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    Salmon bluegill
  2. The locals know where to eat at a reasonable price. This is the crux. Most emergency service providers live outside the county. If we have a natural disaster like an earthquake or wildfire, we have a big problem. Teton pass closes a lot in the winter as does Snake River Canyon to the south. We are in danger of pushing out police, teachers, nurses etc. I don't exactly fit in with the rich. Reading Billionaire Wilderness, he interviews the uber wealthy and they think everyone loves them. It is hilarious.
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    They make a big fish, big water rod too. the Rocky
  4. I still get DVDs from the library every now and then.
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    @ChrisLThese guys always have fun. This my typical method of fishing.
  6. Compatible with Shimano 9 speed road derailleurs $70
  7. That made me laugh too. I think that is NPRspeak for clusterfuck.
  8. My usual go to post ski/ride beer is the Highwayman, but TLS was soldout.
  9. I bet these would work. https://www.microshift.com/models/sb-r492/
  10. I think it's a contract beer from MT. I've had it once or twice. It was okay.
  11. There was an angry beaver in Crater Lake(which is really just a small pond) that I wouldn't put it past. GF and I hiked up to Amphitheater Lake. I had beers in my pack and dropped them into a stream without her seeing. We sat down to eat and a few minutes later I pulled two ice cold beers out of the stream. #winning
  12. I should invest in a cooler. I do not own one. We will ride tonight for a couple of hours while the beer gets warm. I could hide it in the creek and hope a moose doesn't steal it.
  13. I bought a six pack last night. It is cheaper than Rainier for the tall cans. It will be tonight's post ride beverage.
  14. https://www.outsideonline.com/2424588/best-cheap-beers-taste-test The one constant to a good après tailgate, backyard BBQ, or summit celebration? Beer. While you may have a go-to brew to mark these occasions, here at Outside, we posed a very scientific question: Which one is the best? To answer this, we diligently blind-tested eight “cheap” beers—nothing over $10 for a six-pack—both straight out of the fridge and at room temperature (to simulate an after-hike beer that warms up in your pack). These five stood out.
  15. Ok, bottom line is the pandemic shut down shipping. It rebounded with a vengeance creating a clogged shipping system. Until it gets caught up, there will be delays in shipping.
  16. I buy recipe kits, so all of the ingredients are there and you follow the recipe. It is the lazy person guide to making beer. Kind of like Blue Apron or any meal kit. This one has extra hops that you add in the secondary fermentation instead during the wort boil. The hops are dry. It should add some extra hop aroma and flavor. I've brewed pale ale, winter ale, IPA, amber ale, and red ale so far. I have a stout to brew too. The Scottish winter ale has been my favorite so far. It is very malty. You might enjoy this. It is available on kanopy. https://www.thegreatcourses.com/
  17. I've got a dry hopped IPA fermenting now. Hopefully, I can find time to bottle it this week.
  18. It feels like you took econ 101 20 years ago and now you think you are econ expert. Maybe you Milton Friedman back in the day. We make job offers. People accept the offer. Then they can't find a place to live. None, zero. They turn down the job offer. We can only hire locals who already have housing. So people just move from job to job. The wealthy are buying up the real estate and leave it vacant. There will be some relief in the future, but it will take years. The county blew one development offer. A ranch family offered up 30-40 lots for Habitat. The deal fell apart, now those wi
  19. You could read the article or I could keep posting excerpts for you. How did shipping get topsy-turvy? In the early days of the pandemic, global trade hit an iceberg and sank into the abyss. The decline of maritime shipping was so dramatic that American scientists saw a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study what happened to whales in the absence of a constant deluge of vessels. The noise from the ships apparently stresses them out — kind of like they're currently stressing out the residents of Whidbey Island. Greater tranquility for whales in the first half of 2020 was the res
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    It sounds like you need to pull into BK on your drive to work.
  21. Another good story from Planet Money https://www.npr.org/sections/money/2021/06/15/1006381735/how-chaos-in-the-shipping-industry-is-choking-the-economy On both land and at sea, the entire supply chain is struggling to keep up. In the Pacific Northwest, it's become such a clusterfest that the U.S. Coast Guard has been redirecting boats to anchor off the coast of Whidbey Island and other places they typically don't park. Ship crews are having to wait days, even weeks, for the chance to dock at the ports and offload their precious goods. It's the same story up and down the West Coa
  22. We do have rent control. They are called affordables. It works, but there are not enough for the current situation. What is happening is this becoming a playground for the wealthy at faster rate than in the past. Rich people buy up the real estate and it sits empty. People are being moved out of their rental so the landlord can sell it. Because 97% of the land in the county is held by the federal gov't, it is not a situation that they build their way out of.
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