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  1. That is how I got two different answers to the same question. First call I left a message. Second call I got through and got an answer. First one called back so I asked the same question and got a different answer. I picked the beneficial answer. Even the IRS doesn't know.
  2. Call the IRS twice. You'll get two different answers. Pick the one you like.
  3. Dude was 500 ft from a public toilet. A friend of mine was riding a century. He pulled into a pullout to pee. A car pulls up facing him. State Patrol. Officer is female and laughing her ass off. She told him to find something more discrete next time.
  4. So you are willing to take the risk that you get a neighbor that pees in the yard?
  5. Try to refresh the page and see if the count changes
  6. USPS is the cheapest. Document what is in the boxes and buy the insurance.
  7. https://www.npr.org/2021/05/06/993821945/goodwill-doesnt-want-your-broken-toaster Cars begin lining up outside the Goodwill donation center in Seabrook, N.H., around 10 a.m. most mornings. Well-intended patrons are here with truckloads full of treasures. "We hope everyone brings great things that help our programs, but we know some people make some questionable judgments about what is good to donate," explains Heather Steeves, spokesperson for the 30 Goodwill locations in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. She holds up "a lampshade, which is stained and disgusting and litera
  8. The phone app does not snap back the way a real tape measure does. Fyi, my vinyl collection is awesome. I checked this out from the library as well as Jimi Hendrix live in Maui.
  9. Did you get the Browns tape measure yet? You should be measuring everything in your apt by now. I gave you the best advice, please ignore all others. If you don't want to buy one, go to work and look behind the file cabinets. This where they are kept.
  10. He continued doing it into retirement. He just took the kids of friends instead of students. I think in that way it could happen. Scouts or other organizations do it. A friend of mine took a HS student to AK for the Iditarod. He is taking the same kid to the Silk Road race. I'd guess the kid's parents are paying for it. My teacher paid for almost everything. I bought film for my camera and t-shirts for my friends.
  11. I have a Detroit Lions tape measure. I found it behind a file cabinet at work and kept it. I bet it came from uline. It's probably the best tape measure on the planet and you can get one with any team logo from uline if you spend enough money. You should get a Browns one.
  12. No. He started in the 50s and continued into the late 80s. He was aware of how it looked. The entire trip he was teaching. Talking about mountains etc. We went to Mt St. Helens into the red zone. He was a legend of a teacher. WWII vet. He passed away in 2020.
  13. I had a teacher take me and another kid to the Oregon coast, Banff NP, and Glacier NP. It took most of the summer. He called it his living scholarship.
  14. We blew by $15/hr. Local pizza place is offering $25-35/hr to make pizza.
  15. Jackson is just 8 hours away from Vail. I'll loan you my RM, we can lower the seat and ride to the top of the King. Or a road ride to Jenny Lake. The snow will gone by June.
  16. Jackalope. WY state mammal.
  17. I'm thinking about brewing a stout or an IPA this weekend. I'm running low on my winter ale. It's been 2-3 weeks since I have skied and I need a mtb beer for TNR.
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