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  1. dinneR

    The Van poll

    Friends of mine ordered a Ford Transit. It took many, many months longer than originally expected.
  2. I've checked my pants twice now. Definitely not square. Sometimes people say shit they regret. I thought he might want to edit or delete his comments. Nope, he showed his true colors and his blog really shows his bigotry.
  3. I'm disappointed he didn't call me out. I feel like @Kzoo and @Square Wheels got special mention. I asked him to dial it back. Or am I square dick? Let me check.....nope. @Zephyr had the best response to his rant. Shouldn't dipshit and asshole be spelled as one word not two?
  4. That's awesome. The big three turning it up at the end of their careers.
  5. It's not harsh if you know what Beanz said. It was complete BS. If he had said it about a co-worker, he would have been fired. I was surprised to see him here this morning. SQ exercised restraint. I asked Beanz to delete his post or apologize. Zephyr called him out too. Beanz said some things that were really shitty and was given the chance to retract it. He doubled down.
  6. Lukas Nelson does some great covers of Clapton, Neil, and Paul Simon. But this is not a cover. He played the Fireman's Ball here a few years ago with Jalan Crossland. My GF bought tickets for us and said we're going. Damn we had fun.
  7. Waffle House is mostly vegetarian and grits kick ass, especially when they are fried in bacon grease.
  8. The Hendrix version might be the best cover ever. This one ain't bad
  9. I saw these guys play Ring of Fire at First Ave many, many years ago. I saw Johnny play it at the IL State Fair in the 70s. Both were awesome. Make it your own.
  10. We get about 70" of snow in the valley and 500" in the mountains. Subaru is the official car of Jackson Hole. They are everywhere. I've had mine two years and it gets the job done. My only complaint about the Crosstrek is the lack of power. My GF's Outback has more power. And the rocket box seems to be mandatory.
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