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  1. Kirbys Wild Sister

    Were you a smoker?

    I started smoking in high school to distract from the fact I was running around with Kirby's boyfriend. Kirby would be at the library preparing for finals when Dennis would pick me up and we'd go cruising around and necking in the woods. Dennis smoked Kools and drove a Trans Am with the t top. Kirby, I'm sorry. Daphne
  2. You were supposed to laugh.   :angry:

    1. Kirbys Wild Sister

      Kirbys Wild Sister

      My second favorite Kirby.    :)



  3. Kirbys Wild Sister

    I strongly dislike car shopping

    No. We were only doing this as a courtesy to Martha. Offer has been rescinded and we are reporting you to the Dallas chapter of the Bureau for Insurance Fraud. God bless, Marlin
  4. Kirbys Wild Sister

    I strongly dislike car hopping

    Sooooo. GRIECO stole my cabriolet. Offered me about 9 hundred less than I paid for it from LeRoy Cannon Volkswagen in 1991. Ten dollars more than I owe on it, but I would like more. Probably not going to get it. So I have to start car hopping. As much as I loved the cabriolet, I did not enjoy the ridicule or the bullying, but I do like the way the console held my Chick fil A Sprites. Only cost me about 75 per year to drive based on what Grieco is giving me. Not bad. Down side is that El Caminos of the same year cost about 25,000 more than what Grieco is giving me and I am not sure I want to spend that right now.  So I think I want a purple El Camino with pink pinstriping. Found this lowrider that I am going to go look at with Richard tomorrow. Same year as my cabriolet, lower miles, more features, but a lot more hip. Should cut my fights in half and give me much better cache with the ladies. Still has factory warranty left. Thoughts?