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  1. denniS

    Morning ride

    Fantastic day to get out on some gravel/dirt roads. Sunny and low 40s, no wind.
  2. 42s at 50-54 psi. Like riding on clouds.
  3. This makes the most sense to me. Unless northern CA has a broccoli tax that is not applied in southern CA.
  4. Name one. Groceries are not taxed in CA.
  5. Another beautiful day for a ride.
  6. Around here it's bear spray. You can buy it at the grocery stores and gas stations.
  7. It seems the important thing is finding what works for you. Kids, toys, etc and you need more space. Some of these places sound pretty amazing to me. A trout stream in your backyard, damn. Small works for me, but I wouldn't suggest everyone do it. I sold most of my belongings the last time I moved. I kept the things that were the most important to me. My bikes and gear. I lost most of my books, CDs, and DVDs. I don't have TV service(cable, netflix, or hulu). If I want to watch something I check out the DVD from the library. I'm not anti-tv, I just don't need the temptation to flip channels.
  8. It works well for me. I have 4 bikes. All parked at the foot of my bed. All of my gear fits in the closets or under the bed. It would help if I were better organised. I have more space here than I need. Empty cupboards, closets are only partially full. The place seems luxurious. I have a microwave, my first ever. A dishwasher that I've never used, maybe someday. I can walk to work and the grocery store. I think I've driven my car about 2000 miles in 2017. No garage, so my living room is where I set up my bike stand and do repairs. It's all good.
  9. My place is 450 sq ft. I was able to fit most of my belongings in a Honda Civic when I moved.
  10. Sunny and gorgeous day for a ride.
  11. Gotcha, I get a bit of ribbing on group rides for that. Mostly because my bike has a rack. I tell them it's for carrying my beer. Then they get jealous. I'm half the rider most of these guys are, so I figure I'm there for entertainment purposes.
  12. Not trying to be contentious, but you say you have back pain. There is a simple solution. I can't imagine purposefully riding in pain just to be more aero. For a short ride, that might work, but over a long distance, I believe you'll be faster if you are not in pain.
  13. I rent a 450 sq ft. condo. No garage. 4 bikes in my bedroom. Stackable washer and dryer in the living room closet. It works well for me.
  14. Strong work. Nice lid.
  15. Unless you get a free massage after each ride, flip it high. Ride with your head in the clouds. After mile 50, you'll be the one with the strong legs and drop everyone else.
  16. I like the WTB Rocket
  17. You roadies are weird. You'll sacrifice comfort to be more aero. You'll be faster, longer, if you are healthy and comfortable. I ride this. Look at the headtube. Inches above the top tube. Comfortable enough for a triple century on gravel. Big tires(40-42). Double wrapped handlebar.
  18. What a nice guy. Way too young.
  19. It's too early for this snow. It'll melt soon. Should be 40s and sunny tomorrow. I'm happy not to drive the pass though. That'll be a mess.
  20. denniS


    Royale wit cheese. Breakfast burger with egg and cheese served on a tasty brioche. Delicious. And on my way to work this morning. They also have this today. Lamb.
  21. denniS


    You should eat fewer of those mystery roots and more of these. Royale wit cheese.
  22. I woke up to this view out my front door. I was planning a road ride this morning. Might have to rethink that. It might be time to turn the heat on. It's 27f with a high of 37f today.
  23. Nothing worked that day. My computer froze immediately. Phones didn't work. A lot of frostbite. Lights failed. My corneas froze. I think JayP's hub froze too and he walked the last three miles. One guy claims to have pee'd in snow to melt it and drink it. Not sure about that one, but it was f'ing cold. I swear it was -50F when I crossed Elephant Lake. Mittens is a hoot. He would liven this place up.
  24. I had dinner with him the night before the Arrowhead in 2014. His hub froze the next day. -40F is a bitch to ride a bike.
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