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  1. A resident was found dead in her apartment

    Was she about to testify in court?
  2. And a Tremendous Thursday morning to you.

    I have my oncology appointment this morning. This's is my twice a year appointment where I get groped from head to to and my oncologist looks at my charts and says: "Well your platelets are a little low and your white cells are a little high but they are going to be, you have leukemia. Other than that everything looks good." She has said the same thing every time I'm in there. I guess that is a good thing since what I have is incurable. What I would like to hear is: "I don't understand this but your blood work is perfectly normal, I see no sign of leukemia."
  3. Overpayment

    Upper management claimed that our manager was overpaying us for four years. He was paying us to get it done, if they didn't notice for four years shame on them. We never had to pay anything back, if they tried it would have gone to court. We would not have worked like we did if we were not getting paid like we were. Production has never happened anywhere near that level since.
  4. At least it's not a gate

    What's all that crap flying up in the air when he hit that wall? Is that his clothes? Reminds me of when someone hits a line drive at Charlie Brown and all his clothes fly off.
  5. And a Wonderful Wednesday to you

    My wife drives past their store on her way home from work in about a half hour. I'll just have to float around in the pool until she gets here. This retired life is tough sometimes.
  6. And a Wonderful Wednesday to you

    The inspection shop didn't like my rotors. Rode my bike over and got my car, went to auto parts store and bought new rotors and one new caliper. Came home and pulled rotor and caliper, installed new rotor and opened the box for the new caliper. Wrong caliper. I'm not putting the old one back on to go exchange it. Going to wait for WOLJ to come home from work.
  7. Is it just me

  8. At the dermatologist.

    I go in April and October, never have any tan lines. She doesn't complain, I'm paying off her medical school bills.
  9. And a Wonderful Wednesday to you

    I have at least one bike ride planned. My car is in the shop and they didn't get it done yesterday while WOLJ was off so I'll have to ride my bike over to pick it up.
  10. At the grocery store

    I'll bet you would go for the sports car cart if it had streamers?
  11. At the grocery store

    When I'm with WOLJ she goes for the small cart (the sports car of shopping carts). On Saturday we filled it up (not all groceries, it was at stuffmart) and I had to get a second cart for a 40# bag of feral cat food.
  12. At the grocery store

    A basket if I can find one.
  13. Yikes Layoff the dounts!

    Maybe people are finally trying to eat something a bit healthier. Dunkin should maybe try a Kale donut with chia seed or something like that?
  14. July 25th and...

    Every time I see a "Back to school sale" I feel relieved that I don't have to go back to school. I have felt this way for fifty years. My wife says "get over it".