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  1. Go to the Bahamas, bring your work shoes and gloves, it will be fun.
  2. I used to have a phone (at least six phones ago) that had a keyboard that slid out of the phone for texting. That was to replace my phone that you texted by using the numbers. A was a 1, B was the number 1 hit twice, etc. my wife would send me a text and I would call her rather than try to wade through that.
  3. I have a friend who flies a lot. She entertains herself and all her Facebook friends by making up “The Airport Chronicals” She will take a picture of a random couple waiting at the airport and make up names and a story about the couple. It is hilarious. She is an English professor so her stories are always well written. It’s a shame the people she is writing about never get to see their moment of fame. Here is her latest example: Welcome to another exciting edition of airport chronicles. Meet the Allegiant team of Ricky, Lisa, and Leah. Ricky is dating Leah (far right), but things have become routine. The once raging fire has become children’s temperature tepid. Lisa (in the middle) brings Ricky coffee, notices when he parts his hair on a different side, and leaves cutesy Post-It notes in his cubby. Is Leah playing dumb or quietly researching if Ricky’s dismembered remains will, indeed, fit in an overhead carry on?
  4. Longjohn

    New bib tights

    My first pair of tights didn’t work well at all below 15°. Then I bought a pair of extra tall thermal bib tights that work a lot better. I have a hard time finding extra tall bibs that I can afford. I don’t ride that much in the winter anyway.
  5. Longjohn

    I just ate

    Me neither, I don’t think we are missing anything.
  6. When I got my first pneumonia shot I got it at the same time I got a flu shot. It was the first time I ever had a bad reaction to a shot. A year later I got pneumonia in the middle of the summer. Who gets sick in the summer? I think the leukemia is messing with me.
  7. I doubt I’ll get another flu shot. This is the second time I’ve had this reaction and it sucks.
  8. The favorite trick at Westinghouse when all the stalls were taken was to turn out the lights and go find another restroom.
  9. At work our locker room/restroom is right next to the packing department. (Very poor planning) We had a guy that wasn’t afraid to say what he thinks. He had to go and all the stalls were taken. He announced in a loud voice: “If one of you lazy bastards don’t get out of the stall right now and go back to work I’m going to open the stall door and sit on your lap and take a dump, I have to go now.” All the doors flew open and everybody went back to work. None of them even had to pull their pants up, they were all just goofing off.
  10. Longjohn


    That tent looks like brand new. All my tents look well used and none of them are decades old. You need to get out more.
  11. I don’t think AWWC is a milky way kind of guy, more like a snickers.
  12. I survived, didn’t get much sleep. I was taking ibuprofen and melatonin and it made it a little better. Hopefully I’m over the hump now. I hate taking drugs.
  13. Guys are only required to know about five colors, teal isn’t on the list. Those are ugly shoes whatever you call them.
  14. Longjohn

    Fence me in

    Did they finish the fencing yet? It looks like the one guy is done.
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