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  1. This is odd. What happened here?
  2. Just go to your sales meeting. China is eating you for lunch.
  3. I think she did, Sir Wilbur. Much like WOWilbur knew instinctively she had found her pig.
  4. How is everyone? Life has been good but busy for Frank Calico Cat. I got a job as a soccer coaching assistant at Furman University last August. I used the money to get my own downtown condo. 99.8% of the resident cats are female, so your friend FCC was enjoying life. I met Clementine at the Reedy River Place Festival in late October. I wasn't really ready to commit to one cat but she's from a good family and has her own Sans Souci home on Clarendon avenue. Man it's sweet! Clementine We had a great Christmas. I surprised her with a ring on December 28 just to keep
  5. Can't, it's official. It's been bookmarked baby!!!!
  6. Ladies and gentlemen of the Café, I'm just a fertile male calico cat. My mother was a calico from the poor side of Greenville who met a traveling Himalayan selling catnip from Charlotte. Your Café frightens and confuses me! Sometimes the alert bells of your notifications make me want to get out of my Persian catbed.. and run off into the hills, or wherever.. Sometimes when I get a message in my inbox, I wonder: "Did little demons get inside and type it?" I don't know! My primitive fertile male calico mind can't grasp these concepts. But there is one thing I do know - when a dog like these dogs
  7. I thank you for trying Kirby. His answer to my q was even worse. Terrible. Thankfully I had a banana split which seemed to help. I am debating myself as to whether share his lame excuse. Horrible
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