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  1. There was a very large lady walking on the left side of the trail. I slowed down and said passing on your left. She kept walking on the left so I said passing on your right and passed her on the right. She must have had earbuds in or was deaf. She had long hair so I couldn’t see her ears.
  2. I’m concerned that I probably won’t survive my next crash if I’m still on blood thinners. I’d like to get this house in order before I check out.
  3. On my birthday ride I did the first fifty miles in a single gear. I was getting tired so I did the last 22 miles in one gear lower. I like gears, great invention. You don’t have to use them but it’s nice to have them.
  4. I did ride while I was off work with a broken collar bone.
  5. I didn’t ride even once during the two years I was taking care of my wife.
  6. He was missing his left arm. The bike shop moved all his controls to the right side. Not sure what they did about the front brake? Maybe just eliminated it.
  7. Rode around lake Wilhelm plus a mile or two. Wanted to get a picture of one of the falling trees that is leaning across the trail and we have to ride under it. It didn’t look too bad in the picture but it could break loose at any time and crash down on the trail. 14 miles.
  8. I rode up Big Savage Mountain in the rain with an old guy that only had one arm. He said he rides up the mountain every day.
  9. You don’t have to be smart to play sports.
  10. You should go get tested to make sure you don’t have the vids.
  11. RG is just jealous because he knows only left handed people are in their right mind.
  12. We need to stop it or Wheels will bury us in a box.
  13. And canned peaches, available year round.
  14. I can’t remember the names. Both were stops on tour of Mercer County. The one had a shop attached that sold kayaks and outdoor equipment.
  15. Beer for breakfast is always good if you can tolerate it.
  16. Two fairly large brewery/wineries that used to be on our annual rides went out of business during Covid. Lots of outdoor seating. The one used to host our lunch stop.
  17. Cancer sux, at least I have heart disease going for me. Cancer is a terrible way to die.
  18. The orchard I go to picks them for us. They do a much better job of it and less liability.
  19. Beat me to it, I was just going to post this.
  20. Single speed makes sense for flat roads, whatever they are.
  21. Thermostat? What chew talkin bout Willis? I should have built a fire yesterday but too lazy. Maybe tomorrow night.
  22. You can eat all you want while you are picking for free. Try that in a grocery store.
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