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  1. One of my sons when he was little passed us up on a family ride going down a big hill. His feet were flying on the pedals. We thought he was showing off. He was riding an old hand me down single speed kids bike with a coaster brake. When we caught up to him on the next uphill his mom started telling him he needed to slow down he was going to get hurt. He said he can’t slow down, the brakes don’t work and somehow his bike had turned itself into a fixie. That’s why he had flying feet going down that big hill. He said his bike had been like that all year. I like kids that don’t complain much. Time to replace that bike with a bigger one with gears and hand brakes.
  2. I did mine in all copper thirty years ago. That looks like a leak waiting to happen.
  3. Did you ever have to cut a papaya? I told someone that she cut the papaya and they thought I was speaking in tongues. (Old Pentecostal missionary joke)
  4. That’s what mine would look like but the girl that cuts my hair and trims my beard trims them. I don’t like when they hang down in front of my eyes.
  5. My daughter in law used to wash my son’s iPod occasionally. They don’t survive the washing machine. Don’t have to worry about that with the iPhone, it’s never out of his sight.
  6. Putting a new saddle on my bike. We have severe thunderstorm warnings for our area. I just got an alert on my phone. Have to wait to try out the new saddle.
  7. Traffic has been about the same all the time. A lot of buggy traffic early in the morning, then hardly any all day, then it picks up around supper time. Sunday’s have the most traffic because everyone is going to church. The only traffic jams are when there is a funeral procession but even that doesn’t hold you up for long because the Amish cemetery is less than two miles away. I haven’t seen or heard of anyone dying since before Covid.
  8. Why don’t you have 46 make you one? His would probably be better quality anyway.
  9. My sons pitched all my wife’s passwords to her computer and phone and iPad when they were cleaning up her stuff right after she passed. They also pitched her car keys.
  10. I’ve been eating the onions out of the most recent bag for over two weeks so I guess I’m safe (unless it is only in a few onions in the bag)
  11. I trimmed Esther’s toenails the last year or so of her life. The hospice people were not allowed to do toenails. I tried to find a podiatrist who made house calls with no luck. The trick is to go online and find a good set of toenail tools.
  12. That’s as much as a nursing home. I thought living on a cruise ship was supposed to be cheaper than a nursing home?
  13. The reviews saved me from buying a junk imitation BOB trailer. It was a one wheeled trailer that looked just like a BOB but it was $100 less. Then it went on sale for 50% off. It was tempting. Trailers are big and bulky so the shipping would be costly. They finally dropped the price to $60 with free shipping and handling. I couldn’t afford not to buy it, but wait, let’s read the reviews. Every review but one said don’t buy this trailer. It falls apart within days. Not good when you are on the big adventure. One person started up the C&O towpath and their trailer fell apart. They were lucky enough to find a bike shop and buy a BOB for all their stuff. Most of them fell apart during the test rides near home to see how it pulled. The one not bad review was a guy that bought it to haul groceries a few blocks on smooth roads.
  14. We were having food recalls one after the other up until the pandemic. Romain lettuce, frozen berries, etc. I don’t remember any during the pandemic the heath department must have been too busy. People die with onion breath, must be Covid.
  15. Longjohn

    So sad.

    If he wants to get out of debt he needs to keep working. Sign up for social security and pension if he has one. At full retirement age there is no penalty if you deep working
  16. You people must have a lot of water pressure. Mine is on spray all the time and it sprays into the sink not all over the counter.
  17. The Delta variant is supposedly easier to catch.
  18. I get requests for reviews before I get the stuff I ordered.
  19. You guys should get a Penny Farthing, they are single speed. Well actually I guess they are fixies.
  20. I started out on a single speed, it even had a coaster brake. Then I went to a three speed, then a ten speed. Every bike I advanced to until this last one had more gears than the last one. I wish my new bike had triple chain rings, that would be awesome. I have never said gee this bike has too many gears I think I’ll ride my old one.
  21. Longjohn

    Junk Drawer

    Those all went straight to the trash when it became my kitchen. I don’t acquire anymore because I don’t buy takeout.
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