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    you're confusing him with me
  2. nothing says quality like pure oak
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    I just figured max was trying to remember what quality was. Living in CT, you would never get to see much of it, you know
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    free of all liberalism and Made in America
  5. on I-81 headed north towards Scranton, its only 2 lanes and you are on the long crawl up into the Appalachians. Its even down to 1 lane for something like 50 miles for construction now, too all our hiways were built in the late 1960s. So we have a lot of those "cloverleaf" style on and off ramps and all that nonsense. They designed all the on ramps to merge right into your blind spot...its just ridiculous. And to think that all the freight going to and from the Northeast has to come through here really makes you wonder how these bridges are still standing. you know the Delaware River bridge to NJ is closed because the steel girders under the bridge cracked all the way through? Just unbelievable. Its like for decades now our state officials have been skimming and funneling tax money to their cousins and all that shit, not doing their jobs, and then when all the bridges are ready to fall down, they double all the license and registration fees and raise taxes.
  6. I thought the same thing. I remember really liking this show. I thought it would be really funny, like how I remembered....but you know, maybe the fact that I honestly can't answer your question should have told me something! I really can't remember very many scenes. I remember the characters and the general set-up...but Travolta did that "what...where.....when....who...." stuff in a lot of episodes (didn't he?)
  7. Here in Harrisburg, we get that in spades all the time. The trucks try and get out of Baltimore headed north early, which puts them here in Harrisburg right in the middle of morning rush. The hiways are all under construction right now, too, because all our bridges seem to be falling down all at once (40 years of Democratic majorities can do that to a place) and then you add a few uphill grades and throw in some lane closures for the construction and it just blows leather dicks trying to get back and forth to work coming home they are doing construction up here at my exit and they re-routed the traffic and changed the merge point so that now it basically "merge for your life" every afternoon out there, too but 2 trucks trying to pass each other on a 2 lane hiway on and uphill grade just sucks. We also get the old ladies who just camp out right next to the 18 wheeler, too.
  8. next time you post about something serious, I would imagine
  9. don't worry Max Its not going to slow me down one bit
  10. there was a big dust up over parodies and puppets you know, the usual stuff. Everybody is making parodies and posting with puppets and everything is groovy, then I post a parody of DH's thread, and wheels comes down hard on everybody I remind wheels that I once served America protecting his freedom, so naturally I feel like a real sucker for throwing away the best years of my 20s for his dumb ass...that sort of thing oh, and Kzoo gave a way Parody Meter to some other forum for old ladies that he spends a lot of time on, so now's the time to invest big in Parody Metrics
  11. ha! that should fix his wagon alright
  12. in my old riding logs, in February of 2009 I rode over 500 miles. sounds like a pretty mild February that year, too. This one has been mild, BUT....the ground was still frozen this morning. There are some years the farmers have already turned their fields because the ground wasn't frozen. So this one is mild, but we've had even milder than this a few years ago around here but where we are here in the Mid Atlantic, it all depends on the upper air flows. We can have warm, mild winters like they get in Georgia, or we can get an Upstate New York Butt Freezer it all depends on how far down the jet stream dips out west, my mom and dad say they are going through probably their worst winter in a decade
  13. I play that concert at Shippensburg this Sunday. I'm practicing tonight and tomorrow night, I'm going for a ride Saturday and practicing for a few hour when I get back. Dan gave me Sunday off from choir and Father let me give the folks the week off in RCIA, so I'm going to spend Sunday getting ready to play and then leave for Ship around 1:00 its an hour drive, and then my part of the program with Chris is at the end, so I'm going to have to be ready to play cold. So I'll play all morning, get there an hour early and play some beforehand and then just be ready to play I haven't thought about anything after that
  14. wow, Jerry! and I mean WOW! but guess that is a little disconcerting that the old generals look like young fellas I think that means you have seniority, though
  15. Kzoo, this is what YOU posted in DH's thread about here arms yesterday... "This has Parody material written all over it. " I do a parody today about muscles on my branches, and that is all it takes for Wheels to mobilize and declare these parodies a terrible thing so fuck you and the horse you rode in on pal
  16. what parody puppet purge? Parody Metrics stock is up 10 bucks a share today the news that kzoo is wussing out and shipping off Parody Meter is driving the rally
  17. fucking rights!! PARODY METRIC PARODY RATINGS RATES THIS PARODY.... a record 20.7 on a scale of 10! GYSOT!
  18. I come here because I like a lot of the people here. you, not so much, but that is only because you are a typical lefty hypocrite when it comes to what you censor and what you don't. and you definitely need to come to terms with the fact that your president is Donald J Trump the mere posting of the image of our president should not be getting threads pulled and warning points and all that crap. That is just flat out wrong and you need to grow up but you are not why I am here, if you were wondering
  19. defended this country because you were too big a puss to do it yourself, that's for damn sure
  20. I got to hand it too you kzoo, its hard to kiss that much ass with chapped lips
  21. Yes! I was wondering when you lefties were going to get with the program
  22. I thought it was Donald TRUMPS lefties
  23. ...for your right to PARODY!
  24. just like when I was in the service, I'll fight for your right to parody so you won't ever have to
  25. you guys are such sissies...I'm going to invest heavily in Parody Metrics, and you should get in on this, too, JSharr. If Kzoo shipped his rickety old Parody Meter off to some other forum, Parody Metrics will be the only game in town then we'll have a monopoly and we can raise our parody rating rates and make out like fat rats
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