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  1. And so it begins. Grrrrr!!!!

    I bought fresh cranberries to make cranberry sauce and was going to make it last night. My wife got home from work and said that her sister in law had cranberry sauce. I’ll bet hers is canned? I think I’ll make mine for leftovers.
  2. Thanksgiving as perceived by foreigners

    If I don’t post from my BIL’s I will definately post on the way home.
  3. 11/22/17 Miles/Kms

    Say’s the guy that does double centuries all the time.
  4. My parents had one of these

    My parents got by with only one car until I was sixteen and bought a car. Then dad bought a truck for hauling stuff and going fishing. I think it was a 1964 Chevy stepside. I used it more than he did hauling my motorcycles to the races.
  5. And so it begins. Grrrrr!!!!

    Rejoice and be glad. My wife one year had broken up bread for stuffing the night before. She didn’t want to leave it sit out all night so she stuck it in the oven (it was in a large Tupperware bowl). Thanksgiving morning she turned on the oven to preheat for the turkey. By the time we smelled plastic burning we had a mess. We still had a great Thanksgiving. Roll with the punches and be thankful for all you have.
  6. 11/22/17 Miles/Kms

    I’m still running a mile on the dreadmill each morning and two miles or so on the hand bike. My therapist keeps turning up the resistance on thing and I’m determined to get in at least two miles in ten minutes. She has it on level six now. My shoulder is feeling strong. Five miles on the stationary bike and five laps in the pool. With the free weights is the only time I still know that shoulder still has a ways to go. I need a shirt that says “I had rotator cuff surgery 10/28/2017” so when people see me working out with girlie weights they won’t judge. Lol
  7. Thanksgiving pictures

    Ok I took some sunrise pictures this morning. I had to put on pants to get these photos. I hope you appreciate it. The first picture is from my deck, I decided I needed to walk out past my pine trees for a better view.
  8. Thanksgiving pictures

    I’ll have some about noon.
  9. My parents had one of these

    Now you’re talking. My dad bought a 1956 Chevy Nomad station wagon with a V8 automatic. Brand new. He only kept it four years and traded it in on a dodge wagon with push button automatic, big mistake.
  10. What do you know about convertible pants?

    They still had some short shorts in the eighties. I actually liked them short, styles change but the idea of shorts was to get rid of hot long legged pants so what's with the below the knee jobs they have out now?
  11. Tomorrow's Dessert

    Someone doesn't get any pie?
  12. Why didn;t you bastards tell me how good sweet potato pie is?

    I just took one out of the oven a couple hours ago. I made one sweet potato, one pumpkin, and one apple. I'm guessing the apple will go first tomorrow but who knows?
  13. What do you know about convertible pants?

    Those must have converted into short shorts, usually the zipper is around the knee.
  14. The 80's were funny sometimes

    Are all the Europeans like that?
  15. Today in the mail

    Someone was paying attention.