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  1. Some prospects for RG

    I kept expecting someone to open those doors while she was doing that.
  2. Crap

    I'm not sure what was going on with that shit pumper. He evidently left the pump running and closed a valve, they are not supposed to do that. It's a good thing that hose blew rather than the tank.
  3. Crap

    I hate when that happens.
  4. Need chain help

    If you don't want to pay for Ultegra chainrings you can go steal chain rings, just don't get caught.
  5. Why do you eat Chia seeds?

    I was going to say regularity but pooping is easier to spell.
  6. Why do you eat Chia seeds?

    They promote pooping
  7. Why do you eat Chia seeds?

    If you don’t eat the chia seeds they start to grow hair on your chia pet.
  8. Amazon Mistakenly Sent Me Parr8's Order

    I don't think he does that anymore.
  9. A treasure trove from the past

    Thanks for sharing that with us. It is a reminder to me how blessed my life has been.
  10. Living room furniture

    We never had anything fancy. I bought new inexpensive furniture when I was getting married. It held up well and we finally replaced it twenty years later with a set that was much more expensive but didn’t hold up at all. We replaced it with some second hand furniture from people we knew. A couple years ago my wife bought some more fancy stuff. Recliners in the couch and in the rocker. She likes buying rocker recliners and has bought many over the years. Right now in our living room we have the the matching couch and swivel rocker recliner, an electric leather recliner that WOLJ uses, a massage chair recliner, and a glider rocker. Lots of comfortable seating for two people. I spend more time in my computer chair downstairs.
  11. Wilbur in a tube

    Nutritious and delicious
  12. Robins

    We still have the woods robins. I don’t think they go south.
  13. I'm hungry!!

    I eat ice cream sometimes. My frugality wins out over my healthy eating. We will have ice cream in the freezer and it’s getting old so I will eat it before we have to throw it out. We keep ice cream at all times for the grandkids but they don’t often ask for it. They seem to prefer popsicles.
  14. Happy Saturday!

    SW I saw you were running around outside the other day. I didn’t see you mention it in here, I saw it on Strava. I haven’t tried running outside yet, my road is a muddy mess. I think you did like five miles, I have never run five miles.
  15. Cooking

    My cooking is a combination of what my mom cooked when I was growing up and what my wife cooked when I was working long hours and she was doing most of the cooking. She has added a lot of steamed vegetables over the years because she knows I like them and she knows they are good for you. When my wife started working full time I took over all the clean up/doing dishes, etc. When I retired I took over most of the cooking. I don't experiment as much as I used to because my wife sometimes doesn't like anything too weird.