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  1. Then who would cut the grass for me?
  2. Tomorrow is Friday...Weekend plans?

    I don't have to work this weekend I'm going to work in the garage all weekend.....I need to get the tricycle done and get some practice laps in before I race it.
  3. A little reading to go with your morning coffee

    Don Gorske loves the BigMac
  4. Eating better and saving money

    It doesn't get much better than this.
  5. So, How's The Weather????

    It's snowing here again
  6. This is my first time getting up at an ungodly hour in a week

    You slept half the day away. Some of us are already at work.
  7. Crappy weather so.........

    It's worse than i thought
  8. Crappy weather so.........

    So what are you going to do today? In a strange way I kinda like days like this once and a while.
  9. Crappy weather so.........

    I still have the ice tires on the motorcycle I might have to take a few laps around the block
  10. Crappy weather so.........

    We started out with just rain then it switched to snow then back to rain and now it's back to snow.
  11. Crappy weather so.........

    Every time you post something about weather I know we are going to get it the next day.
  12. Crappy weather so.........

    I'm going to go to the garage and work on the tricycle and drink coffee. Today's weather radar The light house is 55 feet tall
  13. Lunch time

    Every day but this morning I was looking in the fridge and didn't see any thing I wanted for lunch. The cleaning company that we use dose a good job. Hospital food would be a inprovment.
  14. Do you miss the Crown Vic?

    I got a ride in the back seat in one when I was 18 or 19