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  1. The millionaires and billionaires decided to move here or just buy homes here. Our median home price jumped $2.8mil.
  2. denniS


    Marvin says coffee is delicious.
  3. June 2020. We've had one of the busiest tourist seasons ever. Summer was insane, ski season was busy too. The anti-mask crowd showed up, got drunk, and would walk into businesses and scream at the high school kids selling t-shirts. It was ugly.
  4. I love their wine which I will not whine about. Point Reyes is pretty damn cool too.
  5. denniS


    That's what I think. Version two with view of the fuel valve.
  6. I bet you misspelled Lego. It's a complicated word. I think it's Danish.
  7. denniS


    It should be indestructible. And beautiful. Check out Mike's Moots. Ti seatpost, racks, and bottle cages. The triangle above the bottom bracket holds his stove fuel.
  8. denniS


    Mine are shaped to avoid heal strikes. You can see the bottom corner is not square. It's kind of hard to see from the photo of my bike, but the bag follows the seat stay in it's angle.
  9. And some people are willing to pay someone to do it for them. https://www.oprahdaily.com/life/a35939828/christy-smirl-personal-librarian-foxtail-books/
  10. I bought an Otso in Jan and my GF bought a Stumpjumper
  11. Our Kmart closed and will become a Target next year.
  12. I look forward to the Moonpie store opening again soon. The Jenny like store should open in May. I can smell the roller dogs now.
  13. Moonpies, RC, and Gomer Pyle. Sounds like an idyllic upbringing.
  14. Valley Girl and Leaving Las Vegas. He should have hung it up there, stayed with Lisa Marie and lived out his life as Elvis's SIL. Brilliant soundtrack and the Plimsouls make a cameo.
  15. Did you have to switch over to Merv Griffin, Doris Day, or that heathen Phil Donohue?
  16. Shakespearian isn't it? The confession of loving your brother's fiancee. And Nick shows his genius just like in Valley Girl.
  17. Sam Elliot's in it. I bet I could. Some people thought Sonny was the better actor, but I'm not so sure.
  18. I have these. They came with the apt. I used them as a door stop when I moved in so they can serve double duty.
  19. denniS


    Titanium frames are beautiful. I've got some bike envy going on. Enjoy the ride longjohn.
  20. Is it really escalating the situation if you plant something in your own yard? The neighbor shouldn't have a say in what you plant in your own yard. If @KrAzY were planting it in his neighbor's yard, that would be a different story. I kind of like clover myself. @KrAzYPick a four leaf one for me once it's up. My wish is for a fancy new bike. If you find two, my second wish is your neighbor quits spraying your yard.
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