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  1. I spend zero time with onions. They are nasty and will burn in Sheol.
  2. I like tomato, RR, but I will only eat the middle slice and the 2 slices on either side of the center slice. 3 total possibilities. Dukes mayonnaise is my Wilbur and you are my cheese. SW is an onion. Kirby is steak fries and a Little Debbie.
  3. Nellie

    Road Runner

    I wanted to ask, Road Runner, but with no power and no heat, Sam and I are snuggling with the frisbees just trying to stay alive. I apologize if your roof wasn't our top priority.
  4. I love Finn. He looks like an airedale. I was very confused at first how your son had scored an airedale. (Obviously by the transition strip between the den and kitchen your station in life is middle class.) The Aireheads, for example, would require a reducer strip. They deemed me unqualified to install their new floors choosing instead one of their northeast unionized loser flooring mechanics. Their floors are meh now but I digress. Anyway, I could get my own Finn, forge some documents, name him something aristocratic like Wilbur Zeppelin Cheese, and really piss Kathryn off that I scored an airedale! Scootman had better lay low today. Uncle Green Lettuce
  5. Wilbur installed his own Bruce floor and flys jet aeroplanes. He's only average, should have paid me to install his floors, but would be suitable for your project. He would have the skillset of say a@Longjohn type. I am (apparently) not good enough to work at the @Airehead estate.
  6. You're a disgrace for even criticizing Texans. These imbeciles of which you speak aren't Texans, they are transplants from Atlanta, California, or Mexico looking for work. Please ask RR to hide this post, your betrayal, and thus your shame.
  7. 1. Why is there no pic of this?? 2. Can't help you here. 3.
  8. Please clean your garage. Man was not meant to live this way. Love, Green Lettuce
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