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  1. I was with my mom when she passed. I am thankful I was there. I was 3000 miles away when my brother died and I truly regret that I was not able to say goodbye. I could not have, his death was completely unexpected. But it is still difficult. My wife has an interesting viewpoint with regards to your query though. She said that oftimes, people wait to pass when they are alone. It's something they need to do alone. I never thought of it that way. But it has some weight. Whatever decision you make, find peace in it. Prayers as you navigate this difficult time.
  2. The ones I see on TV commercials are pretty much a standard insert, or at least appear that way.
  3. Charlestown Raceway is local here. It doesn’t bother me. But I don’t go.
  4. Rarely. They make my ears hurt. Not sure what I’ll do when I need hearing aids.
  5. Awwww!! She’s adorable!
  6. The relapse (fingers crossed) has mostly waned. The balance issues are much better. I’m in another surveillance mode. So, I want to get back in shape. And the workouts are supposed to stimulate the neuromuscular system. Following doctor’s orders. 😊
  7. Mrs Z and I started back to the gym. Doctors told me to go for it. So far we’ve taken body combat classes, spin classes and weight lifting. I’ve been sorer than I’ve been in a very long time. But if I have to live with pain, it’s nice to create my own. Fingers crossed we can keep it up. Feels good.
  8. Sitting in my daughters deck in Myrtle Beach, having a smoke, a coffee and some quiet peace and contemplating the drive home...
  9. I have a couple pairs of PI Quest shirts. Love them.
  10. Zealot


    Since this thread was revived... I have to tell you, this worked me over intellectually. Susan, there are many layers in what you’ve expressed in these paragraphs! Depth. This would be such a great conversation over coffee. I’ve been thinking on all this and how it applies in our world, and closer to home, in my own sphere. I met with my friend this morning for breakfast and our conversations are always stimulating. The joy in our discourse lives in the unpredictable course the conversation take. But we touched on a topic that we have polar opposite opinions on. And some of it’s dynamics wove through that invisible web you reference. It was interesting. But as the two of us each stand on equal footing in the other’s eyes, we left the conversation with a sense of being present for the other in the conversation even if there was no change. 😊 Much I’d like to say here. But my mind is wandering erratically. I just want you to know your words have weight. Peace, this day.
  11. Zealot

    Dry January

    I’ve not heard it. But for Lent, I give it up.
  12. Pretty sure I’ve had dinner every day since 12/28.
  13. Well, my plans changed. My old friend was not up to it this morning, so I thing Mrs Z and I are going to take Sadie go for a hike today.
  14. Fighting and drumming, I’m very ambidextrous. But most other things, nope.
  15. We set our funeral plans to not infringe on our children when we pass. And we’ve gone as cheaply as we deemed we reasonably could.
  16. I try to be honest. I attempt to maintain my integrity even when it seems to hurt me. But admittedly, I fail at times. However, I’m not brutally honest in regards to others feelings. If someone asks how I think something looks on them, I’d answer in a way to not hurt their feelings if I didn’t particularly care for the outfit.
  17. Actually, thinking more about this, even if people are genuinely expounding on their assets, and doing so in a forum where wealth is the bonding factor, I don’t see that being any different than what people do on and forum of mutual interest. For example, here if we ask what bike(s) do you own, the answers are almost always descriptive of the brands, makes and components. And quantities. We even post pictures. And answer could be as simple as, “I have a road bike and a mountain bike.” But that isn’t what we say nor is it what we expect from each other. Some want to impress others. Some to hear all the technical details. Some want to know where they ‘fit’ in the cycling ‘hierarchy’, etc... We all somewhat define ourselves by the things we do or invest time, effort and money in. And most will put their best foot forward in groups. If wealth is your thing, then that’s what you’ll brag about. So, I’d not be surprised that folks would do so in a platform where that is the common denominator.
  18. I would hazard a guess that if this is a Forum about personal wealth and people are posting anonymously making grandiose claims, that it’s probably false or exaggerated information intended to elicit a response. Trolling. Just my $.02.
  19. I have five books that I started and haven’t finished. Hope to get through at one of them...
  20. Planning on meeting up for a short hike with old friend tomorrow. Then the Mrs and I will try one on Sunday as well.
  21. This made my day! Preach!
  22. I personally know of situations that some kids have endured that are worse than this, in my opinion.
  23. That would be perfect to use on our rail trails here. 😊
  24. It’s tragic. 😔 But this type of thing, and many worse, happen every day. This is nature of fallen humanity. But no, this isn’t hell. Hell will be much worse.
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