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  1. So far so good for the start of my day. I walked into work at 4am and nothing was broken from the last shift.
  2. This serves as a notice that I will be posting photos of the family racing motorcycles and sidecarsin the next coming weeks. I will not be drinking froo froo drinks but I will drinking beer and avoiding painful get offs. To prep for the occasion I have been wearing leathers around the house and sniffing racing fuel.
  3. What if he's gay and wearing a speedo?
  4. I always try to go around and thank all the medics at the races just for beening there. All race tracks have two ambulances at the tracks but I have raced at tracks that have had flight for life standing by.
  5. BR46

    Time to stock up

    Just a in store special. Normally it's 8 or 9 dollars a six pack. Around here it not uncommon to find bottles of beer in bars for $2.00 or a 5th of whiskey for $10.00
  6. BR46

    Time to stock up

    When we travel to other states we are shocked at what the rest of the country pays.
  7. BR46

    Time to stock up

    $3.79 a six pack if you buy 2
  8. Get the motorhome out of storage and ready to go. Put the final touches on the race bikes. Help the neighbor put his motor back together for his ATV.
  9. BR46

    OK Fatties...

    I don't own a fatty
  10. I can help you with that also
  11. BR46

    Did you know?

    A friend of mine dad's name is Richard Hed (pronounced head) his son Richard jr. He would get pissed off when we would call him little Dick Hed.
  12. I know that look. I've seen it more than once. I found out that it's easier to ask for forgiveness then permission. I can help you with that.
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