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  1. BR46

    11/14 miles and such

    Wo46 and I did 30 minutes of 45 seconds on 15 second off workout stuff
  2. BR46

    Tell me something else cheerful

    In someone eyes. Not mine.
  3. BR46

    Tell me something else cheerful

    A cow-worker came into work today with a half dozen of donuts and a can of Red Bull. Now eating a bag of chips and on her second can of Mountain Dew. I would like to test her blood sugar just to see what the number is.
  4. BR46

    How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?

    6 to 8 cups a day.
  5. BR46

    November Photos

    Free beer while supplies last
  6. BR46

    Happy Monday...who is working today?

    At work today. I would have to work so much if people would just stop sleeping. Everybody drink more coffee so I don't have to work so hard.
  7. BR46

    2018-11-11 Birthdays

  8. BR46

    2018-11-11 Birthdays

    Wo46 and I were walking home from the bicycle racing when we came across this. I think I have to back off on how often I stop at the corner bar.
  9. BR46

    Tell me something cheerful

    I was driving to Home Depot today when one of the two cars ahead of was getting a little anxious. The first car was driving the speed limit when car number two decided to pass car number one in a no passing zone. The car behind me was a cop. The reds went on and I was laughing all the way to Home Depot. True story this happened about two hours ago.
  10. How much money do you want to spend?
  11. BR46

    Happy Saturday!

    As soon as Wo46 gets off the treadmill it's my turn to run. After I do my workout we are going to a LBS for the ski swap. After lunch I'll be in the garage making parts for the sidecar.
  12. BR46

    Know any neighbours

    I feel sorry for her husband. He is nice, hard working, in the National Guard. Comes home from a few weeks in the guard and 2 or 3 days later his wife gets arrested.
  13. BR46

    Know any neighbours

    Most of them. ..or at least I thought I did. I've known Val since she was 15 years old. Last year about this time we were with Val she was celebrating 5 years of sobriety but earlierthis year she fell off the wagon and started using and selling heroin. This was the same neighbor that would make me a little birthday cake on my birthday. ,
  14. BR46

    Finders keepers

    Plus shipping?