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  1. Dude, that is not something you should mess with. What if she agrees? You could die or become like one of those married couples.
  2. denniS


    Fully stocked kitchen, grill, showers, beds, beer. You carry your lunch, water, and post ride clothes. Six days, five nights, lots of singletrack.
  3. denniS


    We have a mtb glamping trip planned this summer. Stylin'
  4. Avid is a division of Sram. I've got some BB7s and they are good for mechanical brakes. Sram has had many issues with their hydraulic brakes.
  5. I haven't had too many problems with Sram drive trains, mostly their brakes. I will say my Shimano products do last longer and Shimano XT brakes are better than anything I have used from Sram. I've replaced Sram shifters and derailleurs that were not that old.
  6. I am hoping a harsh winter will send them scrambling home. I've been on the waiting list tp buy an affordable. I was able to enter a lottery this week for a condo.
  7. We are seeing people go door to door and making offers. There currently only two home for sale under $1 mil. The classifieds in our paper have 12 pages of help wanted ads. There is no place for people to live. Our stock cannot increase by much.
  8. Interesting article. Since the recovery, median income has gone up in the area by about 20%. But the median housing price has shot up by more than 250%, according to data from Boise Regional Realtors. https://www.npr.org/2021/05/28/1000879058/homebuyers-squeezed-as-western-states-see-prices-double-or-more-in-last-decade
  9. That was pretty much it. They even had a name for it. Guide-itis
  10. It works great when you are vacation. The shop can sell you a set of Shimano brakes because they can't fix your Sram brakes. The best part is all you have to do is say brakes and they can diagnose the problem because it is so common.
  11. Great night for a ride
  12. We had lavender ice cream. Delicious stuff. We bought a bottle of wine at the winery and many others in Friday Harbor. We stayed near the golf course on San Juan and then jumped to Orcas and Lopez and biked each island. There is a place at Roche Harbor that serves some tasty tater tots. I think the quality of the wine matters less than the person you are drinking it with. Not a bad place to spend time with a good friend.
  13. This is a good book about the War. Love the San Juans. Did you visit the lavender farm or the winery?
  14. Chimichurri is delicious on marmot.
  15. I stick a flag in my plot and somebody will water it for me.
  16. We have lots of marmots here. They taste like chicken.
  17. More repeats.
  18. denniS

    Fountain pen

    Mine were all Parker.
  19. denniS

    Fountain pen

    What kind of pen is it? I like nice pens. I sold a bunch for $5k and bought my first fatbike.
  20. 1 cup of oats, 4 cups of water, 1 tbs of maple syrup, 1 tsp of vanilla in the blender. Blend for one minute and strain. You are finished. You can adjust it with more oats to make it thicker or skip the syrup or vanilla if you don't want them. I eat the leftover oats after straining.
  21. The lead and other metals in tattoo ink is probably worse than the vax.
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