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  1. How did I get so popular, today?

    If you played strip poker with the boys you are definately going to be popular.
  2. 9/21 last day of summer miles & such

    I don't know my miles yet because I'm still out on the lake in my kayak. It should be around five miles. Last day of sommer, bright sunshine and 80 degrees. Why do I have the whole lake to myself? I haven't caught anything but carp today. I guess it doesn't matter since I throw them back anyway.
  3. For some reason, I had this bug in my ear..

    This is the only Donny I ever heard. <insert retching emote here>
  4. FYI

    If you can get that fancy smancy electronic shifter to work, lol
  5. I see no bunny

    I think Elmer Fudd must have visited you. He probably didn't "kill the wabbit" his singing just scared them off.
  6. For some reason, I had this bug in my ear..

    When the heck did Donny become a hippy? He actually didn't sound bad either. I tuned him out when he was a girly voiced little kid and never listened to him again.
  7. Just 35,052 more

    She's afraid I'll kick the bucket and she won't be able to handle this property alone. I told her just remarry or sell the house and move after I'm gone. She's been trying to get us to move for a long time. I keep putting her off. I told her what if she kicks the bucket after we move? I won't have her or my dream house.
  8. I wish I had gotten the opportunity to play strip poker once

    I hate playing cards and bored games, I'd rather be outside. My wife talked me into playing cards when we were first married. We were spending the weekend at her dad's camp. It was raining and not good weather for swimming, canoeing, hiking or biking. We played strip poker and not being a card player I quickly lost, but then I won. if I have to play cards that's the way to do it.
  9. Just 35,052 more

    I'm buying this little house. WOLJ wants to downsize. We will have to keep my dream house until we can figure out what to do with all our stuff. I don't see the point?
  10. Just 35,052 more

    I had a date with a redhead today
  11. Just 35,052 more

  12. You must all come to Cleveland immediately!!!

    I just did a drive by past Cleveland on the way back from my weekend bike ride. I didn't stop
  13. I will try to remember to take pics

    I've never been there but my blood has.
  14. I would like the change os seasons please

    As long as you keep it out there. I want nothing to do with cold weather.
  15. Airinpie's first non-cycling related thread.

    I always like how we met threads.