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  1. Hi, This thread is sorta dumb.
  2. Listen to this tonight at sunset. You're welcome. Cheese
  3. Pictured with my 2 new friends, Scarlett and Emiline.
  4. Yes, but I also got two phone numbers.
  5. I was on my way inside the store to get the milk and bread my wife had requested. I'm no different than you, I love cookies. Initially I bought 2 boxes of thin mints, one peanut butter patties, 1 lemonade, and 2 caramel chocolate chips. The girls gave me my total so I handed them two twenties and told them to keep the ten dollars in change. Mayfield milk and an Arnold loaf of bread later, I was outside headed for my Escalade. The girls waived and I smiled back as a cold rain began to drizzle. I checked my beeper for messages then headed out of the parking lot. Suddenly, the thought crossed my mind. Why not do something kinda cool and buy all those blooming cookies and score a few points with their Moms? Hugs all around including from the two moms. I was their hero, took a nice photo, and got tge girls out of the rain. All in all a very pleasant afternoon.
  6. Kirby hasn't given me one like today.
  7. I hear people describe SisCheese as "having a heart of gold". Those people are nuts.
  8. Her bum makes it hard for me to sleep at night. Perfection.
  9. You do comprehend we have a separate section for you and your Bobbsey twin, yes? Now go wash the dishes.
  10. I only care what SpeedDemon thinks. She has a great bum.
  11. You are my Ivanka and I love you.
  12. Really, what proof does anyone actually have of this? He has shared the daily lives of 2 wonderful dogs but does this make a heart of gold? I think not. Airwick Cycling needs more.
  13. I still love you because you have a heart of gold. You are good people even when you snook on me.
  14. We love Ylva, dog frisbee, Imogen Hassall, and RO. RG is limited to posts about women here at AC. Page's posts will be heavily redacted. Wilbur can do no wrong, and Aire actually bakes grape pies.
  15. @bikeman564™ is, as usual, our CEO
  16. Love it! I think it explains why our Petite is a bit touched in the head as we say in Greenville.
  17. You are more than welcome Petite. You love Jimmy Dean turkey sausages, I do trust you mean turkey and not pork, and you have a Bobby Sherman lp. Your Easter photo is quite disturbing but otherwise you are good people and we cherish you.
  18. Welcomes you. Please be kind, courteous, and share pictures of your beautiful wives. We love wildlife here and we celebrate England before her complete collapse. We listen to easy listening and have a special place in our heart for ice skating and Marie Osmond. Diversity here is strictly prohibited. Thank you.
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