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  1. I guess I should be grateful that you at least tried.
  2. The pantsuit wasn't flattering and carrying your cellphone into the meeting was disqualifying on its own.
  3. Bagels and Dunkin Donuts don't fly in Greenville. This was a sad and unsatisfactory story both of which are not permitted in the Cafe. Did Claire put you up to this?
  4. Used to be called Rank, now called Member Title.
  5. @Airehead, Yours is perfect. Cheese
  6. @RalphWaldoMooseworth, Farnsworth Cheese
  7. @Longjohn, go to your profile and change your rank to Nude Kayaker. Cheese
  8. You're mean. I'm going to have a large glass of Bosco now.
  9. Petite, Please put down the sherry, it's too early. Cheese
  10. Today is trash collection day!
  11. Morning Petite, Your topics are fantastic. More bunny pics, Saturday laundry, and people keeling over at the adult bathhouse you manage. Silly and I are your servants.
  12. Another advantage to the desktop version. You go to profile, click on the cover photo, and the frame drops down to show the entire photo. We really are getting ripped off on the mobile version. My avatar is too small, Cheese
  13. And Einstein will be just fine, Aire. He is welcome to come to Greenville to convalesce. I might as well start an infirmary for the Cafe.
  14. Never done an honest day's work?
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