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  1. Most of our trails are still snow covered. The south facing trails have dried out and have been rideable.
  2. You are taking too many showers. Showering that often is bad for your skin sunscreen boy.
  3. It just finished snowing. Hopefully the mt bike trails are rideable. I have plans after work.
  4. two showers a day? wtf? 2-3 in a week and call it good.
  5. Wasn't that the Slipstream/Felt kit? It looks like Taylor Phinney retired.
  6. Snow yesterday, snow today, snow tomorrow.
  7. I get a parking spot and storage locker. My locker holds four bikes, four pairs of skis, a repair stand, pump, and some spare tires. My bedroom, however, can be a gear junk show. Packing for a trip.
  8. May indeed? It is what the article is about. $4k in violations balloons to $20k. The question doesn't remain. It's not what the article is about. Another article about that topic might be interesting, but that is not the topic of the article.
  9. Snark? fukwit isn't snark? The point of the story is the punitive damages of traffic violations. The Gov't entities admit they don't want the bill to pass because it will wreck their budget.
  10. You could read the story. It's an option. In Nevada, drivers can be arrested for unpaid tickets. Activists are fighting to change that. Her $4,431 in traffic tickets ballooned to $20,000 in debt and the threat of arrest. The system is “money hungry," she said.
  11. I would too. This is further down. The University of Nevada researchers looked at Las Vegas Municipal Court and found that 83 percent of 102,000 bench warrants issued from 2012 to 2020 were for unpaid traffic fines. Most of those warrants were for administrative infractions like failure to pay, driving without a license or having no insurance. The majority of warrants were issued to people who lived in the Las Vegas region’s poorest areas. Black people make up 13 percent of Clark County’s population, but 44 percent of the open warrants. “Ultimately, the Nevada system of fines and fee
  12. Driving with broken taillight is not a fukwit move. Do you check your taillight every time you get in the car? I don't. I could have one out now. It should be a warning, get it fixed. Gov't should not be relying on tickets for revenue. Taxes should pay for local gov't. This system is designed to go after people who can afford it the least. Washington is among thousands of people in Nevada with warrants out for their arrest because they have not paid traffic tickets. And it doesn’t affect everyone equally: A 2003 study found racial disparities in traffic stops, with Black and Hispan
  13. Fred and Barney lived the good life.
  14. Does that make Wilma Ginger?
  15. denniS

    Thank you..

    I like grits. I worked with a chef that made them. He would refrigerate them in a shallow pan after he cooked them. Then you sliced them in bars and fried them in bacon fat.
  16. You can buy pills all over the interwebs to make things grow.
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