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  1. Home plan

    Where's the pump track going? Front or back?
  2. What a summer...

    My summer was ok. Like most summer's I didn't get to do everything I wanted to do. About the only thing that I say that was really exciting was I finally got my competition license for road racing. It was something that I was going to do for years and I finally took the time to do it.
  3. You must all come to Cleveland immediately!!!

    I a few weeks I will be racing in St Clairsville, OH. I would swing through Cleveland on the way back.
  4. How was your Sunday?

    I went to Road America motorplex for open track day and it will be the last weekend for the year. I had a good day working on my corner speed. One guy that was at the track probably has a headache today. He passed me on the inside and I was chasing him down and setting up for the next turn when he tucked the front end and hit the ground hard. He was out could and not moving as he was sliding down the track in front of me.
  5. Good morning, and welcome to the working week!

    Good morning I'm out the door in 10 min. for work. I made too much coffee help your self to some it's over there ----------->
  6. After a 65 mile bike ride

    I wish I could. I hit the wall around 5 miles and just seem not to be able to get past that.
  7. Fargo

    Looks gold in the photo
  8. Fargo

    That color combination is very popular in Green Bay GO Pack GO!!
  9. I lived!

    Still smiling
  10. After a 65 mile bike ride

    A Edmund Fitzgerald in a frosty mug taste pretty dam good
  11. Weekend plans?

    Saturday morning Wo46 and I are going on the Maywood environmental park ride. Don't know if we are doing the 50 mile or the 70 mile watching the weather. Sunday is the last weekend for Road America's motorplex open ride so I will be there practicing my corner speed. Also a friend of mine is doing her first road race on the big track.
  12. My commute home took an hour

    That's about what it takes me to ride to work.
  13. After one of those days at work

    Thanks buddy
  14. Petite hates trains, heat, old people

    I bet she hates spiders too... Nobody likes spiders but other spiders