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Frank Calico Cat

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  1. Parker Posey

  2. Parker Posey

  3. Life Update

    This is odd. What happened here?
  4. Life Update

  5. Life Update

    Just go to your sales meeting. China is eating you for lunch.
  6. I wonder if she knew..

    I think she did, Sir Wilbur. Much like WOWilbur knew instinctively she had found her pig.
  7. The Proper vs. Impromper thread

    Proper Improper
  8. Life Update

    How is everyone? Life has been good but busy for Frank Calico Cat. I got a job as a soccer coaching assistant at Furman University last August. I used the money to get my own downtown condo. 99.8% of the resident cats are female, so your friend FCC was enjoying life. I met Clementine at the Reedy River Place Festival in late October. I wasn't really ready to commit to one cat but she's from a good family and has her own Sans Souci home on Clarendon avenue. Man it's sweet! Clementine We had a great Christmas. I surprised her with a ring on December 28 just to keep her guessing. We spent our honeymoon in East Durham New York. One word, fabulous. We returned home to Clarendon avenue and Sans Souci. I got another cushy job working for Clementine's father who owns Greenco beverage company. I am VP of all non-alcohol sales. Lastly, I'd like to introduce you to Frank Jr. FjrCC is only the second generation male calico cat born in Greenville in 36 years. Frank Jr. will be enrolled at Christ Church Episcopal elementary this fall. Hope this finds you all well, Frank Calico Cat
  9. Just 35,052 more

    Can't, it's official. It's been bookmarked baby!!!!
  10. Just 35,052 more

    I win, I win!!!!
  11. Just 35,052 more

    I win, I win!!!!
  12. Just 35,052 more

  13. Just 35,052 more

  14. Just 35,052 more

  15. Just 35,052 more