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  1. Longjohn

    Why can't we get rid of useless letters?

    You can’t make me and I’m not going to.
  2. Longjohn

    Why can't we get rid of useless letters?

    If they have a penny cup I put them in the cup, if they don't I leave them on the counter.
  3. Longjohn

    Why can't we get rid of useless letters?

    And what is the purpose of Ph? F is easier to type and easier to read for people learning English.
  4. Longjohn

    Why can't we get rid of useless letters?

    If we adopted the metric alphabet there would only be ten letters. That would be a good start.
  5. Longjohn

    Christmas stories

    They might have borrowed from me. Oh the stories I have of adventures with beater cars. I had a period of time when I never bought a car with less than 100,000 already o the odometer. Once when driving from Warren County to Johnstown for Christmas with the in-laws in 1978 it was snowing so hard we got caught in a white out. I slowed down but I didn't want to hit my brakes because I knew anyone behind me wouldn't be able to see me until they heard the crunch. I ended up in three feet of powdery snow off the road. I had my three foster kids and our newborn baby boy in the Chevy station wagon and we were stuck. The engine still ran so we had heat, after about a half hour someone with 4WD and a tow chain stopped and pulled us out and we continued on our way again.
  6. Longjohn


    Kirby should know quite a bit about hops.
  7. Longjohn

    Before surgery

    Those big blue eyes are adorable. My nine granddaughters all have brown eyes.
  8. Longjohn

    Before surgery

    That used to be a very common operation for kids, not so much anymore. I was about her age when I had mine out, it really improved my hearing.
  9. Longjohn

    Before surgery

  10. Longjohn

    Christmas stories

    My Christmas stories involve old vehicle problems while traveling to the in-laws for Christmas. We had a nice extended cab pick up truck but our family out grew it so we traded someone even up for a VW microbus, turns out it was all rotted out underneath and when we tried to jack it up to change a tire the jack couldn't find a place solid enough to lift it without the jack pushing right up through. We traded that for a VW Rabbit, also very used. On the way to my in-laws the engine blew. We were about half way into a two and a half hour drive. It was very cold and snowy and our car now didn't have any heat. No cell phones in those days so I walked looking for a phone somewhere. The first place I came to was a used car lot. It didn't look open but one car was parked out front. I went up and the door was locked but it seemed someone was inside. He came to the door and I told him my problem and asked if he had a phone I could use. He let me use his office phone and he overheard me telling my in-laws that we might not make it for Christmas. I didn't know what we were going to do. I need to get the kids somewhere warm. When I was done talking on the phone the owner of the car lot said he wanted us to have a nice Christmas and he had a car we could borrow for the Holliday. We transferred the presents and the kids over to the borrowed car and we're on our way. I would have liked to been able to buy the car we borrowed but it was not in our budget. When we got home we talked to the guy that sold us the Rabbit and he took his wrecker down to bring it back. He gave us a great deal on another beater and we returned the borrowed car. I scraped together as much money as I could (money was tight in those days for us) to offer the car lot gentleman some money and thank him but he refused to take any money. He said he was just happy to help us have a nice Christmas.
  11. Longjohn

    Hippy birthday to me

    My wife loves her two fake hips.
  12. Longjohn

    work retirement party- invite your spouse, children too

    Do women get a gold watch when they retire?
  13. Longjohn

    Damn it

  14. Longjohn

    Before surgery

    You should have the vet do that.