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  1. I have all the warnings turned off on my phone. I got tired of hearing Amber alerts all the time where it’s always in the big cities and a noncustodial parent doesn’t return the kids after a visit. I keep my wife’s phone charged in case one of the grandkids wants to play with it. She had lots of games downloaded on it for them. It still has the alarms on it.
  2. Probably that’s just your friends natural voice.
  3. We made axles for semis at the forge and they didn’t break. I can’t remember the grade of steel we used I just made the parts out of whatever steel came out of the furnace. It was up to other people to make sure the right steel was loaded. Sometimes they made costly mistakes but they were always caught before the parts were shipped. Actually I only remember it happening three times in 28 years and there was a lot of years without a mistake after each mistake.
  4. I would guess the stainless would work best.
  5. I had an awesome primary care doctor. She is the cousin of one of my friends that lives in Florida. She would fly down to Florida to run marathons with her cousin. When the pandemic hit I had one virtual visit with her and then she took a sabbatical and hasn’t come back. My new doctor is also very nice but she isn’t an athlete.
  6. Factory defect, they should give you a new one. I still say have a machine shop (or 46) make you a new one. So how did the bike handle when it broke?
  7. storm passed, we still have power didn’t even get the hail they called for. Just a lot of noise and wind and rain.
  8. What did you do to your old axle?
  9. My wife’s phone just went crazy I checked it and it said tornado headed this way. Other locations impacted by this tornadic thunderstorm include Stoneboro, Clark, Sandy Lake, Fredonia, Jackson Center, Mercer, West Middlesex and Maurice K Goddard State Park.
  10. Driving truck I always had my ICC exams. When I started working at the forge they encouraged us to get a primary care doctor and get an annual exam. I always did but when I got old I started picking up other doctors. I now have an Oncologist, a Dermatologist, a Cardiologist, a Nephrologist, a urologist, two eye doctors, and see other specialists as needed. Getting old isn’t for sissies. I probably average over five doctor appointments a month. I saw my Urologist this morning, going to the Dermatologist tomorrow morning to get another squamous cell carcinoma cut out. Going to try to talk him into taking the stitches out of the last one he cut out. I’m scheduled to get them out next week.
  11. He runs, running is evil.
  12. One of my sons when he was little passed us up on a family ride going down a big hill. His feet were flying on the pedals. We thought he was showing off. He was riding an old hand me down single speed kids bike with a coaster brake. When we caught up to him on the next uphill his mom started telling him he needed to slow down he was going to get hurt. He said he can’t slow down, the brakes don’t work and somehow his bike had turned itself into a fixie. That’s why he had flying feet going down that big hill. He said his bike had been like that all year. I like kids that don’t complain much. Time to replace that bike with a bigger one with gears and hand brakes.
  13. I did mine in all copper thirty years ago. That looks like a leak waiting to happen.
  14. Did you ever have to cut a papaya? I told someone that she cut the papaya and they thought I was speaking in tongues. (Old Pentecostal missionary joke)
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