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  1. Let me say sorry right up front. Anything can be money. Just before Shay's Rebellion, the Massholes in Boston had sucked all of the hard coin out of the rural areas, and made the American paper dollars worthless. That's why Shay rebelled. He was a vet that had just liberated the country, and his reward was for the Massholes to rig finances so they could steal his farm. He couldn't use his pay, in dollars, to pay his taxes, or any other debt owed in Boston. There was no money. So people used receipts as money. It's a kinda sorta barter system. It's crude, but it works, and seems to happen spontaneously when what had been money disappears or stops being money. (Think Germany in the Depression when a loaf of bread would cost hundreds, and cost even more manana. Anyway. Here's an oversimple example. You take out a loan, money gets created. You pay off the loan, money gets destroyed. Every bitcoin has a unique identifier. These numbers were easy to find in the beginning, now they are freakishly hard to find, and expensive to find. If you find a valid number, you register it, and whatever the value of a bitcoin is, that is yours to use as you like. This is not to say I am a fan. I've never touched the stuff, and never will. There are serious problems with it. When one guy died, his bitcoins died with him. You can get robbed without any real chance of recourse. That type of bitcoin can go out of business and their value can just disappear. Btw, if you are ever in a city with a museum of money, and you're going to think I'm daft for saying this, do not miss the chance to go. It was common in the old days to mix base metals with silver or gold. Just look at a few coins, and you know. It was a sort of inflation before they had the word to describe it. Prob doesn't sound like much, but it's actually fascinating to see all the different ways people had of making money.
  2. late


    It wasn't busted. I'd had it for 2 years, and it was due for a service. The headphone jack has an intermittent short, he's gonna send me one. I got a really good one, all it needed was cleaning. After we went to Noble BBQ where I got a meatloaf burger, which seriously improved my mood.
  3. late

    Condensed milk

    You can take a tin of condensed, simmer in a pot for a while, I forget how long. And when you're done, it's caramelised and nice.
  4. I try to find a 3 year old off lease with 100K on it. You have to be careful about the condition, but that's not hard. I then keep them for 10-15 years. I miss CLick n Klack, the Tappet Brothers.
  5. late


    I said oh my god and hung up.
  6. late


    I am slow to wake up. Scratch that, I am slower to wake up than an old hound on a porch in Georgia when the temp sails over 100. So I got up about 3 hours ago, feeling even more out of it than usual. Made my usual cup of tea, watched a MSNBC discussion about the hearings for the better part of an hour. Got up, make breakfast (2 eggs, potato patty, a slice of Smokehouse Cheddar, one slice of multigrain bread), finished the show over breakfast. Then I did my morning computer ritual, checked Asia Times for check on the virus, the Guardian to see if they were onto anything good (they weren't) and WAPO to see if they had come up with anything extraordinary. Nope, one good article, but not worth posting on the interwebz. Post some really obvious crap on POFO, the professional trolls are making a mess of the place. Which is annoying. In an hour, I am having guys come to work on my treadmill. Which will be expensive, of course. I am still in my PJs, and I don't yet feel like physically doing anything, much less being social. A pollster called, it turned out to be a push poll for Bloomberg. I answered all the questions save one. The last questions weren't questions at all, but mini-speeches designed to make Bloomberg look good. After a few, I'd had it and hung up. A few seconds later, the phone rings, and it's the pollster saying he only has one question left. Arrggghhhh!!! I don't holler at people, but I so want to right now.
  7. I think your actions are prudent. But technically, bitcoin mining is creating money. It's an odd way to do that, but it's not intrinsically bad. One way to look at this is that when you take out a loan, you create money. When you pay off the loan, you destroy money. I know, counterintuitive. Its like when you stumble across big infinities and small infinities and you get a headache.
  8. Like I said, Wild West. It's not adequately regulated, and it may need to be taken over by governments. That's the story of how the Modern world came to be. Slowly, in one crisis after another, the government got dragged into getting involved.
  9. It prob wouldn't survive without criminals pumping money into it. At this point in time, it's a lousy idea. One expert described it as the Wild West of money. Bitcoin mining is legit, but its also like a pyramid scheme. The guys that got in early made a lot of money, now you can't make a profit without making a large investment. It's very expensive to get that much processing power, and you'll need to rewire the house to feed it enough power. The power bill alone could bring you to your knees. There's one state in the Pac NW that has banned large scale bitcoin mining, because they don't want to have to do a big expansion of power generating and adding on to the grid.
  10. You can't roast with a bag, just sayin'... I stopped using bags a long time ago. I use a V shaped rack, cook the bird upside down for a few hours, and then flip it right side up for a few hours. The bird gets brown all over. We also put butter under the skin.
  11. Dot is correct. Surprisingly. A series of plagues killed about 1/3 of Europe, during the Dark Ages. I had polio. My grandfather caught the first flu, which you could call a plague or a pandemic. A home remedy at the time was to get roaring drunk. Which was a good idea for some people. You see, it was your own immune system that killed you. If you got bombed, that would weaken your immune system for a little while. He woke up a week later, in a morgue.
  12. People got completely freaked out. That nurse Chris Christie imprisoned in a tent (!) was from Maine. Kinda ruined what little sense of humor I had, in regard to ebola.
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