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  1. Olas Nah


    This ignores hospitalizations, durations of them, side effects, and how the recovery rate you are quoting includes populations almost barely affected, like young children. Depending on your age, your 'recovery rate' can be as low as 20 percent. Currently the case fatality rate for Covid19 (Where you go and get tested and are confirmed to have it) is 2.5%. And while increased testing is trending that 2.5% downwards, just imagine that 2.5 out of every 100 people getting this disease are dying. That's a VERY high number. Many times higher than CFR for seasonal flu, which is barely a tenth of a percent, and even then, only for elderly and other susceptible groups. Depending on who you are, by age range, etc...the CFR is a LOT higher.
  2. You know, there hasn't been much released lately that I've even bothered to watch. I saw 'The Outpost' about that Korengal Valley firefight or whatever, but it seemed to be a rehash of a "Medal of Honor' episode about the same event, and the Prime/episode version was just better in telling the story, although just marginally. It's hard to really tell a good story about a 30 minute firefight that ends with America just blowing the hell out of the Taliban with air support as usual. Heroics aside, just goes to show our overreliance on Air Support in those theatres. Those guys needed either not to be there in the first place, or to have had more dedicated support. Men died essentially for no reason. I suppose I also finally got around to watching the Guy Ritchie movie 'The Gentlemen', but it was a bit slow in pacing and seemed to lack the snappy dialogue of his other films, but fun all the same. Colin Farrell was really good in it, especially with some of the situations his character was in. Funny. Oh... last year I went to see 'The Lighthouse', which had atmosphere of an incredible even mythical nature and then some, but the lovecraftian aspects really end up falling flat and the ending was fairly disappointing. Still, great acting by both Dafoe and the Twilight guy... Pattinson. I'd say you watch the first half (til the storm arrives) and then just bail on the rest of it, and let the mystery be the 'ending' for you.
  3. I don't try to ride if it's below 45, but around here (TN) most days that's usually the high even at the peak of winter. It means I can't go out in the mornings or evenings, but the daytimes are decent. I worked out a reverse layering system with my jersey/gear where instead of having a beefy riding jacket, I instead wear three layers, one is a windproof jacket, and then I have a heavy insulated underarmor shirt, and then if necessary I'll wear a basic underarmor body fit shirt under that. Seems to help deal with my changing temperatures as I start a ride and then get well into it. With gloves I start out with Lobsters on, then switch to some lighter weights once my body temp is up as well.
  4. I know, it's an odd subject to bring up from me, after a super-long hiatus where I occasionally pop into this group once a year, but I'm just curious how cyclists feel about it with respect to how it impacts their riding. With Covid19 in place and me working from home, I get the luxury of riding during the daytime unlike when I was going into the office and I had to wait until dark to ride, or not at all (usually I would just all but quit cycling except on the weekends during the winter), but certainly this situation wont' last, and I'll get angry about the time change again... What say you?
  5. Yeah, I honestly just forget about this site, and I'm on some other social media which has really killed my drive to hit up messageboards where I have to be on PC.
  6. Well, I've lost my enthusiasm for riding (planning a strategy to start riding in the mornings now tho), and even lost my enthusiasm for sim racing. My 5yo son is basically unrestrained all day long at home while my wife and I work and get precious little free time, and the demands of our jobs being what they are keep us busy sometimes into the evenings. I'm eager for 'some' return to normal, like my son starting school again, but I just don't know how this virus thing will play out on that. I'm upset that he'll miss a chance for me to ceremonially walk him to school on his first day, and be excited about his friends from daycare being there, and so on. We chose our house because of its proximity to this school, and now its like its on the other side of the planet.
  7. I would venture they were probably patrolling their... land...
  8. Yeah, that's about the only time I'd ever obtain a firearm again and for this reason. I'll never go into a large forested area without a weapon. My chief concern is people and the second concern would be defense against any animals that are bigger than I'd care for.
  9. Full recovery of the leg anticipated?
  10. Yes, but at a range that was not conducive to seeing its immediate effect. (I am not currently a gun owner, and that (above) was when I was in service. I owned a few guns for some years after leaving, but the ended up collecting dust after I simply lost interest in shooting due to the expense and the culture of it).
  11. Wasn't there a certain movie that was filmed specifically in a high frame rate like this? Ah yes! The Hobbit movies....
  12. There's some occasional kids shows that I've watched with my son that were from before HD. I think what jarred me the most was watching commercials on regular tv. I couldn't stand it...I had to leave.
  13. Haven't seen it yet, but I go to films very rarely these days. I watched "John Wick 3" on a flight from NYC and my lord, it was awful stuff. I cannot stand the shoddy choreography of the gunplay. The right intent is there, but you can tell that the director doesn't believe in editing and quick cuts to avoid the fact that all the actors are clearly preparing to make their moves on a numbered count rather than instinctively. And Wick's virtually only line in the entire movie is "Guns, more guns", straight out of The Matrix.
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