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  1. late

    My cellphone died

    I am looking at the G6 Play, the Moto G5 Plus, and the iPhone SE. Not really an apple fan, but my best friend swears by them, and that's a nice phone for $160. Consumer Cellular has that, and the G5 Plus, which is $200. Amazon has the G6 Play for $190, but that means swapping out the SIM card. Never done that. I like that this phone is more rugged than the other two. I have a real talent for breaking shit. I left my old phone in my pants and threw them in the rocking chair that sits just behind my computer chair. The wife coming in to visit may have had something to do with it's demise..
  2. late

    My cellphone died

    Not sure I'd need data, but I suppose it could come in handy. I tried a $100 smart phone a few years back, it was dreadful, and I only got one bar at home, and that was on a nice day.
  3. late

    Would you?

    That's nuts.
  4. late

    My cellphone died

    So now I get to decide if I want to get another, or just fahgettaboutit. I was thinking about dipping into the cheap end of the smartphone pool. I'm really torn about phones. My inner old fart wants to tell it to get off the lawn. My inner gadget says 'bells and whistles, bells and whistles. My inner paranoid thinks they will spy on me, wouldn't be the first time. My inner super shopper says 'We have the technology, we can make you better, faster, stronger' (cue the theme music).
  5. late

    Sagan's Worst Ad

    It's a freaking ad. Showed it to the wife, without saying a word about what it was. At the end, she said the same thing. "Go grannie"
  6. late

    Sagan's Worst Ad

    Loved the ad. You go, Grannie!
  7. late

    For jsharr and the car buyers.

    I keep doing that. Chalk it up to a senior moment. It's a 2006.
  8. late

    For jsharr and the car buyers.

    My Sonata is a 96, it's fine.
  9. late

    BLT love

    As long as we're talking maters, in August we'll start making fried green tomatoes. One of the joys of summer.
  10. late

    BLT love

    Make a Blast (the a is for avocado) and add thinly sliced smoked salmon to it. Love it. http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/blast-sandwich
  11. late

    Coffee Review

    A little stiff??? That's nuts. Most of the coffee isn't that expensive. I like a lighter roast, and they require a careful touch when brewing. A lot of those flavors, in the tasting notes, can be easily overwhelmed if you brew too strong or long. I usually got Costa Rican for light, or an Ethiopian for a regular brew. I am quite fond of Yirgacheffe. A lot of these coffees come from small farms, and sell out fast, the coffee I was curious about wasn't there when I looked at the website.
  12. late

    Coffee Review

    I can't drink coffee nowadays. A couple computers ago, I used to use Coffee Review; I had completely forgotten about it. Don't ask me why, but I just thought of it. It's been so long, I can't say much. But if you wanted to try out some good coffees, this is something to consider. A local roaster, Speckled Axe, made the list. That business used to have a different name, but the blends are the same. He uses an old wood fired Italian roaster. When he started, he sold a sample of 4 of his coffees. I wasn't all that taken with most of them, it can take a while to nail everything down. But the Chickadee decaf was the only decaf I've had that I liked. He's got a coffee shop now, I think I'll go split a cup there with the wife. There's a Whole Foods house brand, Allegro Three Queens, that was highly rated. I'll prob get a bag for the wife, if our local store has it. One thing to be aware of with deals, is that coffee business types get hit by bait and switch tactics at times. So you can try something new, that is a steal, and the next bag can be a crashing mediocrity. While this isn't true for Whole Foods, a small business may have no choice but to sell it. Anyway, looks like fun. https://www.coffeereview.com/highest-rated-coffees/
  13. That's economic suicide. An incrementing tax would give the economy a chance to adjust. Add about 15-20 cents a year.
  14. "If you want to change behavior, change the price." The way to go is an incremental Carbon Tax. What you're suggesting is just a variation on that idea.
  15. Still won't make a significant change... You need an effective national policy (and a plan) and the first step is...