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  1. Try going down the stairs on your butt. I have heard of people with knee problems doing that. Going down stairs on crutches when you really can't use one of your legs is scary. Not so bad if there is a railing.
  2. Longjohn


    You need to spend more time at my place next time. We didn't make it to the winery picnic, the bike trail, or any of the cheese places. There is a place that makes the best Swiss cheese a couple miles from my house. They have a great horseradish cheese too. About fifteen miles away is another cheese place run by the Amish and across the road is The Cheese House, a cheese store like nothing you have ever seen. That Wisconsin cheese you brought was very good. I think our cheese would give it run for it's money.
  3. I was pre-approved for my first house at six times what I intended to spend. The bank wouldn't give me the money for the house I wanted, they wanted me to spend more than I could afford. I used other financing and that is the route I have always gone all except for when I refinanced the house I am in now. I don't trust bankers, realtors, and lawyers.
  4. I like buying houses, realtors and banks, not so much.
  5. I love being attacked by a pack of wild puppies. My son's dog had a litter of 14 puppies. I would come home from work and lie down and get attacked just like that guy.
  6. We had snow/sleet/rain for quite awhile yesterday. Tell me again why I live somewhere that has four months out of twelve that are nice?
  7. I had some knee issues about six years ago. My doctor said it was because of my age and I'd have to live with it until it got worse and then we would have to decide what course of action to take. Within two years of that diagnosis I was totally pain free. I don't know what happened but I can do things now that I couldn't do then. I ran a 5K this summer and placed really well and I am not a runner.
  8. Longjohn

    365 Grateful

    I'm grateful for my youngest son. I feel blessed to call him my son. He has never done anything that disappointed me. He played drums as a youngster and I never knew why he took up drums until many years later when he was giving a sermon at a mega church and I was watching a DVD of the service. He said he was always trying to please people and he knew I liked drums so he decided to take them up. It has served him well over the years and although he prefers to play guitar, piano, mandolin or keyboards when they are looking for a drummer that is in tune with where they are going they call on him. He married a wonderful woman and they gave me three absolutely amazing and beautiful granddaughters. He is quite the song writer and has given me private cd's that nobody else has (I also have the ones that he has recorded for the public, available on iTunes etc.).
  9. You need a gopro so we can see this. While I had the broken shoulder and was off work because of it I took my bike to Virginia and rode hundreds of miles exploring the Williamsburg area. I didn't ride anything that I thought had a good chance of making me crash and re-injure my broken shoulder blade and collar bone.
  10. He has pink wheels. It's breast cancer awareness month, everyone knows that.
  11. It sounds like you are not the only one that commutes to work where you work. I was the only one where I work until a month ago when an alcoholic who as far as I know has never owned a car bought himself a Huffy. He waited for me at the time clock to tell me all about it. He rides it to work (two miles at most, mostly down hill) and after work he usually gets one of the guys with a pick up to haul him home. I told him I saw a bike just like his in a movie and he got excited. I told him which movie and he got mad. (PeeWee's great adventure)
  12. You could get one to work out of your yogurt stand yoga studio. Regular massages could be part of the rent.
  13. Longjohn

    Is this DH?

    Wow, now that is how you go through a gate. Show this to RR
  14. I can't embed or post links or quote anyone on here anymore. I don't know what's up. I tried to post the youtube video from the onion "boy scouts offer to give breast exams" someone should put that up on this thread.
  15. I once tested for a civil service job. I could not believe how extensive that test was. They appeared to be looking for a highly qualified person for an entry level job. I was offered the job but turned it down because I was already making more money than they offered.
  16. Longjohn

    Would you?

    I'd ride my bike across that sucker.
  17. The new thing is inflammation.
  18. Maybe we should hold our breath for three months or so?
  19. Cheating would be to take the KOM while riding a four wheeler or a motorcycle.
  20. That is a good season. I have closed the pool later but I have never actually used the pool regularly this late in the year. The late closures were either through procrastination or the one year I crashed and broke my hip in September and didn't manage to get the pool closed up until the snow was flying.
  21. Earl Grey is alright if you like the taste of bergamot in your tea. The folks that like it love it, the people that don't like it hate it. I wasn't sure how to spell bergamot and when I googled it I got off on a Bergamot/Earl Grey bunny trail. That stuff is supposed to improve your cholesterol as good as statins. I think I'm going to add that to one of the healthy things I try to eat/drink.
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