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  1. I'm standing in line waiting to get through tech and inspection. Do you want to stand in line for me? And I have to get bike through yet....so I have to do it all again
  2. If you find yourself in South Haven Michigan stop by and say hello....we will be here all weekend
  3. That's my son who races a Honda but works for Yamaha. But he also has a Yamaha that he races
  4. BR46

    Godspeed Dusty

    The same 3 guys playing the same 3 cords for 50 years
  5. What do you consider a lot? Remember that I live in Wisconsin
  6. BR46

    Godspeed Dusty

    They had a good run RIP
  7. BR46

    Hurry up and wait

    When standing holding her purse in the store........lets say that's the closest I ever get to my testicles
  8. All loaded up and ready to go but not until tomorrow. Wo46 doesn't know how to sit still in retirement. She has a everything needs to be done now. She volunteers at the nursing home, Petsmart and the Humane society and when she's not doing the we have to be either working out or some home improvement project. There's no such thing as sitting around saying.... I don't feel like doing nothing today.
  9. You would never get away with just laying around like that if you were married to my wife
  10. Are you going to stop the car and push her out or do it at speed?
  11. Clean out the race trailer load the race trailer start packing the motorhome fix Katie's washing machine go to 50 cent wing Wednesday for lunch
  12. That's probably true. My dad died and the age of 39 and had no life insurance so mom had 4 kids under the age of 18 and was making less than 4 dollars a hour. I think the owner of the store was friends with my dad in high school so they probably thought that this was a good way to help us out.
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