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  1. I wasn’t impressed then and I’m still not.
  2. We have almost no mosquitoes. My wife credits the birds. Everyone in my neighborhood has Martin houses and bird feeders. We used to have ducks. When we had ducks we had zero mosquitoes. I don’t know it they ate them all or it was coincidence.
  3. I mowed MIL’s four acres. The swampy part on the back of the property was finally dry enough to mow. I drove home and started on my own two acres. I didn’t get far and it started pouring rain. I put the mower away, parked the trailer and unhooked it in the pouring rain. I came in and took a shower. By then it had stopped raining. I took my wife to a dental appointment. She used the wheelchair because she was feeling weak. The oncologist wanted a dental x-ray to see how this new medication was affecting her. The dentist was used to doing these for cancer patients and said her X-ray looked really good. This dental office wasn’t set up very well for a patient in a wheelchair. I managed to get her moved around ok. The dentist told my wife she was impressed.
  4. Never need one replaced on my element. I had one changed on the Accord for under $200.
  5. I haven’t seen my asshole since I retired.
  6. My son turned that on the other night to show me how bright it is. It lit up my whole yard. That’s what I need on my bike.
  7. I use Mongolian fire oil when I make stir fry. My wife doesn’t eat stir fry so I don’t make it often. This stuff is good on everything.
  8. Actually it’s my son’s truck that he pulled his fifth wheel camper up from Texas with.
  9. I read this thread title “MickinMD to the Cheese phone. Couldn’t think of a good parody. I know there is one out there.
  10. The most expensive crappiest broadband money can buy. And your usage is limited. I pay $129 a month and can’t even livestream a church service without missing half of it.
  11. Are those direct currants or alternating currants?
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