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  1. smudge

    The Stones

    Hmmmm.... Mpls, eh? Hmmmm
  2. Oh geez, I missed this!! Happy belated birthday. Looks like you had a good time.
  3. Those rocks in the early pics are impressive! I wanna play on them!! Excellent. Looks like a good Guy Trip. 👍
  4. Ultrasound tech did a thoracentesis on an old guy today. He asked how much fluid she removed. She told him xx mL. He said the other girls covert it to ounces for him. Ew! It's body fluid, ya freak. Get outta here.
  5. Taught me no way in hell can I work in surgery. Masks drive me f'in' nuts.
  6. I'm down. I'll do Roubaix miles instead of Hei Hei miles. There will be many more.
  7. Glad you all stood up to her and the shenanigans.
  8. Yay for Brilinta!!!
  9. Nooooooo!!! I'm sorry. Do you have a cemetery for the dearly departed?
  10. I'm in. Just pick a day.
  11. Sorry it got so stupid. Glad you're back.
  12. The turkeys at camp walk up to the birdbath and start drinking out of it. 😆
  13. I saw an interview where he said he really wanted to get the concert right. He also said he worked with the teeth for a year. He slightly paused and said, "sigh... The Teeth." I chuckled.
  14. I wish I was close by. I'd be happy to get that bad boy set up wherever you'd like.
  15. smudge


    Slap on the wrist. Charges were dropped. Shame
  16. I can tell I'm a cat person. It's normal for a cat to do this, but not good when a dog does.
  17. You had me at the first pic. Nice
  18. Name dropper.
  19. Wash the truck tonight, go to camp tomorrow, Le Tour and housework on Sunday.
  20. I'm lucky. The tv in the waiting room at work faces our office window. And I have the remote. it's fun to see people actually watching it. They aren't normally exposed to cycling events, so they find it interesting.
  21. smudge

    Small town crime

    Grew up hanging out at my Grandparents' dairy farm. I am 100% pro cattle.
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