. I think SW beat you to it.
  4. What was wrong with the flag?
  5. Honestly DH, that’s sounds very cool. Have a good time with it! Show us your board when you can.
  6. I think I broke 40 bones just watching it.
  7. Zealot


    And recharge time? I assume the just plug into a 115v outlet?
  8. Zealot


    Thanks. I have heard the name. But that’s about it.
  9. Zealot


    How long do the batteries typically last?
  10. Zealot


    Seriously, just put a name to her.
  11. Zealot


    Thanks. I still have no idea. Can’t say I’ve ever seen any of them.
  12. Come on over. You can sit around our bonfire and share some ale!
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