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  1. BR46

    What did you do onMLK Day?

    Normal work day
  2. I gotta say that she was a trooper when we were racing in Alabama and the temperature was over 100° in the paddock. She didn't complain about it too much but she did pause and take a deep breath when she heard the announcement........ sidecar first call. I think it was the thought of putting on the leathers in 100+ temperature.
  3. You won't hear me complain, Wo46 might
  4. Meanwhile in Wisconsin it was 4° at the start of the 3 hour race.
  5. BR46

    Oh shit! There is a Lilly Hiatt

    She is John's daughter. Wo46 and I seen her perform in a summer concert series here and you can hear her father's influence on her song writing.
  6. BR46

    Texas got snow

    Do you mean a snow fence?
  7. Saturday I'm going to work in the garage Sunday I might go to a 3 hour ice race as a spectator not a racer this year. I think it was 7 or 8 years ago I broke my shoulder in the second lap of the race.
  8. BR46

    Rise and shine

    Time to get up and get moving. What's on you're list of things to do today?
  9. BR46

    The greatest movie ever made?

    You beat me to it. The best sound track, all star line up and a car chase it doesn't get any better.
  10. BR46

    Chicks in the kitchen getting spanked

    I have been known to spank the monkey
  11. BR46

    Good Night

    6:30 till 2:30. I started today to repair a machine so the company wouldn't lose any production time. It looks like I'm doing it again tomorrow.
  12. We have paid vacation days but if call in sick we don't get paid. No work no pay.
  13. BR46

    Good Night

    I have to go to work at 4am tomorrow for one day only then back to normal.
  14. Same here No sick days where I work in fact we have the points system. You miss a day of work you get a point. 8 points you're fired. We do have 2 personal days that we can use as sick days.