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  1. I understand...family first. My only help for the next 3 days is all ready sleeping on the job.
  2. I have a lot of work to do today. I flew into Georgia yesterday to help my son with his race bike so he can race Road America this coming weekend. He's the type to put everything off until the last minute. We worked on the motor unit 1AM last night and we weren't getting the results we wanted. But we are running out of time to search for the hp. that we were hoping to get. He had to go out of state until Wednesday for work leaving me with a bike that's not even halfway done. Who wants to come to Newnan ga and help me get a race bike up and running?
  3. In the last lap of the race Wo46 pulled off a move that really impressed me. She backed out of the chair like in this photo. When I seen her pull it off I almost shit my leathers.
  4. A lot of them are the same thing over and over
  5. In some of the turns 45-50 top speed for a SC-2 sidecar is about 100 to 115 This guy will do it for a couple of PBRs and 20 bucks
  6. Tonight we are going to Elkhart Lake for the race car stuff going on downtown. Saturday will be get all the race bike stuff ready for next weekend. That way Wo46 will be able to load things up with out me. Sunday morning I'm flying to Georgia to help my son get his race bike ready for Road America. On Wednesday we will be driving through the night to get home.
  7. BR46


    I made it so I can change it around to deferent setups.
  8. But you would be wearing a helmet and leathers.
  9. BR46


    It's even motorized so you don't have to lift the top bikes up
  10. BR46


    The RV thing allows you to bring all your toy while traveling
  11. If I want to ride by my self I have to sneak out when she's not home. But on a average she's only a few milesper hour then me on road bike. Mountain bike is a drifrent story.
  12. BR46

    Insiders tip

    That depends on how much you drink. The liquor store has Kesslers whiskey on sale for $8.99
  13. A few weeks ago Wo46 and I were racing in Mid Ohio and one of the photographers that was there sent me 25 photos. Here we are flying the chair Power sliding through the corner
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