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  1. Well, I've lost my enthusiasm for riding (planning a strategy to start riding in the mornings now tho), and even lost my enthusiasm for sim racing. My 5yo son is basically unrestrained all day long at home while my wife and I work and get precious little free time, and the demands of our jobs being what they are keep us busy sometimes into the evenings. I'm eager for 'some' return to normal, like my son starting school again, but I just don't know how this virus thing will play out on that. I'm upset that he'll miss a chance for me to ceremonially walk him to school on his first day, and be excited about his friends from daycare being there, and so on. We chose our house because of its proximity to this school, and now its like its on the other side of the planet.
  2. I would venture they were probably patrolling their... land...
  3. Yeah, that's about the only time I'd ever obtain a firearm again and for this reason. I'll never go into a large forested area without a weapon. My chief concern is people and the second concern would be defense against any animals that are bigger than I'd care for.
  4. Full recovery of the leg anticipated?
  5. Yes, but at a range that was not conducive to seeing its immediate effect. (I am not currently a gun owner, and that (above) was when I was in service. I owned a few guns for some years after leaving, but the ended up collecting dust after I simply lost interest in shooting due to the expense and the culture of it).
  6. Wasn't there a certain movie that was filmed specifically in a high frame rate like this? Ah yes! The Hobbit movies....
  7. There's some occasional kids shows that I've watched with my son that were from before HD. I think what jarred me the most was watching commercials on regular tv. I couldn't stand it...I had to leave.
  8. Haven't seen it yet, but I go to films very rarely these days. I watched "John Wick 3" on a flight from NYC and my lord, it was awful stuff. I cannot stand the shoddy choreography of the gunplay. The right intent is there, but you can tell that the director doesn't believe in editing and quick cuts to avoid the fact that all the actors are clearly preparing to make their moves on a numbered count rather than instinctively. And Wick's virtually only line in the entire movie is "Guns, more guns", straight out of The Matrix.
  9. Two words: It sucked-ish. If you've seen it advertised, this is the black/white film featuring Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson as two US Lighthouse crewman who are dropped off to man a lighthouse station for four weeks. It was directed by the same guy who did 'The Witch', which had a very period atmosphere to it with authentic dialogue. The Lighthouse is no different, quickly capturing the same air of authenticity with some truly age of sail sorta lingo from Dafoe (as the old hand). Long story short, the two men never get along very well, but are doing their jobs, and yet they exhibit some fairly typical solitary behaviors, such as Dafoe's character being obsessed with being the only one that goes to the very top of the lighthouse to maintain the Fresnel lens, where he does stuff sometimes like strips naked to 'bathe' in the light and other things. Pattinson being the younger guy appears to behave more normally, constantly complaining about the very hard tasks that Dafoe gives him to complete, but he also starts to see visions of everything from mermaids to tentacled monsters associated with Dafoe's character. In the process, he encounters a seagull with a missing eye that apparently bothers him several times, and Pattinson ends up killing it. (Bad idea...you don't kill gulls because they are inhabited by the souls of dead sailors). The four weeks come to an end, but then no ship arrives to bring replacements, so they are effectively marooned until weather or whatever events delayed the ship play out (this film looks to be set in the 1890's). At this point the men effectively resort to hard drinking, and then Pattinson lets slip that he's not actually a man named Wilson, but rather, he'd assumed the identity of someone who died on a previous job he'd had as a logger, who he may have murdered. As you go along, you realize that while Dafoe's character is an eccentric wizened old man, Pattinson is actually some sort of insane murderer who had hoped to avoid eventual discovery by authorities by taking on a new life/job. The two are somewhat evenly paired, with a sort of truce over drinking, but after long Pattinson can't contain it and winds up killing Dafoe, but not before taking a serious wound. He then climbs finally to see what was so fascinating about the top of the lighthouse, and he has some sort of insane epiphany, but then falls down the lighthouse stairs and incurs several injuries along the way. The final scene is of him on the rocks near the lighthouse, missing an eye, and having his guts pecked out by gulls while he's still alive. I loved the atmosphere of the film. It was shot in a 4:3 ratio, so there's a lot of real estate lost for the scenes you get, but it's got a very old feel to it, like a lost film shot in the late 30's. The dialogue is hard to follow several times, and occasionally you can't see very much on screen. Some shots lacked contrast of any kind. Ultimately I was disapppointed by how predictable the story was. I was expecting some sort of lovecraftian type horror, but instead it was really just a guy losing his mind and the two of them killing each other. The supernatural aspects were just window dressing on the insanity of Pattinson, rather than what I'd hoped would be some interesting turn of events in terms of something mysterious about that lighthouse or whatever. There was also some unnecessary attention to sex in the film, with Pattinson's character wacking off several times, and him dreaming of having sex with a mermaid, even with a mermaid genitalia pictured, which just looks like a giant puzzy. It kinda interferes with the story even, but I guess highlights the increasing isolation that Pattinson experiences, although Dafoe's character appears used to it. Towards the end you see him as more sane than he appeared to be earlier on. The important takeaway is that never let yourself be alone with William Dafoe, because I'm convinced he's really like that in person, and I could see myself killing him.
  10. Olas Nah


    I'm still pretty fast for a purely recreational rider nowadays. I ride a typically hilly course usually above 18mph for the total so that's pretty good, although I used to be able to do the same at 20 when I was much lighter.
  11. Olas Nah

    How Many Miles?

    I don't have the time to really put in long rides anymore. With work commitments, picking up the kid from daycare (which I do for the most part because my wife has a long commute and I don't), I might be able to get out to ride maybe twice during the weekdays and once on the weekends. But it's usually twice. Usually my 'long' ride on a weekend is maybe 40 miles, with my regular rides usually 20 or 25 at most. I'm tired a lot because things keep me up late and early to rise, so I sometimes just don't have the energy to ride very hard either. I have to keep it up to regain some energy, but it's hard when I might have to go 5 days without riding at all. I go to the gym sometimes, but I absolutely HATE using machines and the cycling ones are honestly the worst. That being said, I've been slowly losing some of the Dad weight I gained after my son was born and I was able to get in a decently fast Metric century in early September, although I (due to not eating enough) bonked towards the end. I'm hoping with the coming of Spring I can have some fitness to hit a few group rides where I can be pushed a little bit more and get a bit faster.
  12. Skip gels and eat the Cube gummies. They're not chewy, but more like a fruit snack. Just tear it open before you start your ride and you can feed them like pez as needed. I do hate gels because inevitably you get some of it on your hands.
  13. Cadel IMO has always been a clean rider and not to mention, probably one of the toughest on the bike. Damn if I still don't remember that stage in 2011 where he was pulling the whole fucking peloton up the mountain, and then also in the Dauphine where he was all looking back at Contador like 'you gonna race this bitch or what'? and then all his Giro rides where he was basically enduring all the mud and rain..
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