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Community Answers

  1. They get put into a little bag and then we use them in the motorhome when on the road
  2. I raced motorcycles in -5° temperatures and I raced in 100+ temperatures. It doesn't mean that I enjoyed racing in those temperatures but I really enjoy the races when the temperature is somewhere in between 50° and 85°
  3. I don't think that they have the kinda fun that I would be interested in for that length of time.
  4. What are you doing on the 28th?
  5. And live by the rule..... Don't do today what can be put off until the day after tomorrow. Nap first
  6. I didn't feel like hanging out at the corner bar on this rainy day Actually I have a cold and a sinus headache so the nap seemed like a good idea.
  7. I think that I'll take a nap
  8. My sister said to me.....you have so much money why don't you give me some. I asked her...so what is your fair share of what I worked for.
  9. I'm all for making as much money that you can.
  10. People complain about someone who starts a business, employs thousands of people and makes a few million in the process makes to much money.....but they think that someone who throws a ball at a million dollars a game is some how worth it
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