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    Spec. Roubaix, KHS 1000
  1. Do you shave your legs

    In my mind if you shave your legs you are planning to crash. I do not plan to crash.
  2. what tires, how many miles

    I just put on a set of Zip Tangente Course tires. I've got about a hundred miles on them and love them! I'll get back to you about how they wear, but the ride quality is excellent! Ive averaged about 2-3,000 miles on a set of tires up till now.
  3. Low fat diet

    I prefer to call it "Good fat Diet". I've dropped 90 pounds since March 1st. (280 Down to 190 lbs.) Cholesterol is 136 (The lowest of my adult life... without Statins) and B.P. is normal. My overall fitness is about what it was in my 20's.
  4. Coffee - need advice

    May fave is a 50/50 Blend of Colombian/ Yirgacheffe (Ethiopian). Our local coffee shop calls it "Home Sweet Home".
  5. Supplements

    Multiple vitamin, C, D3,B1,B12,Calcium. All on orders from my Dr. for as long as I live. Also take Whey Protein supplement daily, again on orders from my Dr.
  6. Lizard skins DSP bar tape

    This. If you aren't/can't keep your tape clean, go black. Nothing makes a bike look sad like dirty bar tape. At the store we use 91% alcohol to clean with. Lizzard skin is awesome stuff. I also like the new Felt reflective tape.
  7. This Was the Bicycle of the Future in 1946

    It definitely has that "Art Deco " look to it.
  8. Last March 1st 2016, I began a journey. I weighed 280lbs. was a 5 shot a day diabetic waiting for a heart attack, stroke or something else to end my suffering. Instead I had Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. Drastic? Maybe. But I felt necessary and life saving. I have since lost 90 lbs. I no longer take insulin at all, my cholesterol is 126 and my blood pressure is normal. Once I had gotten down to 240 I started riding again. I've gone from a XXL shirt size to a size Lg. A size 46 pant to a 32. I have also added not lost, muscle mass. Each and every day in my mind I thank my surgeon and his team for my new life, and I thank them in person at every office visit for a follow up. I honestly feel better, stronger and healthier than. Did when I was thirty. (I'm 63 now) I wish I knew 30 years ago what I know today about nutrition. Half of the so called nutritionists out there don't have a clue what they are talking about. More on that later. I just need to say what I said. cycle on...
  9. The dreaded 'creak'

    One place that gets overlooked but can creak is the rear derailleur and the hanger. I had tried e v e r y t h I n g before one of the techs pulled my derailleur off and cleaned the area, lightly greased and reattached the derailleur. Squeak gone.
  10. Chain lubricant

    I've used nothing but Progold for many years... I have no reason to change. My chains seem to last longer than many of my friends chains do, but that may be do to riding style versus type of lube.