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  1. BR46


    The only stickers that I put on my vehicles or race bikes are businesses that sponsor me.
  2. BR46

    Do you fear death?

    Were the words hold my beer involved with this trip to the ER?
  3. BR46

    Do you fear death?

    That's the way I am too........ Do it now because you might not be here tomorrow.
  4. BR46

    Do you fear death?

    do you know something I don't?
  5. BR46

    Do you fear death?

    I have list of things that I want do before I go.
  6. BR46

    Perfect ski day

    Some people just don't have a clue. There's even signs that say ski trails are closed to hikers when snow covered. Some people just need a good poke in the eye with a ski pole.
  7. BR46

    Perfect ski day

    Looks like a nice day. Wo46 and I went skiing on Sunday and we came across a couple of people snowshoeing right down the freshly groomed ski trail.
  8. I'm born and raised in Wisconsin and this is just not right.
  9. BR46

    Hold my beer

    The people that say it's dumb. ......Well that's just their opinion and their just afraid to have fun.
  10. BR46


    I just showed this video to Wo46 and she said that's nuts.
  11. BR46

    Hold my beer

    So you just want to be the official beer holder and 911 dialer
  12. BR46

    Hold my beer

    Who wants to try this??
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