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    Simone Biles

    https://www.npr.org/sections/tokyo-olympics-live-updates/2021/07/27/1021090180/u-s-womens-gymnastics-team-gold-final-simone-biles-sunisa-lee Simone Biles Says She Pulled Out Of Gymnastics Finals Due To Mental Health Concerns After a difficult first vault, Biles said she pulled her coaches aside and said she wanted to withdraw. "I can't risk a medal for the team, so I need to call it. And you usually don't hear me say things like that because I usually persevere and push through things," she said, and added that her coaches and team doctor took her words seriously. "T
  2. Moon Man. college roommate brought it for me. He brought a 12 pack but drank a bunch so I got the remainder. He's hilarious. He admitted to stealing a couple of albums from me in college. I laughed and told him that was great since I lost my records in a flood so he actually saved them for me.
  3. I admire your creativity. I would try it. I'll eat almost anything that won't kill me. fyi, I have some New Glarus in my refrigerator.
  4. This might call for an intervention. Dirty Harry would kick your ass.
  5. denniS


    I was hoping for a photo of your new fatbike. #disappointed
  6. I freeze my stock too, but in old yogurt containers. My freezer is not huge, but it holds 12 chickens, 20 lbs of salmon, stock, beef bones, a few pounds of elk, and a few other random things.
  7. You're funny. 11 years and counting for this fatbiker.
  8. I've met a lot of celebrities if they wrote a book, but I wouldn't call them great. I did meet Greg LeMond. I've met a lot of authors who I would call great.
  9. Pre-covid. Prices have exploded especially in the places the tourists eat. I'll eat out during the shoulder season when it's two for one or when I win a GC answering a trivia question on the radio.
  10. You would starve in Jackson. I'm not even sure you could eat at the golden arches for under $10
  11. We have seven bikes shops in our county of 25k residents. All are slammed. Scheduling a service appt is 2-3 weeks. I've been using a mobile service. He comes to me in his sprinter van/workshop. Reasonable rates and super friendly. One shop has beer on tap.
  12. 5.5 hour mtb ride. I took a nap under a tree for a while. The wildflowers are going crazy.
  13. Of course it's not the same. I said it's not the same. My point is are the anti-vax people refusing all medical treatment? Do they take meds their dr prescribes or refuse all medical treatment? We know the vaccine works well against stopping the virus, hospitalizations, and death. Do they ignore all science or just this science?
  14. Loose pooch harassing the bison. “Being a dog owner and knowing dog behavior, if you’re commanding your dog and it’s not responding, just saying the same thing over and over and over again is not going to change its behavior,” he said. “When you’re 300 yards away and you’re calling your dog for 20 [expletive] minutes and it’s not coming, you’ve got to come up with a different plan.” “It’s just like cigarette butts: They’re everywhere now,” he said. “I’m like the rest of us, and I’m pretty fed up that my town is being overrun by a bunch of trashy people.” Even so, he’s hopeful th
  15. This was my music teacher in college. I took two jazz courses from him, Big Bands and small groups. Dude was impressive. He is probably the world's biggest Bix Beiderbecke fan.
  16. Oscar Peterson is fucking amazing. I've listened to his Cole Porter album about a million times.
  17. There is a gravel one on the pass as well. This arrestor was installed in 2017 or 2018 I think. It gets used a few times a year. The video is a test. The driver was a stunt driver.
  18. Which team won the best curling pants award?
  19. It is so comfortable. You don't have to worry about your forearms hitting the bar on bumpy roads while you are in the drops. Salsa offers three levels of flair. I have two woodchippers, but I think the cowchipper might be the goldilocks. I don't think I could go back to a drop bar without flair. cowbell cowchipper woodchipper
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