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  1. I've already offered to buy you a malt
  2. You almost won Marked As Solution. However, Kirby occasionally sends me texts. I can only be impartial to a point.
  3. Is there a problem here?
  4. Afterwards, we all received white elephant gifts and free American Express gift cards.
  5. I gave a Stephen A Douglasesque speech where I proposed we replicate the greatness of Cleveland and go for the record. My motion won with a 6 to 2 in favor. Screw you, Asheville.
  6. I became SamWithCheese when I couldn't remember my password.
  7. We will listen to this on the jukebox.
  8. From what I've read, they weren't really fake. Meathead was definitely a hippie.
  9. That I did not know. With Kmart no longer being an option, I only shop at JC Penny or Costco now. Local is my preferred
  10. Wilbur is an evil genius. But I saw this thread before I saw Aire 's and was wondering, how did that genius pig know? But it was 3 weeks ago and not from Lowes. I don't buy from those Lowes clowns anymore.
  11. $10.00 donation gets you a Get Back/Beatles free 24 hours. I would utilize this option to the fullest extent of the law.
  12. Pickles is great. A few weeks back they had a 3 week run of comedy greatness. This one is fine but lightweight compared to their own standard. Respectfully, Cheese
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