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  1. Very windy here today so we decided not to go for a bike ride. We decided to do stuff around the house. Wo46 just finished up working on the big penis in the back yard and for the rest of the day
  2. Why thank you. .It really inpresses the ladies.
  3. I have a lot of respect for the flag and the people who fought for it.
  4. I just epoxied the floor. I did the white epoxy and went back 2 days later and epoxied the black.
  5. The rain stopped Wo46 and I are going for a bike ride
  6. I'm a ferm believer that diet is everything. Although Wo46 and I don't follow a vegetarian diet we did increase the amount of plant based food in our diet. The things that I try to avoid is prossed food crap. Some of the ingredients and possesses used in making prossed food will shock some people and most people just don't care about what they are putting in their pie hole. And the way the manufacturers hide the cemicals is another thing with all the drifrent names for the same thing. There's 56 drifrent names for sugar alone and why is my salad covered with propolen glycol. When I started following more of a clean eating diet a lot of the aches and pains from several broken bones started to disappear and it became easier to keep the diabetes in control.
  7. This I did something like this years ago but forgot all about it. Thanks for the help
  8. Got it working Some day I would like to find the people the write these viruses and just punch them in the face.
  9. Earlier today I heard sirens now I know what they were for. http://fox6now.com/2017/05/26/plane-crashes-near-sheboygan-county-memorial-airport/
  10. Yes you will
  11. Today I finished making the belly pan for the CR500 race bike project. Ya I know you will only get to see the number on the bottom wen the bike go's into a wheelie or if I crash.
  12. Thanks I will try this later today What happened to the days you had to visit porn sites to get a computer virus now all you have to do is click on what looks like a innocent website and BAAM!!!
  13. I was on a website for old Harley motorcycles and now my desk top computer is f%&ked up. Every time I try to open the Internet browser a screen pops up saying that I have to call a 1-800 to get the problem fixed. About 8 or 9 mouths a go Wo46 got hit with the same thing but I was able to clean it up by running a virus software this time it won't do shit.
  14. diddley bo