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  1. Very pretty. I watched Jimmy Connors play Roscoe Tanner in an exhibition match at the old Bi-Lo auditorium in 1985. Would the court be grass, clay, or asphalt?
  2. Martha

    Dog Drama

    You were awesome saving him. Sam and I appreciate what you did for Jack.
  3. Martha

    Dog Drama

    is Jack a jack russell terrier?
  4. Martha
  • Martha
  • Martha
  • Martha is not a sock. She has a place in my heart just like Jackie McGee Cheese, Imogen Hassall, and Cherry Dr. Pepper. Please understand this.
  • I MUST have one of these.
  • Martha


    I think this is unquestionably your best SWF post ever. IF you meant it in kindness. Otherwise, please disregard.
  • Martha


    @jsharr, I know I said I would keep this avatar until you return but I don't like it. I'm afraid it's got to go even if that means you lose an ear. Sorry.
  • Wilbur? I hope for your sake he shows mercy and kindness.
  • Your anvil is worthless against the greatness of RR. I suggest you make this right while you still can. I expect him between 3-4
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