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  1. Living close to the trails is ideal. I can be on a mtb trail in about six blocks. I can se Cache creek from my deck so I can tell if it's raining in the upper elevations. It's a five mile ride to the NP and just a mile to the NF or NWR. It's pretty nice to live so close to all of this wilderness.
  2. dennis

    Fun ride.

    I tried that once and it failed. I used to plug in my Garmin and boom video created within about a minute. Now it's a mess. I think it might work once a month. I quit caring.
  3. We have a similar situation here. The county has just 25,000 residents and not all are permanent residents. The county is geographically huge though. For some people getting to a polling place is a long drive. We can vote early at the county building or drop a ballot in the box there. You can mail it in too, but that is risky here. Our mail routes through SLC so it is very slow.
  4. dennis

    Fun ride.

    Relive made changes and it quit working for me. I didn't bother trying to fix it.
  5. In 2016 by Oct 21, 4 million people had voted early. In 2020, more than 27 million have voted already.
  6. Garden was pretty good. The deer ate my beans and broccoli, but my tomatoes, beets, radishes, lettuce, chard, and spinach did well.
  7. Mine did the same thing @Philander Seabury I shocked them. Pull of any flowers and stop watering them. They were ripe within about a week.
  8. My riding partner crafted this ride. Starting about a mile from home, ride as many local trails as possible with bailouts if it rained. It was a cool overcast day with temps in the 40s. It never did rain other than a few drops. It was super windy along the ridge, probably 30 mph. The goal was to clean everything. We came pretty close. 30 miles of singletrack with 5k' of climbing over five hours. https://www.relive.cc/view/vRO7RLPwLKv
  9. Bingo! Well done. I think they used to use S&S couplers, but now it looks different.
  10. Fall camping is great. The colors are amazing. Well done.
  11. No, I'm saying the headlamp will help me stay active all winter even in the dark. Activity keeps one happy and healthy.
  12. No way. I have a new headlamp so I can ski and ride at night.
  13. My GF always has a bottle of Blanton's on hand. I enjoy drinking her whisky.
  14. That is about as rapid as the water fell. It is where I refilled our supply. That water was so cold and tasted so good. It snowed all day Sunday so the falls are regenerating.
  15. Za'atar is great on chicken. Olive oil, some salt and pepper. I add pine nuts and onion as well, but those are optional.
  16. I saw them in 1982. Great show.
  17. I destroyed the hub on my mtb in July. The LBS said it would be Oct before I could get the replacement part. I bought a new wheel instead.
  18. Who says they haven't reordered? The shops I have talked to think this trend will continue in the short term. I think in times like this or the last recession, business owners learn to adapt or fail. It can be challenging, but it makes you stronger.
  19. dennis

    Lakers Baby!!!

    It seems like he turns it on when his team needs it. He doesn't feel the need to dominate every night the way Jordan did. Off the court, how many billionaire sports team owners have built a school and then paid for college for the graduates?
  20. dennis

    Lakers Baby!!!

    The NBA playoffs were impressive with so many great games. The Lakers seemed unstoppable. James is amazing on and off the court. It's really hard not to be a fan.
  21. There are six bike shops here. I bet only one or two carry panniers. So if 4 people buy some, they are sold out. The supply chain is catching up, slowly. I was in one LBS recently and they have a lot of bikes. The 2021 models are arriving. It's a weird year. Ripple effects because of shutdowns in various countries. Bike racks are in short supply too.
  22. Saturday afternoon hike. The trailhead was way too crowded at Lupine Meadows for October. Once we reached the junction, most of the people were gone. First photo is the boulder field we had to scramble over.
  23. Many people have stopped using mass transit and are now riding to work on bikes.
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