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  1. There’s room for improvement. The next thing will be power brakes and maybe power steering?
  2. I forgot about that. That was a long time ago. I’m lucky if I remember what I had for lunch.
  3. As I said in your other thread my arthritis in my knees completely went away. I used different brands sometimes but I took it for years. Still have some but backed off on supplements now because of all the prescriptions I take.
  4. Ok that explains why they both quit posting. I wondered why when they got together they wouldn’t keep posting.
  5. The Amish that ride still have horse drawn shifting.
  6. And I just changed cassettes and now have a granny gear that is walking speed.
  7. Me too. I really like the bar end shifters on my 520, this new bike has brifters but they are different from the ones on my 16 year old road bike. Now I have to remember three different ways to shift according to which bike I’m on.
  8. When the battery goes dead does it stay in the last gear you were in?
  9. Ok I don’t want to be on a tour and have the battery go dead on my shifter and no way to shift the gears.
  10. I have touring bikes, don’t see the need for electric shifting.
  11. Did you ever get dressed in the dark and get where you are going only to find you are wearing shoes from two different pair? I did that once, the shoes were similar so probably nobody noticed.
  12. That looks like a really nice bike path and really wide but you don’t want to drop off the edge.
  13. The power company put a power commander box on the side of my house for my 80 gallon water tank. Supposedly if there was hi demand for electric they would send out a signal to that box to cut the power to my water heater for a short time until the demand went down. We never went without hot water so we figured everything was working as planned. One day we didn’t have any hot water. I checked the heating elements and we were getting no power to them. I checked the breaker and it wasn’t tripped. I went outside and took that power commander box apart. It was fake, the 220 line came out through the wall, went into that box where it made a u-turn and went back through the wall again and went to the water heater. I took a second look at the breaker box, there was one 220 breaker that was unmarked and turned off. I turned that one back on and we had hot water. Then I remembered I was adding more 220 circuits and had to move everything around to make room. I must have moved the water heater up one space but didn’t have a marker handy to Mark it, I’ll remember.
  14. When my wife had android phones she always had her phone play Johnny Angel when I called her.
  15. We have enough lock pickers on this forum someone should be able to open that box.
  16. Couch and Tude hooked up but that happened mostly on the LF. There was another couple got together from the LF, when they did they both quit posting.
  17. How old are the kids? They should love that circular race track in the front.
  18. Wow, you can visit without a mask
  19. Many years ago when we got married we got four matching crock pots. All our friends were getting married so we were able to dump three of them.
  20. I only complain once. It starts now and goes until May.
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