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  1. Your best post ever. So I have a question.... I was but a wee lad and new to Love Forum. There was Ralph Farnsworth and Florida Yankee with more posts than anyone. But it seemed for every Farnsworth posts there were 6 FY posts but somehow you're post lead never dwindled and continued to increase. My q... How?
  2. Until they added lead singer. He was America's Paul Rogers.
  3. No. This was a Neil Young thread. Apologize to Couch now.
  4. LJ! You're messing up my concentration on Gold Rush.
  5. What's going on now? Is LJ just trying to win the day again?
  6. Btw, @Airehead, may I have permission to use Paulie for an avatar? I am currently in litigation with Kirby for using Cheesie without express written consent earlier in the week.
  7. I woke up this morning to a wonderful text telling me I had naming rights and posting privileges only to find this injustice? That is a beautiful, merry bunny. I was going to name her Candace
  8. I am just thankful he doesn't live in Asheville with your daughter making pies out of hemp and dancing in circle drums.
  9. It was in the running. I sweated the details hoping to find the perfect thread.
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