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    The book I bought yesterday
    I started to read
    I found a small marigold
    Pressed between leaves
    And in that small marigold,
    Well, I found a note
    Saying, "Please won't you write to me
    'Cause I'm so alone"
    So I'm going to write back today
    Yes, I'm going to write right away
    I started "Dear Marigold, "
    Not knowing her name
    "I just had to write to you
    'Cause I feel the same
    "You sound like the marigold
    That I found today
    The beauty was there to be found
    But fading away
    "So I'm writing to you today
    Yes, I'm writing to you right away
    As I started writing,
    Well what can I say
    I got to thinking
    Where are you today
    Brown leather cover,
    Ripped, tattered, and torn
    It's been such a long, long time
    Since the flower was born
    1. Page Turner

      Page Turner

      ...wow.  You can get "likes" for this stuff.  Who knew ?:slow-dance-smiley:

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