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  1. So, you're predicting a blue wave? If so we can agree on two things...there will be a blue wave, and it will fuck the economy. See? We have a lot in common afterall.
  2. I've had boats all my adult life. This is my fourth one. If i lived where you do, I'd def have a Whaler.
  3. How has his year been? I visited my dealer in early June. He had a full showroom and lot of new boats. Now he has a couple of Master-Craft's on the floor, and that's it. He says that boat manufacturers are full on busy just building to order. He's concerned that they won't be able to supply much inventory for the floor come the first of the year.
  4. Also, a cool feature is the seat back moves so you can sit facing forward or back. The "shotgun" seat has that feature too. The swim platform is fixed...it has a flip down step to make boarding from in the water easy, it's manual.
  5. I assume Merc. Dealer didn't discuss options.
  6. I have a lake house where we spend most of the summer.
  7. Sold my Malibu at the end of August. It was an incredible boat, but I don't need a tournament boat anymore. The Cobalt is bigger and will perform better on rough days.
  8. https://cobaltboats.com/sterndrive/r-series/r5/ Promised to be delivered by May 1.
  9. Yes, daily. My country club has a dress code requiring that we wear nice clothes to play golf.
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