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  1. When I registered for the vaccine with the state, it actually never dawned on me to tell a little white lie or two. I have had a few medical problems in the past that I could have easily claimed, but I guess I thought that embellishing my medical condition wouldn't be necessary and that my age alone would quickly get me near the top of the list. Obviously, I screwed up. Honesty doesn't pay.
  2. Mine were 11 years old, but I keep my truck out of most of the sun and weather by always parking in my carport. I rarely drive on interstates, mostly just short trips around town. Even if they had separated, I probably would have been okay at 35 mph.
  3. Mine were cracked where the sidewall meets the tread area. They wouldn't pass inspection. If they had, I would probably still be driving on them. It seemed a shame to throw away tires with all that tread left on them.
  4. I bought a new set of tires last year. I should be good for another 10 years or so.
  5. I last shopped for a vehicle in Feb of 2009 when I bought my Ford Ranger. 12 years later, it has approximately 15K miles on the odometer. At this rate, I won't turn over 50,000 until almost the year 2050. Unless my truck gets destroyed in a massive wreck or the engine inexplicably blows up, my car shopping days are over.
  6. When I filled out my registration, I could have indicated I had heart or lung disease and I would have been at the top of the list. But I decided to do the honorable thing and answer honestly. I think that is now biting me in the ass. Everybody else probably lied.
  7. My son's in-laws got theirs and they are 7 or 8 years younger than me. Apparently, I have fallen through the crack. I have registered twice; once with my city and once again with the state, but I hear nothing. I guess I just have to wait until all the 20 year-olds in perfect health get theirs and then maybe they will get around to me. And maybe not.
  8. I am also one of the oldest people here, but somehow the Virginia Health Dept doesn't seem to give a shit.
  9. Yes. It is usually when your fever is breaking that you will feel hot.
  10. Clark

    Who is...

    I think you mean Amy. BTW, Mayim Bialik's first name is an anagram for "I'm Amy".
  11. I wonder what @Randomguy will say he was doing at 16?
  12. ^^^ It may be time to get the lawnmower out soon.
  13. Hitler had a tornado shelter?
  14. Not smart, but I'm definitely a loser!
  15. Clear your browsing data...
  16. Clark

    Who is...

    Anything is possible. Sometimes, people make inexplicable bets in Final J. I think if I knew I was going to be on Jeopardy, I would try to pre-plan for every conceivable Final scenario.
  17. Clark

    Who is...

    The clue: In 2020, their Greatest Hits, with an optimistic ’80s anthem, became only the third album ever to spend 600 weeks on the Billboard 200
  18. Clark

    Who is...

    ...Twisted Sister?
  19. Or maybe schools.... I just watched a rerun of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?". One of the questions was, "How fast does the second hand of a watch travel?" The possible answers: A. 33-1/3 rpm B. 45 rpm C. 78 rpm D. 1 rpm The contestant said that she wasn't good at math and had to ask the audience. 82% of the audience selected, "D. 1 rpm". That's good, but what is disconcerting is that 18% of the audience thought that the second hand of a watch travels at the speed of a record player. From this audience sample, it would appear that
  20. 3/4 - 14 miles on the indoor cycling machine.
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