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  1. Martha

    If you met this young woman on the beach...

    Very pretty. I watched Jimmy Connors play Roscoe Tanner in an exhibition match at the old Bi-Lo auditorium in 1985. Would the court be grass, clay, or asphalt?
  2. Martha

    Dog Drama

    You were awesome saving him. Sam and I appreciate what you did for Jack.
  3. Martha

    Dog Drama

    is Jack a jack russell terrier?
  4. Martha

    Who is Horny Badger?

  5. Martha

    What's up with all the socks?

    Martha is not a sock. She has a place in my heart just like Jackie McGee Cheese, Imogen Hassall, and Cherry Dr. Pepper. Please understand this.
  6. Martha

    What's up with all the socks?

    You are cruel Kim Dong Un.
  7. Martha

    A question for Wilbur

    I MUST have one of these.
  8. Martha


    I think this is unquestionably your best SWF post ever. IF you meant it in kindness. Otherwise, please disregard.
  9. Martha


    @jsharr, I know I said I would keep this avatar until you return but I don't like it. I'm afraid it's got to go even if that means you lose an ear. Sorry.
  10. Martha

    If RR comes back I will not drop the anvil on him

    Wilbur? I hope for your sake he shows mercy and kindness.
  11. Martha

    If RR comes back I will not drop the anvil on him

    Your anvil is worthless against the greatness of RR. I suggest you make this right while you still can. I expect him between 3-4