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  1. It has been such a long time. Wonder white bread with a Smuckers natural peanut butter. Definitely crunchy. J is for homemade jam. Strawberry preserves or grape jelly. Tall glass of frosty ice cold milk. You don't appreciate a good pb&j until it's gone.
  2. Humberto seems to be 600-800 miles from you. WAY too close to you for my comfort. Consider this your BFF welfare check.
  3. Do I see WODottie? Lance
  4. Please don't call it a pigskin. It's offensive. Lance
  5. That's my friend, Archie. He graduated from Pepperdine in 1997.
  6. Love me some TK. We play bridge every 3rd Tuesday.
  7. Glad you are ok! This is always my fear while driving the cabriolet. How do you replace the irreplaceable?
  8. Only if the stair climber is used to power I Love Lucy.
  9. You in, Jsharr? None of us could take daughter with the 27 minutes.
  10. I'm talking now, Captain. I think I can take you and Chris.....
  11. I think I can beat him. So, to keep it fair, what level, brand, etc would we need to know? I'm also looking at you @wilbur.
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