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  1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dual-Bike-Bicycle-Rear-Behind-Saddle-Seat-Water-Bottle-Cage-Mount-Holder-917280-/121148735094#ht_2906wt_769 Dang, I kinda like this one better. Figures.
  2. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Minoura-Water-Bottle-Cage-Holder-SBH-300-Seat-Cage-Mount-Bottle-Holder-/160795997578#ht_2631wt_840 I think I'm getting one similar to this. Don't have it yet, so I can't report on it. Ordered it from LBS. I have a couple rides I like to do on a regular basis that are each about 45 miles. I need extra bottles 'cuz the little stores out in the middle of nowhere are closing. I guess I'm not buying enough water from them! Anyway, I need more water than the two bottles my frame can carry, and I refuse to do the Camelback thing.
  3. Looks like a nice ride! Nice scenery, good roads... Nice!
  4. Thanks for sharing! The barn looks like it could have been on my grandparents' property. Then again I suppose a lot of barns end up looking like that. Still, sentimental. I like the "country road" pic. My kind of cycling!
  5. I've always said I'd rather bike 100 miles than run 26. Ugh. I have tried to be a runner, but I always end up hating it. So, I bike.
  6. It's kinda neat! But I don't do tags, so that's about all I will have to say about it.
  7. Did 32 miles today. No computer, so that's all I know. That and the wind picked up harder than it was supposed to! The leaves on the red trees (sugar maples?) are really beautiful! Many trees haven't turned yet, so it's a little odd that so many of the reds are so gorgeous right now. But I'll take it!
  8. Yup. I have learned that lesson. I used to get all jacked up and excited about doing the ride and would start out passing everyone. This last MRCR of 77 miles was my best; I had no computer and left the ego at home. Best time ever on that ride! The last 10 miles is where I realized I had to actually work. Before that, I was bee-boppin' through like a tourist. I even saw a road that I wanted to explore at around mile 60; I nixed that idea because I had 17 scheduled miles to go. Ok, I agree. I'll do the 100 miles of the Menominee River Century Ride next June. Good nutrition/fuel. Ample/smart hydration. Smart pace. Ya, it's time to kick it up a notch.
  9. Recipe?? I inadvertently made a braggot one time. Presented it to the guys at homebrew club meeting. Full of phenols. A year and a half later, presented it again; WAY better! I've never made a mead, but a guy I know makes some darned nice meads. Andy at ThreeFold Vine in Garden Mi. If you ever have a chance to try his stuff, do it! In fact he will be at www.uptoberfest.org on October 12. I'll have a few of my IPA's there too. Come on up!
  10. I work in a hospital, and a bunch of us got our shots on Tuesday. We get a sucker. Also got a real achy shoulder! Not sure why; I don't normally get an achy shoulder. Anyway, I did my duty. My husband got his shot at the local health department drive-thru clinic about a week ago. We are set!
  11. What??? They have family with them, and it's not you. Relax. Let your brother and the rest of them stress it out. And let your folks have a good time in Vegas.
  12. Ernest T --- best rock thrower in the county. I GET IT! My name came from another site I was trying to join. I hate coming up with screen names, and I was in a crappy mood. I wasn't feeling my usual big, bad self; so I called myself smudge.
  13. My daughter is home for a visit, so we went for a ride today. She doesn't ride a whole lot, so we went her speed. Also, I rode my Sirrus instead of the Roubaix. She has a Vita, so the bikes were compatible. (If I ride the Roubaix when I'm with her on her Vita, all I do is coast while she pedals her butt off.) It was a gorgeous day at 65 degrees. Only problem was Mom underestimated the mileage, and someone else wasn't too amused. I told her it would be about a 15 mile ride, but turned out to be 24. Ah well, the average was only 12.5 (her pace). And Mom made homemade chicken noodle soup for supper. I think that made up for the extra miles.
  14. Does he seem to be feeling better?
  15. Hi petie! I love that camel. Cracks me up!
  16. Oatmeal and egg whites are awesome! It's what I've had for breakfast for years. And after a fast in which a person states he could eat the ass end of a rotting rhino, I would think egg whites and oatmeal would be quite tasty!
  17. Longjohn! You're Santa Claus??????
  18. Hey! I like how that turned out! I wasn't too sure what it was supposed to be (obviously I have NO artistic tendencies). Now that I see it displayed, I like it!
  19. smudge

    Today I made

    Dang. I wish we worked at the same place! I've been looking for some good salsa. How do you make it? I mean, food processor or...? Mmmm, pierrogies! My nana (busha) makes the best pierrogies.
  20. smudge


  21. Nah. The bike will have a soft, squishy landing ..... against me! Actually I'm pretty good at reaching for the wall the few times I have to (so far). Tasha (above) doesn't do much for me; but I DO buy my supplements from bodybuiling.com!
  22. And you know IF convicted on all counts, they will run concurrently. Not fair to people she hurt. It won't be a piece of cake for her, and her life will be changed for sure (assuming conviction); but it really isn't enough when something that flagrant happens. Dumb.
  23. Did they do labs on him? Was he turning yellow/jaundice?
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