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    Big Bird

    This is useful. https://portal.ct.gov/DEEP/Wildlife/Learn-About-Wildlife/Deer-in-Connecticut What are the negative impacts of winter feeding? Deer are ruminants, meaning they have a four part stomach with microbes (bacteria) that help digest woody vegetation. Deer acquire specifically adapted microbes over a period of time that digest specific food material. For example, during spring as the green-up of vegetation slowly occurs, deer will slowly begin to use the new food source as the season progresses. When deer eat food that has not been part of their diet, such as large quantit
  2. denniS

    Big Bird

    Because of CWD, most places have outlawed feeding deer. But given the choice of corn or something beneficial, corn is the worse choice. Unless you are raising the deer and know exactly what they are eating 100% of the time, you not helping them. They can eat corn from a field, they don't need people to feed it to them.
  3. denniS

    Big Bird

    I don't know what corn does to squirrels and raccoons, but it's bad for deer. Feeding deer is not usually a good idea, but if you do, you should feed them food their stomachs can process.
  4. It's a beautiful area to ride or ski. The GYE has a lot of bears, wolves, and lions. Don't mess with the elk, moose, or bison either.
  5. denniS

    Big Bird

    What are you feeding on the little benches?
  6. denniS


    I keep track of time not miles so I quit posting.
  7. Second Chester A. Arthur ride of the season. Windy Point to Flagg Ranch. 80 miles. Beautiful day. 50F and sunny.
  8. Sorry to hear this. Wishing you peace.
  9. I probably would have messed with him. Good beer eh? Want another, I've got lots of it.
  10. I just opened my first few bottles of winter ale. It was the first time I had enough bottles. So far it's my favorite. I usually give away most of my beer, but I might drink most of these myself.
  11. I had a friend ride it. He said it was beautiful.
  12. I did that for a while before I got the rack and it drove me crazy. I am beyond lazy. My rack has a lock. I'm not sure how secure it is, but I guess it's a deterrent. My GF had an Audi allroad turbo. That car was a blast to drive. It hauled ass. Then the turbo went kapoot and it's $5k to repair. She's not wild about the Outback because it's pretty boring. Last week, she drove our friend's VW R. 315 HP. Holy shit is it quick. I think she'd like another German car. Realistically, I'd say once a week. Our mtb trails are in the NF and those roads are unpaved. Some are 4x4 only.
  13. I need a roofbox for mine. My GF has the Outback with a sweet Yakima box for our skis and gear. I have my seats folded down all the time to carry my skis. I did put a nice Rockymounts rack on it. My friend opted for a sportsmobile.
  14. Gotcha. My Crosstrek is a lease trade in. 33k on the odo. I love it. I actually found a manual transmission. It's dirty as hell though. Taking it to the desert was dusty. Someone told me, they will do all models as a wilderness edition in the future.
  15. Yikes. That is more than I have paid for every car I have ever owned combined.
  16. The building where I live installed mailboxes in the lobby and said the PO would deliver our mail. USPS said, yeah we don't deliver mail in town. For months the building mgr said they were negotiating delivery, then they just quit mentioning it.
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