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  1. He didn’t enjoy his bath and it took a lot of coaxing to get him in the tub but he evidently thought that was the safest place to hide from the thunder boomers.
  2. Our dog used to go get in the bathtub during a thunderstorm.
  3. Longjohn

    Restaurant food

    When my wife was in the hospital in January.
  4. Do I wear pajamas? Hahaha My wife bought me a pair of pajamas for Petite’s Great Adventure. I almost got away without them but as I was heading out the door my wife asked if I had them. They actually appeared in a photo petite took in Cumberland at the guest house we stayed in.
  5. Longjohn

    Garden thread

    We had an all day drizzle. I was going to try to get something done before the rain started but when I walked out the door it had already started. Supposed to rain the next four days.
  6. Not the shows my wife watches. I have no clue what else is on.
  7. Longjohn

    365 Grateful

    I’m thankful for our aide Joselyn who visits twice a week. She is like a ray of sunshine. She isn’t here very long, usually about a half hour. She washes my wife’s hair and helps me change the bedding if needed. She shows me all kind of tricks to make it easier to care for my wife.
  8. Longjohn


    Blasting powder is quicker (and more fun)
  9. A friend of mine had a 1,500 gallon tank buried at his house for fuel oil. When the price of fuel kept going up and up he got scared that the price wouldn’t stop increasing. He filled his tank at over $4.00 a gallon. He actually hit the peak, the price started going down a week later. He said that was one of the stupidest moves he has ever made.
  10. And if the cops stop you and ask why you are driving you can tell them you are going to get beer. Beer was determined to be essential.
  11. My bank has their doors locked and all business is done at the drive through.
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