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  1. The sun is shining here. Seventy degrees, I just finished vacuuming the pool. My son is on his way over with his family. The pool water is a little cool for the twins, they will probably wait until later in the summer for their first time in papa's pool. They might try the hot tub, I keep the temp low so the grandkids can use it and not get overheated. The four girls will no doubt get lots of pool time today, the cold water doesn't faze them.
  2. I hope I can post an interview like that in another 33 years. Probably won't happen because of the over 6' 4" penalty. Keep on keeping on.
  3. I'm in a Facebook group and someone asked a question, the comments were hilarious , she would have gotten the same results if she asked us I'm sure.
  4. I actually saw a lady on saturday trying to tie her peonies up to the utility pole that she had them planted around. I offered this suggestion, she laughed.
  5. I didn't think a caulk that doesn't get hard would work on cracks.
  6. That's what you should eat. They are very nutritious and tasty.
  7. Some people refer to the factory where they work as "down at the plant" so in that way yes they are "plant based".
  8. When I was growing up my friend had a dog that liked to fish. He cleaned out a whole lake at the park.
  9. I just changed doctors again. The one I switched to when I retired left town a month after I switched to her. The new doc is the cousin of one of my triathlete friends and ran in the Disney marathon with her. I'm looking forward to talking with her, I've heard she spends time with her patients talking with them. I have a couple concerns about diet that contradict what I'm trying to do.
  10. Now you tell me, I should have drank more coffee.
  11. I watched Red Bull Rampage videos all winter in spin class. You have to have young bones to survive that type of riding/crashing. A lot of riders walking around with their arm in a sling by the time it's over. As far as I know nobody died.
  12. I have heard that sometimes politicians have to eat crow.
  13. I think if Frank had designed the pyramids in Egypt they would have been made of plywood and nobody would remember them.
  14. Tune in next week and hear cousin Lou Lou say:"The roast owl's ready"
  15. That's why RG likes it there.