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  1. Buffy

    Say a word too many times

    Some people have pet phrases and that can be tolerated. People who cannot complete a sentence without saying "Ummm" need to be soundly beaten.
  2. Buffy

    Does your dog eat poop?

    My dog Inga, eats poop. Dog, cat, horse. I feed her good food and she gets Dynovite too. She eats the same as the other 3 dogs. Drives me nuts. She's 8 months old. I'm hoping she will grow out of it.
  3. Buffy

    Welcome Megan

    Hi Megan.
  4. Buffy

    Welcome Megan

    I think I'm nice but I could be fooling myself.
  5. Buffy

    Serious other question regarding washing a car...

    People are more careful around clean cars in parking lots. Fewer dings might make it more aerodynamic.
  6. Buffy

    Sunday dinner

    I just killed a chicken.
  7. Buffy

    Car wash

    I send them out.
  8. Buffy

    Waffle Sunday

    I like to do sandwiches in my waffle maker. It also does outstanding hash browns.
  9. Buffy

    Do you know how to type?

    I can type on a keyboard. Never been able to use just my thumbs for iPad or iPhone. I use my thumb and index finger. Oddly enough, I do that right handed and I'm a lefty.
  10. Buffy

    So we have a great cast for Green Acres here

    I've been known to sing the Green Acres theme song while driving a tractor.
  11. Buffy

    Were you planned, or an accident?

    I remember my mother telling us that my older brother and I were planned but our younger brother was an accident. He was crushed. What a horrible thing to say to a child.
  12. Buffy

    What would you choose for your last meal?

    All the sushi and sashimi I could eat. Followed by tacos.
  13. Buffy

    If you could be told the exact date / time of your death

    Maybe if I knew what my cause of death would be. I might be more daring if I had a "cheat death this time" card.
  14. Buffy

    Speaking of milk

    Try goat milk.
  15. Buffy

    Do you like beaver tail?

    I find them a little flat.