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  1. The doctors don’t think it was a hypoglycemic event they think it’s heart related. This is not a cardiac hospital . They are going to do an echocardiogram and maybe ship me off to Erie. They have done cat scans. I just got moved to a private room.I haven’t had anything to eat or drink since noon.
  2. Mine is all blood thinners, beta blockers, and ace inhibitors. I use the morning and nighttime pill dispenser. This week I missed a lot of pills. I have a doctor appointment at two pm today.
  3. I wonder if they will honeymoon in Elbonia, waste deep in mud?
  4. I explained in another thread. I think my body is making too much insulin for the amount of sugar I am eating. I’ll see if I can get an appointment with my pcp. I don’t think this is heart related.
  5. I probably should have had them deliver it. There is a sharp curve in our road. I took a short cut through the bushes.
  6. I think I fingered out what my trouble is. When they say eliminate salt I eliminate all salt. Eliminate sugar and I eliminate all processed sugar. I eat oranges, apples and grapes. This week I felt like crap all week. I would take an extra strength nighttime Tylenol and go to bed. When I would wake up to pee I was so dizzy I couldn’t stand up and I couldn’t see. Last night I passed out while trying to find my way to the bathroom. I fell on top of my vacuum cleaner and it turned on. I don’t know how long I was out but when I came around the vacuum was very hot. I was coming up with a plan. I cr
  7. He got wind of my new bike. He looked like a pig farmer. Not an athletic build but could probably lift an ornery hog into a truck.
  8. I always kept my heart rate just under 170 for an endurance race. Once the finish line was in site I let it go usually to 185. Fast heart rate isn’t what damages the heart. Stress and not enough exercise damages the heart.
  9. I wear a mask as a fashion statement.
  10. I felt like crap all week, it may not of been heart related. I wasn’t going to try to drive myself to the horse spittle.
  11. My next door neighbor’s daughter is getting married this weekend. I hope to take some pictures. It is going to be a really big shindig. This is the neighbor that is a carpenter. He could have built Dr. Mickin house and DH ‘s house and had a year left over. He built a temporary front porch and enclosed it then he built a temporary back porch and enclosed it. Today he put up a huge tent. They will party all day on Saturday. I like being able to get a peek into their culture.
  12. You will never know because it wouldn’t make sense after you disposed of a body to then go and tell everyone about it.
  13. Don’t listen to Oscar, he lives in a trash can.
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