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  1. How many brownie points do you expect to get for that?
  2. I may or may not mow my lawn again. Last year when I was taking care of my wife I let it go and in the springtime I couldn’t tell the difference.
  3. And heating bills.
  4. They let you sleep in, now they do it at 4am, all four hospitals I’ve been in this past year. The one hospital drew blood every four hours round the clock.
  5. Scat can day for me. Going to find out on Friday if the chemo was effective. I’m thinking it was. Supposed to rain all day.
  6. Longjohn

    Harvest Moon

    My brother took this picture the other night.
  7. Hey that’s one way to eliminate one occupational disease. Cancer of the scrotum was the first occupational disease ever diagnosed in chimney sweeps.
  8. It took the phlebotomist a half hour to figure out the three pages of blood orders and one pee test. She made about four phone calls.
  9. Ha, you don’t even know what full of holes is. Although yesterday they drew 11 tubes of blood out of the same hole. I don’t know how many holes they will poke in me tomorrow, maybe just one for the contrast.
  10. What kind of dirt did you have in the pan? If you were making Carolina reaper bombs jelly you should probably wash the pan throw the pan away.
  11. I would suggest you don’t swallow any part of those peppers. Maybe just cut one in two and lick it. My hot honey is too hot. I’m going to try adding more honey to dilute it. I’ve been eating it but it makes me cough.
  12. Did you taste a pepper yet? If you did I must have missed it.
  13. Like the airbag bike helmet they sell on Facebook.
  14. I thought it was the moon and those were Bigbird’s legs hanging down from that cloud.
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