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  1. BR46

    Backyard wildlife

    All we have is 2 squirrels and a chimp monk
  2. BR46

    Hey Smudge

    I think that would be most taverns in the UP and northern Wisconsin. What do you think.
  3. That's the same thing I thought. She has the look of oh shit what did I get myself into. Congratulations on 44 years.
  4. Earlier that day he was voted best dressed racer.
  5. 34 and single with a good job
  6. BR46


    Will the Walmart employees assemble it for me?
  7. I don't worry about dieing I just worry about not living life.
  8. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. It was kinda weird today when I found out about the fraud charges to my credit card for 46 dollars. This evening Wo46 and I walked downtown for a pizza and when we got the bill we were customer number 46.
  9. $9 at the store down the street
  10. BR46


    I think it was a inside job. The gas station in Michigan where the fraud happened is owned by the same corporation that owns the one a few blocks from my house where I buy most of my gas.
  11. BR46


    I had a friend that couldn't leave things alone. When Wo46 and I were newly married we lived a block or two from where the city would have summer festivals. Well there was a little fender bender near by and me and my buddy went to investigate. Well we just happen to have a beer in our hands and when the nice police officer said that we can not drink on the sidewalk I took 2 steps back Scott did not. Scott started arguing with the not so nice officer at this point. Mr. Officer gave Scott one more chance next thing I know is Scott is face down on the sidewalk in hand cuffs after fighting with 3 cops and all he had to do was take 2 steps back off the sidewalk and he could have finished his beer.
  12. BR46


    The card is shut off and a new card is on the way. It looks like they charged a dollar for gas and a short time later charged $ 45.10 to my card.
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