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  1. I feel conflicted you are apparently well. I like you, so there's that but Wilbur planted a thought in my brain that was evil and appealing. Wilbur is a naughty pig.
  2. I was worried about you but then I noticed you had a Charles Bronson avatar so I relaxed knowing you'd kill anyone that looked at you sideways.
  3. Hazard to people passing by? Where do you weirdos live, Mexico City? Stop with the ridiculous defense of double hung. Sounds like it would be best for some of you to brick in your windows to keep the winos passing by from hurting themselves.
  4. You can and you must. You are responsible for a lot of cheer, entertainment, and insanity on this forum. In fact, now that I think about it, you might even need to step up your game.
  5. I'd steal her if I could Mr. Farnsworth. Our home is so lonely without Philly Cheese. I have thought about calling the Animal Shelter and asking them to stop the next execution then adopting that pet sight unseen. Boy, girl, whatever breed- my way of honoring Philly. So far I just can't. I prefer it happen by Divine Providence like when we rescued Philly Cheese in the middle of a Greenville snowstorm. Ruby is beautiful and blessed.
  6. Sometimes I put three tablespoons of Ovaltine in my milk
  7. I will carjack you and drive you to Jekyll Island before leaving you inside an abandoned sawmill.
  8. This you will pay for my friend. I will rob you of all your jewels, tie you up naked in your tub, and humiliate you further by never bothering to sexually exploit you. I will however steal all your Cherry Dr. Pepper and Cheerwine and eat your refrigerator leftovers.
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