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  1. Just be happy that you don't live in Bayfield Wisconsin
  2. What Wo46 and I do so we don't eat just salad when we eat out we decide on one main corse and one side salad and half way through the meal we switch plates.
  3. She's low to the ground so the wind doesn't have a lot of affect on her.
  4. BR46

    What do you think

    She did like the bike and the fit while riding it. The top tube was a wee bit to high for comfort
  5. BR46

    What do you think

    The one thing that she didn't like was when she was standing with both feet on the ground was the top tube was getting a little friendly with her. She did like the way it rides.
  6. If you want come to the Blind Horse winery and have a drink with us. It's the food truck festival with a fantastic blues band and some local craft beers and wine. And you will have the opportunity to meet the internationally known lawnmower jockey and sidecar monkey Wo46.
  7. BR46

    What do you think

    FSad news think that she going to pass on it...the size is just a little to big. The frame is a 52 and she would like a 50. She did take it for a good test ride felt like the frame was to big
  8. BR46

    What do you think

    Oh I forgot to mention it has less than 200 miles on it. The guy got it and didn't like it (to small for him) and went with a different size bike.
  9. That would explain her food cravings
  10. BR46

    What do you think

    Should she buy it? It's only $600
  11. It always amazed me that a lot of people don't understand why they are in the condition that they are in. I coworker ate junk food all day, drank coke and mountain dew and didn't take his insulin when he should. He died at the age of 42
  12. A lady who I used to work with was f'n hot and when we would see her out in the bars it was kinda funny watching how she would work the guys for free drinks.
  13. Wo46 tells me this all the time when we are watching some of her police shows that she likes. The car is has a automatic transmission but when the high speed pursuit comes out it a manual 10 speed transmission.
  14. One day a coworker and went to McDonald's on our lunch break. My coworker ordered 2 cheese burgers just ketchup. We get back to work and when he grabs his 2 burgers out of the bag all he got was bun, cheese and ketchup. No meat
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