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  1. Wo46 and I were riding a century and the last 20 miles we had a 15 to 20 mph head wind
  2. Just found out that the steel shoe fund race is postponed until next month do to weather
  3. Since I'm waiting for parts I'm going to assemble the transmission on the back up motor on Saturday Sunday I'm going to the steel shoe fund ice race
  4. When you grow up next to the lake and had a apartment next to the Lake it gets to be no big deal. When the coal ships came into harbor we lived a few blocks away and it would wake you up at 2AM when they blow the ship horn.
  5. She has been there with me before.....we were on a motorcycle trip and the closest place to the hotel to get a drink was a strip club.
  6. If I said that tomorrow I'm going to ride 100 miles Wo46 would say what time are we leaving. When we both were working I got home about 2 hours before. So I had 2 hours every day that I didn't have to explain what I was doing. Now that she's also retired every time I'm going to go somewhere I'm asked where, when and how long because she's planning on going along. A few days ago I went down to the bar and I was informed that we have beer at home. I said that as much as I enjoy her company sometimes I enjoy having a conversation with other people besides I know her opinion on everyth
  7. You did not see the post about my space being invading
  8. Wo46 told me that she was looking forward to helping me in the garage today. I guess she found a new hobby. I will enjoy our time together with her new hobby.....maybe I will teach her how to Tig weld.
  9. I call dibs on all your stuff
  10. I would want to go there with her
  11. Wo46 has filled out paperwork for volunteering at the assisted living and the Humane society.
  12. I retired 1 1/2 years ago and she retired October 1st and went back for a few weeks in December to fill in for someone who was out for surgery. When that ended she was lost. If she told me that she wanted to go for a walk or lunch alone I would understand that sometimes you just need time alone.
  13. I know that retirement has everything to do with it but I'm running out of excuses to go to stores or shops that I know that she doesn't want to go to. I took some cylinder heads out to Dave for some machining and found myself driving 20 miles out of my way
  14. I do appreciate the time we spend together with racing and traveling together but sometimes I just like being alone tinkering in the garage. I know that I'm complaining about something that other people wish they had and I know that she's bored. She is a very routine person with work and everything but since she retired she has no routine and is searching for something to fill the time. She did sign up to volunteer at the assisted living home driving residents to hair appointments.
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