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  1. That’s what I do except I don’t weigh them. A six pound package I just divide by six.
  2. I think we had a catered meal at an art gallery. Not sure, we had a fancy catered meal at an art gallery somewhere on the trip. I remember that town didn’t allow them to paint arrows on the road to let you know where to turn. People sat on their porches and let us know where to turn. I wasn’t sure I trusted them but I followed their directions and got there.
  3. You need some coffee, try Bustass coffee, the coffee that has nine times the caffeine or a regular office blend.
  4. Poodles are not known for their smarts.
  5. I always hang candy canes on the tree for the grandkids.
  6. Cousin Lulu on the Culhanes of cornfield county said “The roast owl is ready”.
  7. Longjohn


    I bought a case of Penn’s Dark. It says on the box that they were making craft beer before it was invented. I think they started in 1986. It’ snot bad, 5% APV.
  8. Longjohn


    Western Auto wasn’t much of an auto parts store. It was a guy stuff store. I belonged to a rifle club that met at an indoor range in the basement of the western auto in downtown Sharon. I had a lot of sharpshooter awards from there. That store disappeared during urban removal in the sixties. Mercer had a Western Auto on courthouse square. It burned down before I moved to Mercer. I remember they sold bicycles and bike stuff. They also sold clear plastic steering knobs with pictures of naked women embedded in the acrylic.
  9. I had a real pretty woodpecker on one of the pecker blocks today. I didn’t try to take his picture because they are shy. If I would have moved he would have flown away.
  10. Wine ages in the bottle so I would guess for better or for worse it ages in the bottle.
  11. Is anyone else singing 88 bottles of whiskey in the wall with me?
  12. When I drove truck I was having dinner one night in a truck stop and got to talking with another driver. We were talking about how hard it was to get return loads from out east. He said he was hauling old clothes from goodwill. They get so much clothing donated that they can’t use and he can haul it cheaper than what it would cost to have it taken to a landfill. I asked him what he did with it and he said he had a farm in Ohio and he would just burn it in the fields.
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