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  1. Longjohn

    Your agenda this week?

    There are recent photos of people at the Paw Paw tunnel online. That will be the least of their worries. Up near Pittsburgh there is a section just closed this past weekend because of a mudslide and trees down and the bridge that is washed out on the C&O about 50 miles from DC that doesn’t have a good detour.
  2. Longjohn

    Manic Monday

    Yikes, nice pictures. Now I know for sure I don't want to go there. I'll stick with my dirt road and country living. I have to drive to Pittsburgh tomorrow morning, not looking forward to the traffic.
  3. Longjohn

    Don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour tonight!

    Set them ahead a couple hours, you are wasting daylight.
  4. Longjohn

    6/24 miles & such

    That's a lot of carbon fiber. Probably cost more than my car.
  5. Longjohn

    All done..waiting for the bus

    That's very intense.
  6. Longjohn

    Your agenda this week?

    Tomorrow is somewhat open. I have to drive twenty miles to get something for my wife and then the rest of the day is mine. Probably kayak/fish but I will consider a bike ride in the morning. Tuesday I'm taking a married couple to Pittsburgh to start their big adventure. The GAP looks decent but the C&O looks difficult, they will have a trip to remember I'm sure. When I get back from Pittsburgh I'm picking up SIL and her granddaughter from MIL's and bringing them back to our house for a few days. Sunday I'm supposed to drive SIL down as far as Berkley Springs (nine hours of driving and $40 in tolls round trip) her husband is going to meet me there and take them the rest of the way.
  7. Longjohn

    Posting on an iPhone sucks.

    I should be clearly shamed because most of my posts are from my phone.
  8. Longjohn

    Tech gurus to the white courtesy iPhone - new iPhone SE?

    I love my iPhone 7 but I’m also cheap. If I had to buy my own phone what would I buy? It’s nice to be able to get and receive calls from anywhere but do I actually get or make calls from anywhere? Not very often. I like being able to take lots of pictures and post them from out in the middle of the lake. I really don’t need to do that. I guess the only way I’ll find out how cheap I really am is if I outlive my wife. She keeps me in phones and doesn’t wait unit there is a problem to do it.
  9. Longjohn

    I just made out with a bird

    Did you bite him back?
  10. Longjohn

    I just made out with a bird

    Is this another one of those parroty threads?
  11. Longjohn

    Is there such a thing as a cheater vegetarian?

    We had three foster kids who their biological dad said were vegetarians. My wife always cooked vegetarian meals for them. The kids ate them but they told us they never had stuff like that at home. We asked them what they ate. They said a lot of maccaroni and peanut butter and junk food. They said when they were out with their mom she bought them McDonalds burgers.
  12. Longjohn

    I am home

    Nighty night don’t let the bed bugs night.
  13. Longjohn

    Quote of the Day: Thomas A. Edison

    Thomas had some bright ideas.
  14. Longjohn

    Almost got doored

    Our pastor always told us things like "if you pray before you eat your meal in a restaurant you better make sure you leave your server at least a 20% tip" "If you wear a cross or a Jesus shirt or have a Jesus bumper sticker on your car, you best be on your best behavior all the time, people are watching you"
  15. Longjohn

    June Photos

    My wife asked me why I was taking pictures. I told her because I can. She doesn't trust my eyesight anymore so she drove the whole 880 miles down and back this week. She never wanted to do any of the driving the whole 42 years we have been married but I hit a couple snapping turtles on the road that I thought were just dark spots on the pavement one time and now she does all the driving unless she isn't feeling well. If I would have known that's all it would take I could have run over turtles years ago.