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  1. You eat it frozen like a chicken popsicle? I buy a dozen frozen chickens every year from a local chicken rancher. It's his kid's 4-H project.
  2. That sounds right. You can put it in an instapot frozen and cook it that way.
  3. I put mine in the fridge for two days. To quickly defrost one I would put it in a bath of cold water and change the water periodically.
  4. I've got some that are 7 years old and they are fine.
  5. Not unless I bend one. You can try to straighten them with a rotor tool, but it doesn't always work.
  6. Holy shit. I replace the brake pads on my Fargo every year. I replaced my 9zero7 pads last summer and my Rocky Mountain went through two sets last summer alone. My Fargo is howling so loud now, I will replace those this weekend. I ride mostly off-road so the cartridge BB would wear out every year.
  7. Got it. I switched to a CK BB because I was burning through a BB every year. The CK has lasted a decade and just needs to be greased every now and then.
  8. I mean a pressfit BB. Can it be greased and continued to use it or do you just replace it? Salsa said Pressfits are one and done. Use it and replace it but you cannot service it.
  9. Shops here are scheduling appts about 2 weeks out. Parts can be hard to come by. One shop said they ordered $15k worth of parts and only a set of pedals shipped. Everything else was out of stock by the time the order processed. $120 is typical for a full tune.
  10. So you can grease and adjust a pressfit BB? I thought once it was in need of service you replaced it like the cartridge BBs in most modern bikes.
  11. I thought press fit BBs are one and done. Can you actually service them? My Casseroll has a Chris King BB. It's more than a decade old now.
  12. It is the most popular in the U.S. I love chicken mole.
  13. The Flintstones. Barney Rubble was a hell of an actor.
  14. Five years is a good run on roads. I couldn't tell you the last time I had a flat mt biking, but I've had a bunch on roads. 2013 is the last on I remember on gravel. Snow is pretty rare too.
  15. What's the joke to eye roll ratio in your household?
  16. This was supposed to happen a few years ago, but the budget got cut. It's nice to see they are going to finish it. One section is about 50 yds and connects to nothing.
  17. GTNP just agreed to another connector. https://www.jhnewsandguide.com/news/town_county/local/county-park-nonprofit-up-ante-for-pricey-bike-path-in-grand-teton/article_583ae88d-68b0-51c5-9e62-b4f60c9f9cc8.html Teton Park spokeswoman Denise Germann also cheered the collaboration. “We greatly appreciate the support and collaboration of Teton County and Friends of Pathways,” Germann said. “It’s a community effort, which is wonderful.” The Teton County Board of County Commissioners voted 5-0 on April 12 to put $265,000 toward the stretch of pavement dubbed the Sagebrush Pathway.
  18. They are the local Yellowstone admin. That is where the decision was made. GTNP is pretty bike friendly and has a lot of riders. You can rent a bike in the park at Dornan's in Moose. The pathway runs from Moose to Jenny Lake. You can also start in Jackson and ride to Jenny 100% pathway riding. There are multiple bike rental shops in town including one that only has e-bikes and e-bikes are allowed in GTNP. They open the inner park road to non-motorized transportation from late March to April 30. The parking lot at the trailhead is beyond capacity every weekend and parking on the road stre
  19. I wear a pair of Smiths. They recommend a lens choice based on activity.
  20. Sorry, I meant the southern unit. https://www.mtbproject.com/directory/8017167/kettle-moraine-state-forest-southern-unit
  21. https://www.usnews.com/news/offbeat/articles/2021-05-03/traveling-owl-man-drives-hours-with-bird-in-trucks-grill NAPLES, Fla. (AP) — A man moving from Alabama to southwest Florida traveled hundreds of miles with an owl stuck in his truck's grille. The owl survived. Torie Gray said he saw a vehicle ahead of him swerve on Interstate 75 to avoid the great horned owl. But somehow he hit it and it became lodged in the truck. Gray said he wasn't aware of the situation until he got to Naples, where he plans to live. Gray says he saw the damage to his vehicle and the owl inside, but he
  22. Do you ever get over to Kettle Moraine to ride?
  23. I have a friend who would ride it with me. The Chester A. Arthur ride is wildly popular.
  24. No idea. I rode Johnny's ridge and Johnny's draw and never saw him. Lander is much drier than Jackson which makes for good early season riding. You can see a little bit of snow along the river. There is a lot up high. Our drive home over Togwotee pass was snowy.
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