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  1. I agree. This may well be in the top ten of all time. Jealousy seems to rule the world of Cafe parody.
  2. Not that I know of, but Jeopardy would be a better judge of intellect if they would include Seinfeld and Curb categories on a regular basis.
  3. They all suck in comparison to a really good episode of Seinfeld.
  4. I know a lot of useless trivia, but my brian works way too slow these days. If you gave me all the answers to study the night before, I might be able to just barely compete. In certain male-centric categories only, of course.
  5. I guess it might help to leave the windows cracked open just a bit.
  6. ...that when you left your car to go into the store and then returned 30 minutes later, it still smelled like a fart? Is this why people get those air freshener thingies for their cars?
  7. I guess the effort required to type, "and TB" was just too much to ask...
  8. And Ralph wants to be on Jeopardy!
  9. Handling them would be the easy part.
  10. And they are beautiful!
  11. Tim Burr


    Please don't leave. This place goes to hell when you leave. I will give you a ride in my BMW if you stay.
  12. Tim Burr

    Likes, help needed

    You are my favorite poster.
  13. I am not smelly. I eat chicken, and lots of it. When my bar of soap dwindles to less than 0.25 inches in thickness, I throw it away.
  14. I'm the opposite of smarmy, you cretinous ass. I will agree with your douchebag assessment, but I am definitely not smarmy.
  15. You don't sound like much fun.
  16. It must be nice to live a life where your biggest problem is people who wear fragrances. Alex has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I bet he doesn't worry much about perfume.
  17. I will like all of his posts from now on. I am hoping his hatred of me will diminish over time.
  18. That's pretty good but it would have been even better if you had misspelled "you", as well.
  19. Congratulations. You misspelled "aggression" and "discuss". Is your spandex cutting off the flow of blood to your brain?
  20. You should watch Jeopardy. I am almost always right! You people have scrambled eggs for brains.
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