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  1. That’s so the scammers (insurance agents) can snooker you into Medicare advantage plans that are a big rip off. If you have a pre-existing condition such as cancer or MS. You by law can choose any insurance you want when you retire after age 65. If they sucker you into an advantage plan you are stuck with it because the Medicare supplements won’t take you with pre-existing conditions after you have been retired for a year.
  2. As long as you have medical insurance through work you don’t have to do anything. When your work insurance is going to run out you need to sign up. You can go ahead and get your part A at sixty five as secondary insurance. That is the insurance you have been paying for all your life deducted from your pay check. You already paid for that so there is no additional charge. Part B you need to sign up for as soon as you retire and I would recommend part G and D. G covers everything that A and B doesn’t except prescriptions. That’s where Part D comes in, that is your drug coverage and all different
  3. I had twelve cups with breakfast but would like some more right now. The twelve cups was actually only two and a half of my cups. They must rate the coffee maker using those little dainty cups that the genteel people drink out of while holding their pinky finger raised.
  4. I hate getting the mail but if I don’t get it at least every other day the box fills up. Yesterday’s mail probably took fifteen minutes to sort and pitch. Garbage from insurance, garbage from the horse spittle. The horsespittle only charged $220 for the cat scan that I paid a $275 copay for. Lots of crap asking me to vote for who I was already going to vote for. Junk from other Medicare companies trying to get me to switch. I wish snail mail had a junk mail folder.
  5. Longjohn


    Actually my pulse is higher than when I was active 65 my BP is around 100/56
  6. Longjohn


    What is the word on the pacemaker? Is it defective? I just realized that I was taking twice as much beta blocker last week as I was supposed to. When I filled my pill keeper for the week I forgot to split the pills in half and take half in the morning and half in the evening. I was taking a whole pill morning and evening. No wonder I was so tired.
  7. I’m a little late to this thread. I was going to post this but I don’t need to, the thread eventually came around.
  8. We were having a glorious evening too. Just after dark my wife asked me if I took the tote down to the road. I got up and went outside just wearing a pair of gym shorts. It was beautiful out, must have been close to seventy degrees and no wind. I came back in the house and my wife started having trouble with the tv. She finally gave up and turned it off. I came back to go to bed and can hear the rain pounding on the spa room roof. That must be why we lost signal. We couldn’t hear a thing from the living room.
  9. The young guy that bought the neighbor’s house loves buying used police cars at auction. He said most of them require a complete rebuild of the engine but he enjoys working on them. He has unskilled friends that are always asking him when a car is going to be ready because they want to buy it. He has a black and white right now complete with all the lights etc. He says he will have to disable them before he starts driving it on the road.
  10. Longjohn

    Bed sheets

    I bought a bunch of fitted white hospital bed sheets that are a pita. The ambulance crew scooped up my wife from her hospital bed sheets and all. The fitted sheet they snagged from the hospital is awesome. I need more like that. You really can’t see what you are getting when you buy sheets until you get them home and open the package.
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