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  1. I always get a laugh out of

    That only happens when a semi is trying to make the turn and the car drivers don't know what to do.
  2. I always get a laugh out of

    When I go on line and Google has to tell me that traffic is light in my area and there's no dalays. Google hasn't figured out that I live in a town of 7,000 people traffic always light. Rush hour traffic is when cars are lined up 5 cars deep at the 4 way stop downtown and it last for a hole 8 minutes.
  3. Fit or Fat Revisited

    I'm a ferm believer that you don't have to eat less just eat smarter.
  4. Can Dogs Tell Time?

    When I was in 1st grade the bus would drop us off at the corner about a 1/4 mile from our house and every day our German Shepherd would be sitting there waiting for me and my brother when we got off the bus. My mom would see the dog walk to the corner about 10 minutes before the bus would drop us off and wait for us and walk us home.
  5. Good Night Johnboy.

    Good night Jimbob
  6. 7/25 miles & such

    32 miles with loaded saddlebags with a 17mph head wind with gusts up to 27.
  7. Yikes Lay Off the Donuts!

    I had a small doughnuts yesterday. The motel we stayed only had coffee and little doughnuts for breakfast.
  8. Oopsie

    I don't think that will buff out
  9. The Monday morning Good Morning thread

    Good morning On vacation all week
  10. 7/23 miles

    33 miles along the shore of Lake Michigan with a short break in Hika bay In Manitowoc we got a the boat Said goodbye to Wisconsin for a few days I think motorhome has more square footage then the motel room that we have in Ludington Michigan
  11. Everyone's Mom made it..

    You don't know my mom very well do ya
  12. Could you eat a pig in one sitting?

    A bar in the area has a Big Ass BLT that has a pound of bacon. We sometimes we would order food from the bar and have it delivered at work and one guy would order extra bacon. So far he's still alive.
  13. Turning fossill fule into noise

    I'm 160 miles from Wausau I'm in Sheboygan Falls
  14. Are all your treats food?

    I like to ruin a workout with....
  15. And a happy Saturday morning to you

    Thank you Wo46 and I will soon be heading out to Yoga and then off to Road America for the races. This evening we will be packing for our little bicycle trip that we are planning.