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  1. Better, now that Brad is back.
  2. It could be worse. They could have named him Richard instead of Ralph.
  3. Peter Marshall's real name is Ralph Pierre LaCock. Pierre is French for Peter. So his real name in English is "Ralph Peter The-Cock". I just thought you ought to know.
  4. I have to disassemble my pipe at the trap and use the snake to go into the pipe where it enters the wall. For some reason, mine always clogs up at a 90 deg fitting in the wall.
  5. March Madness starts this coming weekend with Selection Sunday.
  6. My neighbors and I have learned the hard way that caustic drain cleaners can damage your pipes, if they are metal. Try the snake first.
  7. It weighs nothing in outer space.
  8. Probably not arousing for her, either.
  9. Are there lesbians who are feminine and who like other feminine women? Or butch types who like other butch types? It seems like half of the lesbians want to look and act like a man and the other half seem to want a man with a vagina. It is all very confusing.
  10. I would think that the Poles would be hard to beat.
  11. I, too, have a bathroom window. They were pretty standard back when my house was built in 1960. My bathroom window is used a lot in the spring and fall.
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