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  1. When they realized they could never marry, it filled them with a deep sense of melon-choly.
  2. My fifth grade teacher saw things in me that my parents never saw. She was a constant source of support, caring and encouragement. She arranged for me to take private classes in drawing and painting. She took a special interest in me for some reason and I'll never forget her. I never had another teacher like her.
  3. Usually, this is only done by people who come from places that suck.
  4. As dong threads go, this one is pretty wholesome!
  5. I know you wanted to say Stooges, but you controlled yourself. I'm pretty sure I know which one is Moe; the other two, I'm not sure.
  6. If that is KWS, then who is this?
  7. I think this is true. @jsharr can always get another puppy and another Martha, but we can't get another Cheese.
  8. Meh. We are all going to die soon, anyway... relatively speaking.
  9. His name is John and he goes by the name Long John. Duh!
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