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  1. AirwickWithCheese

    Sad Day

    I don't know what to say other than you mean so much to me. Thank you for the glimpses of her life you shared.
  2. Couch, Couch, Couch..... Ylva, Ylva, Ylva.
  3. Rascal will love me though.
  4. Sorry, inexcusable. Rascal Romeo. Dexter Stanley
  5. Rascal is my Cheesedog.
  6. Your first day at work is the 15th! Can I borrow $20.00?
  7. Rascal Remi Dexter Stanley
  8. William Howard Taft. Cheese
  9. The furnace will burn West Virginia coal, iodine will cover all medical needs
  10. DC current and leaded gasoline will power the estate. Mercury will be used to enhance and improve garden production
  11. Code enforcement will have zero control of my house. It will also be furnished with state of the art contraptions from the Edison Company.
  12. And build it to the exacting standards of 1910. Tube wiring, lead pipes, asbestos wherever possible, single pane windows. 8 x 10 kitchen, 1 toilet, exposed joists. All contractors certified and specialists in their field.
  13. You didn't go with linoleum counters?
  14. Happy Birthday! I borrowed some money from MomCheese and got you a $14.00 slice of grape pie.
  15. Then I consider you the greatest yet again.
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