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  1. They would just have to pay their deductible and high deductibles are pretty common. It would be less than $10,000.
  2. Longjohn

    Chicken feet!

    A friend of mine grew up on a poultry farm. Her parents still have it and she works there during the busy seasons, Thanksgiving and Christmas. They process a lot of poultry. I’ll have to ask her what they do with the feet. I’m guessing they throw them away. My wife buys a powdered collagen supplement from Dr. Axe online. I mix a heaping spoonful in her coffee every morning.
  3. I started out by having three squamous cell carcinomas cut out and stitched up this morning. One on my nose and two on my chest. The ones on my chest were right over my sternum. One of them feels like they left the scalpel in there when they stitched me up. I went home and worked on the end of my driveway some more where the township truck messed it up. Then I moved firewood and stacked it until the guy with the stair lift showed up. I helped him carry it in and set it up but he couldn’t get it to work. I saw it worked just fine yesterday at his house. We worked on it until dark and he was frustrated, he gave me back $300 of the purchase price and gave me the phone number of the company that services them. It’s probably a fuse or breaker or limit switch but so far I haven’t been able to find it. The lift chair is stuck halfway up the stairs, I hope I can get my wife safely past it in the morning for her appointment with her oncologist.
  4. Longjohn

    Fridge died

    He probably keeps his beer in that fridge. Keeping beer in the fridge keeps them happy and a happy fridge lasts a long time.
  5. Longjohn


    That expanding foam is good stuff. I usually just use wasp and hornet spray, spray it in the hole in the bottom of the nest and they are done. The sollege students I used to hire for summer help liked to light the nest after we sprayed it if the nest was in aa hardwood tree. Regular wasp and hornet spray makes them burn really well. The other day on my bike ride I stopped to text my wife to make sure she was ok. I found a bench along the trail. I sat down and before I even got my phone out of my pocket I got stung on the back of my hand and it felt like a burn. I didn’t see who did it so I though they must be inside my glove. While trying to get my glove off I got stung two more times on my neck and chest. A stinking hornet’s nest on the bottom of that bench. Those suckers like to hit and run. I wonder what would happen if I sprayed that nest with HALT?
  6. I though a hack was what the cats do to get rid of a hairball?
  7. He better go check. It looks like they cut it up into four pieces and kids on the soccer fields are kicking balls into it. I saw this from my ride tonight.
  8. I’m finding quite a few Strava segments where there is nobody else in my age group. I can celebrate surviving.
  9. Drank those on the train back from DC after Petite’s Big Adventure. They tasted real good.
  10. Longjohn

    Tonight's steak

    My steaks were amazing. I kinda/sorta followed your plan. That picture was after about a half hour on low, then I just turned the heat up full blast for a couple minutes. Local Black Angus from LGS.
  11. Longjohn

    Tonight's steak

    We have a professional sweetcorn guy he does magic. He plants in many different local locations, starts early spring under plastic, keeps planting way into July and usually has corn from forth of July until Halloween. Sometime adverse weather he loses a week of July or a couple weeks of October. He always has the best corn. Always picked at the perfect time, he never lets his picked corn sit in the sun, it never has worms.
  12. I have used nothing but debit cards for a long time. You don’t have to carry cash and you don’t have to remember to pay it back, it’s done and you can forget about it. I used to forget to pay my credit card and they would add interest or even penalties. I don’t need that. My banker talked me into playing their credit card game a couple years ago. Use your card for $1000 in purchases in the next 90 days and they give you $200. I also got 3% rewards at the place of my choosing. I would sit in my car and pay off the charge I just made before going home. I only used the card for a month and then I took the money and ran. I really hate spending my time playing those games. Leave Mick do that, he enjoys it.
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