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  1. Lucille Ball, died April 26, 1989 Seinfeld premiered July 5, 1989
  2. The same amount of time has passed between the beginning of Seinfeld and now as the amount of time from the end of I Love Lucy and Seinfeld.
  3. I have paid a pop a lock company twice just this year. I don't even lock the house... Parker locked herself in the car when I first got her and then I Iost the key in June at their ballpark. Sometimes your words hurt.
  4. What if you miss a call from Debbie? No, I'm keeping my Southern Bell number.
  5. This is not your best side. Pretty sure Deborah would pass.
  6. No, not at this time but I thank you for asking, Kirby.
  7. Can you fix @Airehead's avatar? I tried once but was rejected.
  8. Thank you, Wilbur. A little late, but I accept your apology.
  9. Where blue whales are,..... The area where the Malaysia flight went down.
  10. Sea of Japan, yes. China sea, no. Also the waters around Australia and the area where Amelia Earhart most likely crashed.
  11. Shelves were pretty empty this morning. Ice cream section down to very little. I had to settle for Snickers ice cream.
  12. I think the Cafe being crotchety today has taken a toll.
  13. I was going to remind you he was gloating with pictures of where he had fornicated with his wife.
  14. Mr. Hershey built his employees a theme park. Mr. Ford gave most of his workers a car and only had a very small percentage killed. Let's face it, Wheels needs to do more.
  15. This is a much better post than you will be given credit for. Cheese
  16. Fig Newton. Don't touch my Fig Newtons when you visit, Kirby.
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