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  1. BR46

    I am sad

    And then get mad when the stores refuse to rebuild in your neighborhood. It's a select few that are recking it for everyone else.
  2. Between my son and I we have 11 motorcycles and only three of them are street legal.
  3. 17809110_1260656687386010_6731994940194160640_n.mp4
  4. I can out coast here on any downhill.....it probably has something to do with physics or something with that mass and gravity thing.
  5. I had the same thing happen to me when I was waiting for some motorcycle parts. UPS delivered to the neighbors and a hour later FedEx delivered across the street. I was sad till the next day.
  6. BR46

    Got the bug....,

    In bicycling, motocross and cross country racing I gave up on trying to beat my son. But now road racing game on.
  7. To me Lucero is on the same style as Truckers but never made it past the garage band sound
  8. When working in the garage I listen to Google radio and Jason Isbell is one of the bands along with Drive By Truckers and Lucero
  9. Wo46 and I both bicycled to work today and I ride right past her work place we ride together. We have one big up hill and she smoked me on the up hills.
  10. When I'm working In the garage I listen to everything from blues to punk. In the house we will listen to our 1939 RCA radio tuned to a radio station that plays all the old standards. https://streema.com/radios/WJUB The old tube radio with the old field coil speaker has a warm sound that new radios can't touch.
  11. BR46

    Damn you Ralph!

    Whooo hoooo...... I'm rich
  12. Bicycled to the store bought new shoes bicycled home...... 10 miles.
  13. Now Harley is in trouble again. The motorcycle industry in general is in trouble. The up and coming generation is not buying big motorcycles. I ride a AMF Harley.
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