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  2. groupw's post in It's 81° and sunny was marked as the answer   
    We took the Miata out this morning. 75 at the start. 100 when we got home around 1:00. We found a possible greenhouse to get trees. It was closed, but the trees looked great and much closer than the last place we liked! Ate lunch at the Original Chop Shop. Ran a couple errands. 
  3. groupw's post in Why did Elvis get fat? was marked as the answer   
    Blame the Colonel. Both of them. 
  4. groupw's post in Boom! was marked as the answer   
    He wants the sauce to glaze. 
  5. groupw's post in Even more hate was marked as the answer   
    I have a very good friend who lived in inner city Boston in his youth. He was on the first buses that were sent to previously all-white schools. He remembers the parents banging on the buses and yelling the “N” word at him. But he also remembers that being a turning point in his life. He says without busing he would have been another gang statistic. The new school opened his eyes to other options in life. 
    Even though he benefited, he struggles with the idea of busing. He said the bus rides made for long days and he didn’t get to be a kid as much because he wasn’t home as much. But how do we get poor kids to see the wider world and how do we get privileged children to see and understand the inequities in the system? Until “us” and “them” become “we”, I don’t know how we progress. 
  6. groupw's post in Did you hear about the new restaurant called Karma? was marked as the answer   
    I went to “Revenge” but the food was cold. 
  7. groupw's post in Paging computer geeks... was marked as the answer   
    Buy the UPS. There’s always a chance a circuitry issue contributed to the demise. 
  8. groupw's post in I am going to miss GroupW was marked as the answer   
    I don’t know. Everyone keeps talking about tasting ass. 
  9. groupw's post in Does Your Spouse? was marked as the answer   
    She called me a couple times when my truck was in the shop and I was in the basement when she got home. She thought I was working late. 
    Sometimes she will text asking me if I’m working late as I am driving home. I will answer her text when I get on the door just to be a smart ass. 
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  11. groupw's post in "Permanent" Phone Numbers? was marked as the answer   
    I wonder if any of the phone companies even offer 867-5309…
  12. groupw's post in Covid positive was marked as the answer   
    Don’t worry there is plenty to go around! 
    O2 is anywhere from 95-98% so feeling good about that as well! 
    Thank you!
  13. groupw's post in Funny translation issue was marked as the answer   
    Any port in a storm when translating, I guess...
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