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  1. BR46

    I know that BR46 and DH will like this one

    What's that saying. .When I shifted into 5th I don't remember a thing that she was yelling about.
  2. BR46

    tornado warning at bikeman Cafe

    That storm moved through here a few hours ago. No tornado warnings just a shit ton of rain and high winds.
  3. BR46

    W the actual F

    Don't you miss the cold and the snow?
  4. BR46

    W the actual F

    I haven't been to a Admirals game since they moved to the Panther arena.
  5. BR46

    I know that BR46 and DH will like this one

    My son and I are just a cuple of motorcycle nerds. Between the both of us we have 10 motorcycles. I spent 2 hours on the dyno today testing and carb tuning.
  6. BR46

    DH after I parody one of her threads

    I'm afraid to like this.
  7. BR46

    W the actual F

    I want to ride on the zamboni
  8. BR46

    Who used the last of the ketchup / catsup?

    You can buy sugar free
  9. BR46

    I have given up on facebook

    Facebook is the way most of motorcycle and sidecar racers keep in tuch.
  10. BR46

    Sunday, what'd you do?

    Worked on the race bikes getting them ready for the upcoming race. Went for a fast paced walk.
  11. BR46

    9/23 miles & such

    3.8 mile walk
  12. BR46

    Material things or time?

    Time I always feel that I don't have enuff time to do the things I want to do in life.
  13. BR46

    Today at school....