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  1. Big red is my favorite 11 year old granddaughter, coco bean is my favorite seven year old, little red is my favorite five year old and Katie hope is my favorite three year old granddaughter. Of the twin dudes I have a favorite brown haired two year old and a favorite red headed two year old. I have lots of favorites. i have been busy all day, made waffles for breakfast and chicken noodle soup for lunch. After I take them home I’ll be ready for s nap.
  2. Trying to catch a delicious bass.
  3. That’s ok, most of them are politicians now or lawyers.
  4. Getting old is snot for sissies.
  5. I bought gas in Ohio yesterday on my way home from church for $2.65, I stopped at the convenience store at the end of my road for milk this morning and saw their gas was $3.10
  6. We have the four girls, the little one just came out of the bedroom and joined her sister on nana’s Lap.
  7. Max has a secret lab at his house.
  8. Whelp time to make a run to the store for milk and bacon. Six kids put a hurtin on a half gallon of milk yesterday.
  9. For those that don’t remember Country Joe and the Fish. Not safe for office play, foul language
  10. At least you didn’t embed the fish cheer video from Woodstock.
  11. I got it covered today. The granddaughters had a sleepover.
  12. Happy birthday I tagged her on FB yesterday on a photo of a dinosaur eating marshmallow peeps.
  13. Longjohn


    You won’t see a cat do that.
  14. One little princess is up already.
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