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Community Answers

  1. BR46

    Lowering my bar

    Most of those are Stacy's. A regular that comes in and doesn't know when to stop.
  2. BR46

    Lowering my bar

    We stopped in on our walk for a quick beer (wait out the rain) at Cap's tap. Here's a few more photos from my local dive bar or commonly known in this area.....a corner bar. Parr asked why is Segrams top shelf....this might explain why. The beer cooler and yes if someone opens the door while someone sitting on the can the bar gets to see all. But they surve some fantastic BBQ. Then we walked over to Kamandas tap. The closest bar to my house and the bar that I have a key for. Yes those are bra's and a few pairs of underwear hanging on the skull. Both these bars you can get pretty shit faced at for under $20
  3. Do you believe reality shows? It's all about the ratings.
  4. So this is what it's like when I talk motorcycle/sidecar racing? I don't understand a single thing you said
  5. BR46

    On the front row

    I wish I was there. At this show/race they don't have a class for me. Maybe next year when I get my new race bike done.
  6. My son is at a event at the Barber motorsports park today and he's on the front row next to Mr. Daytona....and ex pro race Tripp who we've been friends with for years.
  7. BR46

    Mom update

    Still in ICU but doing a lot better. She was sitting up and laughing and a shot walk down the hallway. This is just one arm
  8. BR46

    Lowering my bar

    Segrams is top shelf in this bar. You should have seen this place before Cap bought the place and started to remodel and paint. I know women who won't use the bathroom in this place.
  9. I was thinking about the same thing but compared to a fully loaded 80,000 pound semi.
  10. BR46

    Lowering my bar

    All the bars in town are with in walking distance for me.
  11. BR46

    That's my mother

    I don't know what kind of port that they are going to try next but she said that this will be the last one. She said that she not enjoying life anymore.
  12. BR46

    Lowering my bar

    Sitting behind the bottles because they didn't hang it since painting the wall is a local bar rat that was a pitcher for the Cardinals...for a very brief time.
  13. BR46

    Lowering my bar

    No racing but they will turn it on if requested and they have a cool picture on the wall.
  14. A stick in the front spokes would work faster
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