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  1. BR46

    Car’s fatal flaw

    Have you tried the Travis Pastrana technique?
  2. BR46

    Car’s fatal flaw

    Tip it up side down and shake it
  3. BR46

    Guess where I am

    Racing didn't end until around 6:30. I went out there for the TA2 race and the Stadium Trucks. I have a friend who races TA1 and TA2 but he wasn't racing this weekend.
  4. No she's the one who keeps track of the money. Let's just say that after that one I was no longer a loud to go to bicycle shop or the motorcycle store without adult supervision.
  5. That's not bad..I've spent thousands on race bikes and never told her. It's amazing that I'm still married
  6. BR46

    Guess where I am

    The TA2 race was red flagged because of a bad crash.
  7. BR46

    Guess where I am

    There's more lighting in area
  8. BR46

    Love my garage

    It's a cool garage but I don't see any motorcycles
  9. BR46

    Guess where I am

    This is the new winner circle I have been to a lot of race tracks and Road America has the best and most choices of food around. I had a brisket burnt end sandwich and potatoe salad and Wo46 had chicken strips and it was $16
  10. BR46

    Guess where I am

    Here's the original
  11. BR46

    Guess where I am

    Almost......we're not racing this weekend we are just spectators.
  12. There's some race at Road America this weekend that I will attend Saturday. Sunday I will probably work on the race stuff that's in the garage.
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