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  1. Never got around to #4 Wo46 and I walked down to the Oktoberfest event happening this weekend in town to get something to eat and tip a few beers. A few beers and go home. As we were walking out the tent we ran into some friends and went back in for one more. A little while later we ran into some more friends and had just one more and the next thing you know is the band was saying. Thank you.... goodnight
  2. I guess their's a lot of disappointment readers out there. Wo46 has worked for a major grocery store chain all her working life and tells me about all the efforts on selling products. It's unbelievable on how much money is spent on store layouts, paint on the walls to the music playing in the stores just to get you to spend more.
  3. Wo46 is big into reading books and just downloaded on on her Kindle. I got all excited and then she informed me that it's not what I think.
  4. My truck is a 2006 My street bike is a 1977 Harley My race bike is a 1990 Honda My sidecar is a 1972 My house was built in the 1800s And my wife was built in 1960 So I'm not much into the latest and greatest.
  5. BR46

    For my ass...

    Need something to drink with that
  6. Yes it does but I think the lawnmower option on mine is broken today. I had to push the lawnmower around myself today.
  7. If my doorbell rings today will it be safe to answer the door? Or Should I pretend that I'm not here ?Because she still wants to hurt me. I don't know what to do.
  8. There's a funny saying at our house that comes up from time to time. I crashed in a race and broke my shoulder. Wo46 was in the emergency room and when the nurse was rolling me off to x-ray Wo46 was standing there with her little cup of coffee and said. Someday I want you to drive me to the hospital.
  9. Is she more pissed when you break or the bike breaks?
  10. The best part is when he has a brewing class comming up and needs to empty a barrel for class he sends me a text asking for my help to empty the barrel. Maybe that explains why I can't loose that last few pounds of weight.
  11. BR46

    Happy Friday

    So far so good. Wo46 draged me out of bed early so we could go to the 5:30am yoga class. Some days she likes to get a workout in before work.
  12. It's a Amber ale nick named Monkey Business. A good friend of mine owns a home brewing supply store and let's people use his store to brew their own beer.
  13. While your up would you fix me a sandwich to go with the beer.
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