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  1. I did the Wednesday special at a little bar downtown. 50 cent chicken wings and a beer.
  2. This reminds me of something that happened where I used to work. One day I was walking through the factory with the big guy.....we turned the corner and there were a few guys screwing off. Stuart said something to them and one of the guys said well who the fuck are you......I laughed and said......his name is on the side of the building and his signature is on your paycheck. The look was priceless and they got back to work without saying a word.
  3. This would be scary.....Walmart with clothes on is scary on a normal day.
  4. BR46

    Yea dad

    Maybe someone wanted a new lawnmower
  5. BR46


    And I'm wide awake That's what I get for falling asleep in my recliner
  6. Because there's so many of almost the same exact same pictures out there of us in a left hand turn I'm looking for one in particular. I'm looking for one of us in traffic with Wo46 dragging her hip through the turn.....I need a picture for the wall
  7. You know what a Road Runner with a 426 would be worth today? Were Talking earlier retirement
  8. Is that a Plymouth Road Runner with a 426? 4 speed?
  9. BR46

    Noise complaints

    And the they slowed them down. F-1 used to have 1000cc motors now they only run 600cc motors because they were starting to get over 200mph. The F-1 in the United States still run 1000cc but we don't have any race tracks with long enough strataways that the sidecars can get over 180mph. The second sidecar in the video the monkey is riding Superman style.
  10. BR46

    Noise complaints

    F-1 sidecars still sound cool.
  11. BR46

    Noise complaints

    I think the Norton rotary has a cooler sounl then the RE5 Nothing tops the Mazda 787b 4 rotor for sound
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