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  1. Around here you can get soda from a bunch of good small companies. They leave the national brands in the dust 2 states back.
  2. What can I say, innoculation usually works.
  3. As a former backpacker, I loved Outward Bound. Loved it! They would do their silly stunts, and that would innoculate the participants, so they wouldn't clutter up my woods.
  4. late


    My idea of aromatherapy is a steak house.
  5. Decades ago, I got my wife a cycling jacket from an internet discount place, STP. It had been furiously expensive, even there, but at a triple discount, it was worth it. It is one of the best cycling jackets I've ever seen. You want better, get ready to cough up serious coin. Fast forward a decade, we're sitting have coffee in Italy, and one of the group is from NYC and in fashion. She also thought it was great. Back then there was gaudy and demure, and not much in between. Rapha hadn't even started making cycling gear for women, for example. I digress. I loathe black cycling clothing. Nothing says kill me now like a black jacket, now does it? I really don't like gaudy, and that's the whole point of team clothing and the army of imitators. I just looked at a few expensive websites, and tacky is still popular. As is black. But I don't like drab, either. If someone knows of a company that does make attractive cycling clothing for women, I'd like to know about it. It'd make a nice Xmas present.
  6. late

    Dive Bars

    Never even heard of the Maine one. There is a dive bar that is prob the most famous bar in Maine. It's across the river from the airport, and the owner stuck the tail of a Cessna 2 seater on his roof. Hard to miss. When I was a kid, no one went to the Old Port. (Now they're constantly building upscale hotels). There were a few dive bars, useful only for getting into fights with foreign sailors. If that's how you get your jollies. For several years after college, I did bars. If you wanted an epic hangover, Dollar Tequila nite was a surefire way to get it. Never did find one like Cheers. Now that they have all those fancy new drinks, if I could drink, I would like to try a few. But that ship has sailed for me. I swore off bars a long, long time ago. They suck.
  7. My dvd player has the best video chip ever made. It looks good on a HD TV. It prob wouldn't look great on a 4K TV, which I assume is what you meant. I had wanted to get a 2K tv. For most people, that would actually be a better choice than 4K, but they pretty much stopped making them. In it's first year, the show struggled along with 3rd rate writers and graphics. So you have to just wade through it to get to the rest of the series.
  8. Your avatar looks like a Babylon 5 ship; which we're currently watching.
  9. Those old plasmas were the best.
  10. Actually, no pie, but I have been kinda off my diet. My back is slowly getting better. I put my hybrid on the trainer and pedalled easy for 15 or 20 this morning. It went well, so I;ll try and ride outside soon. I had no PT at all this week, they were all booked up. But I have been making progress. I have been threatening to make breakfast vitamins for a couple years, finally did it today. Partly that was because I have too much stuff to get into one pill now. Also want generous amounts of a few things, like Indole 3 Carbinol, which helps balance your hormones (meaning it helps testosterone by inhibiting what some female hormone dies). We tried an Arabic spice blend Ras el Hanout, and that was a nice change of pace. Would prob be better if it was done by a person that knew how to do that sort of cooking, I started playing Skyrim again, first time since I got my new speakers. I had added a couple mods that improved the sound, but I didn't notice much until I got the new speakers. The sound of water rushing, or a waterfall, is esp. nice. I like fighting dragons, but I also stopped used a handful of cheats. So my old habit of quickly building up expertise in the advanced areas now gets me dead a lot. No biggie, but I have had to start thinking about how I can do that in the future. I started a seed, and when I watered it, it fell over and came completely out of the ground. So I started another seed, and the first recovered. This type of plant is less than ideal to train (to bend them to get them out of each others way). But it's working so far. Might just get a bumper crop (at least by my modest standards). Met a guy in real life who talks in PoFo. Nice guy, he spends winters in Florida, so I kinda hate him
  11. It looked better on the old TVs. Digital media is not without it's own problems, and you get used to them, the same way you got used to low def TV. Did you ever see what the old standard could look like? Sony made a few TVs that cost several hundred bucks, and really showed what could be done, and it was impressive. The thing that bugs me is frame rate. It's something old tv, new tv and movies all have in common. They ought to be twice as fast as they are. But people don't understand, so there isn't a demand, and it would be as dramatic a transition as going to digital was. One of the reasons fights (and a lot of scenes that require speed) are so lame is that the camera can't keep up. They typically max out at 25, the eye wants 38, but having a 'cushion' by taking it to 50 or 60 is better. Gamers try to get 100 fps, or even more. For passive media (not games) 50 fps is fine, although the silky motion you start to get at 75, or higher, is sweet.
  12. An oreo is a parody of food. 11 on a ten point scale.
  13. " Nearly a decade ago, a roadside bomb in Afghanistan exploded, blowing off an American soldier’s genitals. Now, doctors say, he’s “feeling whole” again after receiving a groundbreaking penis and scrotum transplant." “He has near-normal erections and the ability to achieve orgasm,” doctors wrote this week, adding that the patient can also urinate standing up..." https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/11/07/penis-scrotum-transplant-success-us-veteran-ied-afghanistan/
  14. You do speak a lot of tosh.
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