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  1. Tomorrow, they bring back the 4-day champion, Zach Newkirk, who was the champ back when Covid interrupted the filming of Jeopardy.
  2. I knew Wild Bill from other game shows and such, but I never thought of Custer. Chang's final bet of $0 surprised me. How could he know that the guy with just a $1000 less than him going into FJ would miss?
  3. She was 94. She had a good long run. All the ladies from the MTM show are now gone, except for Betty White.
  4. Maybe your sex partner has an infection or an STD that has spread to your mouth and gums. Of course, this would require rather intense oral-genital contact on your part and I am sure you would likely never indulge in this sort of decadent sexual behavior. Just a thought.
  5. Also, there was a popular actor of the 60's and 70's named Christopher George. He starred in the 60's TV show, "The Rat Patrol" and acted in numerous other TV shows and movies. He also died relatively young (52, same as Christopher Reeve) in 1983 from a damaged heart.
  6. Clark


    Just think of all the senators you would have in Washington. 4 states plus Texas would mean 10 senators instead of two.
  7. Clark


    Were they successful?
  8. Clark


    I lived in Pensacola for awhile. It seemed more like Alabama than Florida, for sure.
  9. Clark


    I have wondered at times what might happen if a state decided to leave the union today. I think Texas should give it a try, just for fun.
  10. As it should be. It is what we do best. The forum needs to concentrate on this inherent strength and become the greatest home to drivel that exists anywhere on the internet. Achieving unparalleled levels of inanity may not be easy, but if we can't do it, no one can!
  11. Are Catholic people addicted to cats?
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