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Community Answers

  1. Longjohn

    Movin on Up!

    How long before he makes CEO?
  2. Smart move. I’m humoring Judie for awhile. I watched the first half of the Steeler game last night. I forgot how wretched TV was. I think it is even worse now than when I occasionally watched it with Esther.
  3. Longjohn


    On bike rides I never accept coins in change.
  4. My company didn’t last long after I retired.
  5. So how did your cow-orkers fare while you were gone for the summer? Any horror stories?
  6. Longjohn


    I never tip my kayak or canoe. Some people do tip them. I don’t believe it is necessary.
  7. I raced AMA amateur and one of the tracks always asked me if I wanted the trophy or cash. It wasn’t much cash, I always took the trophy.
  8. Longjohn


    Wait until the self checkout asks if you want to tip yourself.
  9. We just watched Jett Lawrence win the motocross world championship and $1,000,000. Steelers play at 8:15.
  10. Judie watched a couple games and dozed off, she woke up to cowboys bull riding.
  11. Day old they are still very very good. I just had one with my coffee.
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