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  1. Longjohn


    Ultrasound done, a girl came to my new room and did it.
  2. Longjohn


    They talked about an ultrasound of the hematoma on my arm but I don’t think they did it yet.
  3. Longjohn


    Yes, I woke up in my new home. It is so quiet I thought I died and went to heaven.
  4. Longjohn


    I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot fork. My roommate would scarf that up in a heartbeat. He gripes every meal about the heart healthy diet in here.
  5. Longjohn


    I had one of those, they blamed the leukemia.
  6. Longjohn


    I’m learning the names of the caregivers i
  7. Longjohn


    Dorcas, my cardiac nurse said I have a large hematoma at the entry site from Friday. She says it will need manual compression which unfortunately will be very painful. I. Asked if I can have drugs. She said she will do it while I am already drugged up for today’s procedure .
  8. I need to at least name a different executor because the one I named died.
  9. Longjohn


    I have a large very painful hematoma at the site of entry from Friday. They said that is not common. They have my arm on a heating pad.
  10. Longjohn


    That is the plan but I guess I’m a low priority again.
  11. Longjohn


    I found out I’m not even in the coronary unit. The girl drawing blood said this is a catch all floor for everyone they don’t have room for in the proper department. I’ve had the stickers on my chest for my heart monitor come off and nobody notices. This place is a nightmare.
  12. Longjohn


    My roommate complained that he has been having nightmares. I thought I was having a nightmare and then I realized I was awake and this is real.
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