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  1. I love you Sis     :slow-dance-smiley: :slow-dance-smiley: :slow-dance-smiley: :slow-dance-smiley: :slow-dance-smiley:  :slow-dance-smiley:  :slow-dance-smiley:

  2. It's always about you. Where are the open faced turkey sandwiches? Can a person get a cup of coffee around here with all this tea everywhere? Where's the smoking lounge?
  3. I started smoking in high school to distract from the fact I was running around with Kirby's boyfriend. Kirby would be at the library preparing for finals when Dennis would pick me up and we'd go cruising around and necking in the woods. Dennis smoked Kools and drove a Trans Am with the t top. Kirby, I'm sorry. Daphne
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