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  1. 32 minutes ago, goldendesign said:

    At Lowes grabbing a can for some touch up. Damned to find out the have now shrunk a "Qt" can to 29oz and not the a tual measurements of 32 fluid Oz in a Quart.

    The bastard capitalist. 

    Totally agree. 

  2. 13 hours ago, shootingstar said:

    At least 5 times per wk. Last few days were:   35 km., 20 km. and today 46 km.  Each time, I was also doing abit of food shopping. Every summer my cycling euphoria gets to a point where I don't want to walk to the store, I need to ride the bike. :D  

    Tomorrow looks gorgeous. Another bike ride in a different direction since it's my day off.


    P.S. I'm jealous.

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