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  1. Longjohn


    She has a great smile. I thought you posted a music video.
  2. Longjohn

    So sad.

    When I had rental properties if you didn’t get them out before October they got to stay rent free until spring. I said screw that and converted them into single family homes and sold them off.
  3. Longjohn

    So sad.

    So how does that work? Motels cost more than rent don’t they? Does Salvation Army or Welfare put them up?
  4. Here is a recent ride I did. I think the up hills were the high cadence and the 28mph was the down hills.
  5. Don’t forget Captain Kirk that didn’t know he was supposed to wash his c-crap machine.
  6. I never had a cadence sensor until I bought the Garmin for my new bike. I always thought my cadence was way lower than it actually is. I like how it tells me my average cadence and my maximum cadence after every ride.
  7. Once everyone got over the hand sanitizer kick that they told us would keep us safe the breweries that stepped in to pick up the slack were stuck with bunches of their hand sanitizer. They had to do something with it so they mixed it with cool aid and put it in a can. Some Smuck will buy it.
  8. How tall is WO46? Her monkey suit probably won’t fit you.
  9. One nice thing about blood thinner bruises they get absorbed really fast. In a day or two they are gone. The only exception to that was when I had the bleed from where they went in my groin to place a stent in my heart. Blood flowed down my upper thigh and you can still see the discoloring 15 months later. That wasn’t really a bruise though. That’s when my cute little redhead nurse put direct pressure on my groin for a half hour and saved my life. That was the strangest feeling, it hurt so good. She was putting her whole body weight on me.
  10. I have never had bruises there and our roads have always been bad.
  11. The only fat bikes I see being ridden are E-fatbikes. I was stopped taking pictures in the middle of the woods yesterday and I heard this strange noise. What on earth do I hear? Up over the hill comes two fat bikes with equally fat riders. As they rode past I started singing “ I don’t want a pickle”
  12. Longjohn


    I think petite could pick you up.
  13. That looks exactly like the gravel road I just became the local legend on. I have no idea why they made the road zig zag like that.
  14. My wife got sepsis from her port. Hospitalized for ten days on IV antibiotics and they removed the port.
  15. I was getting bunches of bruising on the inside of my knees. Figured it out riding on rough roads my knees were hitting the top tube. I didn’t even notice it until I saw the bruises.
  16. The total cost of my Brilinta this year was over $3,000. Has your wife got any scratches yet, like from a thorn bush? What would normally just make a red mark now drips blood for an hour.
  17. Do you have good drug insurance? That Brilinta ran me right up to the Medicare donut hole this year. If I would have used any dermatology creams this year I would be paying out of pocket for my drugs. At least your wife will split the year of Brilinta up into two different years. I’ve been on it for 15 months because six months into it I had another heart attack and had to start the year over.
  18. Makes you want to hop right in.
  19. Why are there alligators swimming in that pond?
  20. It’s a good thing they did with the plane on fire they couldn’t sit around waiting for someone to come and get them.
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