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  1. Longjohn

    Rough day in Europe.

    They are not talking about it in Pennsylvania, instead they are rebuilding or replacing every bridge everywhere. That’s part of why we have the highest gasoline tax in the USA. We have detours on our detours. By the time we get to the third one it’s hard to remember where we were going in the first place.
  2. Longjohn

    Cycling question, sorry

    The wheels that came with the Hill Topper kit had crappy rim tape (it was actually a big rubber band with a hole for the valve stem). My SIL’s wheel had a flat and it was the rim “tape” failure. My wife’s wheel about six weeks later had the same thing. I fixed both with electrical tape, so far, so good. While I was in the LBS buying a couple bikes for my granddaughters I remembered that I needed rim tape just after the owner had rung up the sale. He threw in the rim tape. It was marked $5.99. Both bikes are still riding on electrical tape.
  3. Longjohn

    Did you ever pay your dealer for..

    Does it have the starter button on the floor?
  4. Longjohn

    I go to the Dr. today

    Take two moon pies and call me in the morning.
  5. Longjohn

    Maybe I am just car cursed

    What a rip, they even put those suckers in the +100,000 mile beaters I used to buy. I always felt like throwing them out before I left the lot.
  6. Longjohn

    Anyone here have PT exercises for Tennis Elbow

    I don’t play tennis, that’s a sissy boy’s game.
  7. Longjohn

    Maybe I am just car cursed

    What did you do with the paper floor mat?
  8. Longjohn

    Did you ever pay your dealer for..

    I paid over $200 for a spare key for my Element. I never needed it. I was worried about the key I had crapping out, it never did.
  9. Longjohn

    Do you ever use..

    My grandparents had them. My grandpa liked soft boiled eggs. I would eat them with my grandpa. Grandma boiled them just right so the egg white was cooked and the yolk was runny. I hate runny egg white, looks like snot.
  10. Longjohn

    Quote of the Day: E. B. White

    I don’t agree with that.
  11. Longjohn

    8/7 miles & such

    Need to stay hydrated, next time stop for a PBR.
  12. Longjohn

    Who was complaining about smoke?

    I see smoke on the water but no fire in the sky, your good.
  13. Longjohn


    This lake is less than an hour by bike from my house and has a paved bike/hike trail rolling around it. It's my go to place for my average solo ride. Depending on which route I take I get in 30 to 40 miles. It takes me about fifteen minutes to get my kayak there on my car.
  14. Longjohn

    August Photos

    My three year old granddaughter and her best friend.