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  1. Need a new pump, cheap?

  2. You all should go back in time and not get married

    She leaves for work at 3:45am. I’m on my own after that.
  3. My fiance/boyfriend of four years broke up with me.

    RFW is cool, she is just having a tough time dealing with this. She will be back.
  4. Woo-hoo! Dividend check.

    Have fun at tax time. Make sure you report it.
  5. Told to attend meeting --in addition to more

    I once had a dream job except for the meetings. Oh my were those meetings awful. I had board meetings, committee meetings, staff meetings. I had to travel for some of the meetings. Drove a company vehicle or was reimbursed for mileage on my vehicle. I had work I wanted to be doing but had to waste time on meetings. The board members were clueless and would change their mind from meeting to meeting. I really liked when I became a clock puncher, if they wanted me to go to any meetings I was paid at time and a half for them.
  6. You all should go back in time and not get married

    Over a whole bunch of years there are going to be some things that change and not much we can do about it. In her twenties and thirties my wife was the athlete, softball, cross country skiing, hiking, and she loved camping in a tent. As her health changed, surgeries, etc. she just wasn't able to do what she used to love to do. Sure spend more time with my spouse but I still want to keep doing the things that she is not able to do anymore. With retirement I can have both. We have always enjoyed spending time together but we also have our own time.
  7. Physical therapy

  8. You all should go back in time and not get married

    According to RG you did. Some people seem to not want to commit to a marriage and for them it is probably better not to marry. For me my life has been so much fuller and richer having married and raised kids. Now the bonus is the grandkids that are just the best thing ever.
  9. happy bicycle day

    Pittsburgh is getting a new bicycle ramp. It looks pretty good.
  10. There! I fixed it!

    When they built one of our interstates Stuckey's jumped on the Mercer interchange. That was fifty years ago, the Stuckey's only lasted a few years. They took the sign down (one of those real high ones you can see from the interstate from miles away) but left the poles. The poles are still there rusting away and there is now a Burger King where the Stuckey's was but they put up their own sign poles.
  11. Yet another bird pic

  12. There! I fixed it!

    I scored new faucets for the kitchen and both bathrooms and a shower. I don't know if I'll ever install them, if it ain't broke don't fix it is my attitude.
  13. There! I fixed it!

    Those are some of the same metals that they use in window weights. You can't unscramble eggs, when a ladle of metal gets contaminated by something like Mercury there is no way to remove it. All they can do is use it for something that doesn't require strength, ie: boat anchors, window weights, free weights.
  14. Yay it’s Friday

    Your coffee is ready
  15. Zombie

    No, my yewtoob bunny trail takes me down some strange paths in the wee hours of the morning.